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The Witchfinder relates the tragic events in Rotherham to those ultimately responsible. A Labour council, a Labour police commissioner, Labour Social Workers, a Labour Government and lastly, Labour supporting paedophile rapists.

In 1997, as the ordeal of thousands of innocent young women and girls in Rotherham was just beginning, the Witchfinder was handing out New Labour pledge cards. “Keep this card and see that we keep our promises” said the slogan, on the back of a smiling picture of Tony Blair.

Had the trusting public known then that we know now, Labour canvassers would have been torn apart in the streets. Below, your inquisitor has produced a revised version of that pledge card with five promises that would have actually been true had it been published at the time.

New Labour Pledge

The New Labour pledge card of 1997 re-written to make its promises true.

Rotherham -1400 Children
In Rotherham, the big issue (although the public would not learn of it for 17 years) was that young people were being abused by prostitution). Alerts were raised in 2000, in  2002, in August 2003, in September 2003, in 2004, in 2005. By 2005, 8 years after the alerts were first raised, an action plan was being called for.

In April 2005, the council, which has never been run by a party other than Labour … had a seminar. The Witchfinder thanks the BBC for its summary, but regrets that the word ‘Labour’ does not appear once in the BBC timeline. Concerns continued throughout 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 yet little is done. The fear of rocking the boat under New Labour was pervasive.

Only in 2010 with the election of the coalition government did the wheels begin to turn. Even so, only now, 17 years after the alerts was raised, has action been taken. Theresa May has called for resignations. The Witchfinder calls for prosecutions for child neglect and misconduct in public office. The guilty need to go to prison.

Had your author known then what he knows now, he would never have joined the Labour Party, let alone pounded the street with those mocking cards of a smiling Tony Blair. Who could vote for this?

The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
The Witchfinder can add almost nothing to the Daily Mail on this. Patricia Hewitt’s was the only name on a press release calling for a cut in the age of consent and the legalisation of incest. Blair made her a cabinet minister.

The Witchfinder does suggest his article on former Labour Parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell, written with the help of Louise Mensch, as further reading.

Who could vote for this?

The pervasive fear of rocking the boat under Blair was so great that the NHS became known for its cruelty and hostility to whistleblowers. This reached its nadir in the Mid-Staffordshire scandal. 1200 patients dead, and no one blamed – a headline of the Labour supporting Mirror.

Who could vote for this?

Appeasers of Hate
Labour’s cravenness in the face of muslim extremism is well known. Now. One of the best cases to illustrate is that of case of Abu Hamza. Hamza preached hate for years but was only arrested in 2004 – 7 years after Labour came to office. It took 8 years and the election of the coalition government to finally get him kicked out to the United States, where he faces life in prison on terrorism charges.

Who could vote for this?

Benefits Street
Welfare dependency does not have the shock value of paedophilia or terrorism, but leftist governments invariably create a large welfare class dependent on the state and therefore likely to vote Labour.

Britain’s eyes have been opened to this in recent years, in part due to documentaries such as Benefits Street. In 2013 it was revealed that a decade of social breakdown had led to over 1 million working age people living indefinitely on benefits.

No society can support such a burden. What civilised place allows 3 generations of a family to avoid work?

Who could vote for this?

If your author had known in 1997 what he knows now. If he but had that true pledge card in my hand, he would have burned his Labour Party membership card and spent his university years in the bar. Perhaps the Witchfinder would have been happier.

Do not let others make the same mistake. Please share the pledge card on Twitter, and follow @MHWitchfinder . Let cleanse Britain of the Labour taint and never forget its twisted promise of human suffering.

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