The BBC and the Left Wing Taint

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The Witchfinder reveals the shadowy ideologies underpinning the left. Picture via Dreamstime

Matthew Hopkins recounts his own youthful experiences, and explains that the Labour Party’s pervasive obsession with the infiltration and subversion of public institutions begins in its embarrassment of a student wing.

Many years ago and long before leaving the Labour Party and left to join the Conservative Party, your future inquisitor sat in a Labour Students training course on how to be a student union sabbatical officer. Labour Students is essentially the student wing of the Labour Party, a group which has produced many ‘big’ Labour names. The speaker was in full demagogic flow –

“You don’t work for the students union! You don’t work for the students! Fook them! You work for Labour. You put student funds to work for Labour! You use the union office to run a phone bank for Labour! Fook the Greens too! None of that crap! We’re not Green this is the fooking Labour Party!

“You make sure you win! You count yer mates votes! You get them to count your votes!”

The speaker at the training course himself grew up to become an employee of a major trade union and indeed, only a few short years later other grown up students were putting them into practice in Birmingham. The 2005 vote-rigging scandal was no more or less than Labour party activists taking the lessons the learned in student politics and putting them into practice in the real world.

Labour uses the same controlling, cult like tactics in all its dealings with all major social institutions. Everyone and everything must be Labour controlled and all other institutions are to be turned to the Cause.

In light of the monomaniacal focus on control that pervades Labour and the left more generally, the news that Duncan Weldon, a former advisor to Harriet Harman, had been appointed Economics Editor of Newsnight should  have come as little surprise. Weldon, Harman’s former Economics advisor has extremely limited journalistic experience but his left wing credentials are impeccable. Still it could have been worse – the BBC could have appointed one of Harman’s former associates at NCCL to advise on child protection.

In order to understand the mind-set of the average Labour Party activist it is necessary to turn to the rigorous academic works of those who have researched them. Matthew Hopkins recommends, The Vision of the Annointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy, a book by leading academic Professor Thomas Sowell. Sowell, of African American descent, was born in North Carolina and is a personal hero of your humble inquisitor.

In his book, Professor Sowell points out the pseudo-religious nature of the organised left and the fact that far from being ‘reality-based’ as it now calls itself it is more akin to a religion, a closed system of leftists who repeat the same congratulatory assertions to each other whilst excluding those who disagree as heretics.

Sowell reveals how left wingers supporting supposedly ‘disadvantaged’ groups are in reality adopting them as ‘mascots’ – not equal human beings with gifts and flaws but rather mechanisms to prop up the left wingers own self esteem and identity. It is this bizarre ability to put human beings on a pedestal that enables the left wingers to have sympathy for predatory paedophiles and which enabled left wing groups like the NCCL to tolerate and even assist them for so long.

The same themes are explained from a first-hand perspective, by Tammy Bruce, a radical lesbian feminist and former President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organisation of Women who eventually became a Conservative. In her book the Death of Right and Wrong she explains how she came to understand the manipulative nature of the organised left and was herself ostracised when she inconveniently challenged the leftist orthodoxy on OJ Simpson.

In her own way Bruce explains the link between leftism and malignant narcissism. Her thesis explains the violent reaction leftists have to those who do not reinforce their prejudices and therefore their self image.

Turning back then to Labour Students, a group even the Guardian newspaper has moral difficulty with,  a group so undemocratic that Cambridge University Labour Students disaffiliated in 2012 we can easily see the underpinnings of their aberrant behaviour. With breath-taking insight, the geniuses at CULC concluded that because, amongst other things “As has been the case in past years, there was only one choice for National Chair”  that Labour Students Conference was, “no longer a venue for genuine democratic engagement with members”.

No longer? Labour Students conferences have never been democratic. When the Witchfinder was at university he watched terrified student activists, fearful for their ‘careers’ show party apparatchiks their ballot papers to prove their loyalty. The grim experience in the sleazier side of practical politics that all senior Labour Students receive has chilling implications for our democracy.

Nowhere was this more obviously played out than in the BBC’s shocking silence over the Labour Party / PIE scandal, or than in the recent controversy over its journalistic hiring practices.

Our society needs to recognise the profoundly anti-social influence that the organised left has over our institutions and enact laws to curb discrimination and entryism by the organised left in our public bodies. The government could do a lot worse than limit the BBC’s access to public funds by reforming the license fee.

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