Donald Carlos Seoane and Facts

I have been reading some fascinating materials from Donny Long today. I would not normally share materials from a source, but he claims that I helped him on CandiceLynnPotter dot com. What actually happened?

I advised him to stop and get a lawyer. I even offered to help write a statement for him apologising, find an American lawyer and agreeing to take his materials down. He did not use it. Now he is threatening to frame me. When my article went up he had a Skype rant at me admitting to running CLP. I do not usually share correspondence, but Donny has waived his rights. I have shared them with the lawyers for the American lawyer, too [1] and [2].

As readers will see, far from my being a member, Donny had agreed to remove impersonation of myself. I do not know who Mike Crockett is but wild allegations will not help Mr Seoane. I saw a post by GethN7 and he is correct the lawyers retained by a member of Moon’s family are very good, but fortunately, facts are facts.

[Update 20:47 BST]

This is an example of Donny’s threats.


Donny Long trying to threaten me. Needless to say, I am no longer willing to assist him.

[Update 22:00 BST]

Reported Mr Seoane to police. Appointment 7am-11am UK time. They will be able to see the original, non-faked emails (including my actual emails to Donny about not getting involved in CLP) and the crime number and any investigation can be shared with others like the American lawyer suing Mr Seoane.

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20 thoughts on “Donald Carlos Seoane and Facts

    • Specimen 1 and 2 were sent to the lady’s lawyers. It is the same sort of thing though. Do you think I am stupid? All my emails say the same thing, keep it legal and stop stalking people. I even offered to do a correction post. His response was simply to threaten to frame me. Just updating the post with a screenshot.

      I am done with Donny. I have dropped a letter to Carter-Ruck, which they will forward to their client. I doubt it will make any difference.

    • What court costs? I have done nothing wrong. I will let the police look at the real emails tomorrow so they can see Donny is lying, his threats to me and I was never in CLP. That way any contact with lawyers for his opponent in Georgia will most likely be brief, because I will consent to their seeing the police report. * shrugs *

    • Yes. Been and gone. Just wanted to show them the real emails so they know what is going on. In particular, so if anyone takes Donny’s shit seriously (the FBI are investigating Donny) the police can talk and know it was not me. Offered to answer any questions about Donny’s remarks. Even Null I think is beginning to realise – he posted on 8chan earlier.

      Null 06/18/17 (Sun) 05:33:45 e19a38 (1) No.273254

      You better hope that you aren’t faking those emails donny because if you are the article goes back up

      Null dude. Donny is faking the emails, or at least to be more precise, the bits where I say things like “keep it legal” are real and the bits where I advocate defamation are fake. Also, I was not Mike Crockett nor Scott Stevens.

      Who knew? 🙂

    • No. He was anonymous at first. I found out he was running CLP much later. When I first started talking to him he was an anon going by Gene Ross. Then a technical source showed the IP of his server due to his domain having an MX record not covered by Cloudflare. The site is hosted on a Russian server. Reverse lookup shows it is the same server as PornWikiLeaks. That was strong grounds for suspicion. Then he was identified by subpoena in the Georgia lawsuit.

      • Still, you were actively protecting CLP recently. In your last few articles you hid Donny’s involvement and even offered to help him in court. Did you like what CLP was doing?

  1. Have you noticed that the emails Donny Long is leaking implicate Oliver D. Smith and Jonathan Bishop? What’s your opinion?

    • Well, I know for a fact that Oliver’s family are discouraging from involvement in online drama, so he has not been online per se – certainly not in this dispute as far as I am aware. Jonathan is quite measured and would not join CLP. It is possible Donny sent something round quite extreme and Jonathan might have agreed to cover it in a sensible way.

      So to summarise, Oliver probably did nothing and Jonathan probably said something anodyne like, “I will cover this in an even-handed way”. I have not been copied into any emails from Oliver for some time so I believe he is inactive.

      • So you’re saying Oliver lied when he said he wasn’t grounded and his parents didn’t bother reading Null’s letter?

        • I am not aware he said that. He is not grounded – he has just been advised not to waste his time with online losers like Kiwis. It is well known he received the letter from Joshua Moon – a copy is in one my recent articles. BUT he has not been online.

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