Game Review Guidelines

So, here at the Inquisition we like to have very detailed guidelines. Thumbscrew torque, that kind of thing. For games marks are allocated out of 25 across four categories. Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Ease of Use / Glitches.

  • 0-5 in a category means it is critically non-functional or well below acceptable quality
  • 6-10 in a category means it is poor
  • 11-15 in a category means it is mediocre
  • 16-20 in a category means it is good. Either this is a full price commercial release or it is an indie / budget game with some exceptional feature to make up for low budget
  • 21-25 means an A-list quality product

The total score for a game will therefore be 0-100 marks giving a rough idea of quality. Finally there will be an adjustment of between -10 and +10 points to give an overall impression.