Melissa P Sanford v John Doe (Candice Lynn Potter DOT com)

The latest innocent victim of Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon’s stupidity is Moon’s aunt. Joshua Moon’s mother, Candice Lynn Potter has a sister called Melissa P Sanford, an attorney in Georgia at her own law firm, Melissa Sanford Law ( Sanford   has filed a $500,000 lawsuit in Fayette County Georgia against the operators and members of a website named after her sister Candice Lynn Potter (CLP), which has baselessly accused her of a variety of sexual and other forms of wrongdoing.

Judge's Hammer Coming Down on Gavel

More Kiwi Farms related litigation, this time on the other side of the Atlantic in Georgia.

Before writing about the case, your author took the liberty of instructing a process server to retrieve the case file. As the court clerk states that it is a public document, an uploaded scan is available here. Ms Sanford, the Judge and the operator of the CLP site (the Defendant) were all given an opportunity to object prior to publication, including a full Georgia state working day. All of them were offered an extension of time to consider or take advice if they required it. All of them have read the email and none have objected nor disputed the facts alleged. Joshua Moon has previously asked for himself and his mother not to be contacted, and has previously had the opportunity to dispute the various allegations repeated here.

Melissa Sanford’s lawsuit makes interesting reading. Ms Sanford sues for $500,000 for malicious libel and for tortious interference with her business. Given that the Defendant website sets out its motives at the top of the front page as to its purpose, “Our mission is to dox and ruin Joshua Conner Moon, every single one of his family members, and anyone who supports or protects him” it appears proof of malice will be made out with relative ease.

Furthermore the owner of CLP has responded at length to request for comment, in essence admitting that the allegations are in fact libel but opining that he is, “sue proof” and that the litigation will simply provoke substantial anonymous internet republication by his fellow travellers.

However, readers new to this blog, as well as the court in Georgia and the parties’ acquaintances may not understand why a random anonymous website has started stalking Melissa Sanford and her entire extended family. The tragic answer is that, whilst Sanford may be a good and decent woman, her nephew, Candice Lynn Potter’s son Joshua Conner Moon is anything but.

Moon operates a stable of controversial websites, including,,, and 16chan. As a result Moon has been the subject of a variety of allegations, including racism, stalking and sexual wrongdoing.

These claims are not made by cowardly anonymous internet trolls but by a variety of publications including New York Magazine, Heat Street (owned by News Corporation), Daily Kos, Crocels News, Rational Wiki, Encyclopaedia Dramatica and this blog. The entire CLP website is no more than a retaliatory version of Moon’s own website Kiwi Farms.

Key articles about Moon and his sites include –

Whilst allegations like this have been appearing in a variety of places with increasing frequency since Encyclopaedia Dramatica exposed Moon on their site, none of the articles have led to defamation claims in any country in the world. The court documents clearly show that Sanford does not act for her sister nor her nephew. She does not complain of the allegations against them. This is no doubt a prudent decision on her part – whilst Ms Sanford is being unjustly maligned, the many articles about her Nephew Moon published outside CLP are true. Moon is a libel-proof claimant with a reputation even many prison inmates would not envy.


Kiwi Farms exists by its own boast to exploit the disabled for amusement purposes. Click for full size.

Much of the criticism is based on Moon’s own words and those of his supporters. For example, before Twitter banned them, Kiwi Farms had an account to advertise itself there. They describe their site as for, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”.

Indeed, the main targets of Kiwi Farms are the disabled, whilst the site facilitates its members in protecting their anonymity under false aliases. Much like CLP, Kiwi Farms opens threads on individuals. These are mostly selected for vulnerabilities such as learning disability. Feminists and transsexuals are targets. Opponents and critics of the site are also targeted including former editor of Heat Street Louise Mensch, Margaret Pless and myself.

Just like the members of the website CLP, Kiwi Farms members make wildly untruthful allegations from behind a platform of anonymity and then deliberately search engine optimise them.

Moon has also used a personal account to publicly call on Twitter for the genocide of Muslims.

