A Figure Labour Does Not Want to Share

A picture of a dark background with the Witchfinder, a snail with a Labour logo and a caption blaming Labour for train lateness at Kings Cross.

Trains late? Blame Labour.

The Witchfinder travels regularly to and from Kings Cross St Pancras rail station. Whilst every major political party bears some share of responsibility for the decline in train performance, government figures show that train performance fell the most sharply under Labour, and have never fully recovered.

Britain invented trains, with the first public locomotive railway opening in 1825. Why can they not run on time? A quick factoid for the Witchfinder’s readers – the government measures train performance as an official national statistic (Public Performance Measure or PPM). The PPM in 1997? 90%. The PPM in 2001 after four years of Labour? 75%. Even today it has never fully recovered. The lesson? Don’t vote Labour.

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