Castalia House Triumphs as Alt-Hero Kickstarter Breaks Fundraising Records


Super “alt-heroine” Rebel washes a car bonnet whilst wearing a confederate flag bikini top. Start as you mean to go on, Vox.

The people happiest about the so-called “Social Justice Movement” are their opponents on the political right. As a gleeful Lauren Southern exclaimed in a recent video, “No takesy backsies!” The loathsome, hate-filled doctrines of the far left and their identity focused obsessions have alienated vast sections of the public. Vox Day has simply taken the new politics to the bank. Opening a Freestartr with a preposterously, hilariously provocative campaign for a comic imprint called “Alt-Hero”, he has taken $244,565 against a target of $25,000 – nearly 10 times the total.

The heroes of alt-hero include an as-yet unnamed vigilante who captures illegal immigrants and delivers them to the authorities and a heroine, “Rebel” whose costume is essentially two hairbands emblazoned with the flag of the Confederate States of America.

Villains include “Captain Europa”, a superhero employed by an increasingly authoritarian European Union and apparently his sidekick “Dynamique”, a stunningly beautiful French model with superpowers who is literally in the heroics game for the money. For bonus points, Dynamique is also a chain-smoker and looks attractive whilst smoking.

Full disclosure: I gave the campaign $75 for amusement value. Based on Castalia and Vox’s other products, I am confident they will deliver something broadly consistent with their promises.

The Alt-Hero campaign is specifically styled as a response to a perceived decline in the quality of mainstream comics such as Marvel and DC. The brands have been criticised for an undue focus on clumsily shoe-horning left wing politics into beloved fantasy universes.

Alt-Hero is also seen as yet another after-shock of the #GamerGate scandal. #GamerGate is the name for a series of events beginning in 2014 in which cack-handed attempts by the far left to dictate the content of popular culture using intimidation and fear created a devastating backlash. Surprisingly, the alliance of disparate groups such as Anonymous channers and Breitbart has had a profound effect on geopolitics – so far contributing to the break-up of the European Union, the election of Donald Trump and the global rise of right-wing political parties.

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