Joshua Conner Moon Calls for Genocide Against Muslims

In this tweet, Moon calls for genocide (his word) for Muslims. Click for full size.

Moon also used Twitter to contact Jewish people to ask if he could have their fingers for a necklace of Jew-fingers. Needless to say the account was banned.

Joshua Moon Targets Specific Jews for Mutilation Threats

Joshua Moon enhances his employability by publicly asking Jews if he can cut off their fingers. Click for full size.

Moon was also the owner of the image board 16 chan, the rules of which were personally written by Moon and expressly permitted paedophile stories and drawings. The notorious, “/phile/” board included a (text only) story about a 5-year-old being abducted by a paedophile. The 5-year-old was cut and then penetrated through the wound until he expired by the perpetrator. The story was presented as erotica.


This is the logo for 16Chan’s infamous, ‘Phile’ board. The board does not allow pictures, to avoid falling foul of the letter of the law. It does allow stories about pre-school children being abducted and raped to death though. The site is hosted by Joshua Conner Moon, who has previously boasted of being aroused by ‘Neko Shota’ – cartoon porn featuring underage boys. Click for full size.

A previous host of Kiwi Farms, French company, removed Kiwi Farms after they stated that they found child pornography illegal under French law –


Joshua Moon claims that he did not know there was any child pornography and begs for just one more chance. And fails. Click for full size.

The infamy attaching to Moon and Kiwi Farms have had profound effects on his family. Moon’s mother Candy Potter parted company with her employers in January this year after victims of Kiwi Farms Oliver Smith (no relation to the author) and Edward Przydzial complained to them that she was a member of one of Moon’s sites.


Candice Potter police photograph from her arrest for resisting an officer (without violence). Note that this arrest was some years ago and does not relate to the present case, Kiwi Farms nor the CLP website. Click for full size.

Kiwi Farms targets hundreds of people, including deliberately selecting mentally ill persons with a history of convictions for violent crimes. A foreseeable flaw in this business model is that targeting such individuals creates a risk of retaliatory stalking. Kiwi Farms has also provided materials that could be used for trolls to pose as Muslim terrorists. Hoax terror threats have been repeatedly sent from Joshua Moon’s email service

As a result of this, all of Josh’s family are in serious danger of harm. For example, opponents mimicking Kiwi Farms by adopting the cover of anonymity have sought to draw the attention of real Islamic terrorists to Josh, his associates and his family. The author has no doubt that not only is Melissa Sanford being harmed by the defamation of her on the CLP site, but she, her family and clients are at risk of physical injury. Indeed there are several threads on the CLP forum discussing in “hypothetical” terms the rape and murder of female members of the family. Potential clients of Ms Sanford must weigh a small but very real risk of injury by being in her presence.

Furthermore even if Ms Sanford identifies her John Doe (who is believed to be outside the United States and Europe) and enforces a restraining order against them, there is an ever growing pool of anonymous perpetrators likely to step in as long as Kiwi Farms exists. Indeed, some have already publicly stated that they will carry on if “Doe” is identified.

The best solution would be for Joshua Moon’s family to protect their own interests and the wider community by procuring him to take the Kiwi Farms site and its satellites down. An attempt at a deal occurred after his mother’s difficulties earlier this year. Moon contacted critics this year asking that if they removed their material he would keep his sites closed. For my part, I was agreeable. It soon turned out that Moon was being dishonest. Moon presented an elaborate story about passing the database to 3 ‘regents’ of unknown identity via a blind real time replication system. In reality Moon himself was attempting to pass on his sites and was found out when this leaked. Subsequently, he put Kiwi Farms back up himself.

Regardless of whether Ms Sanford prevails in her lawsuit, it is likely that her own situation will only worsen whilst Kiwi Farms remains.

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26 thoughts on “Melissa P Sanford v John Doe (Candice Lynn Potter DOT com)

  1. I believe this lawsuit by Melissa Potter Sanford will backfire and result in the allegations against her being much more widely promulgated by victims of her nephew Joshua Conner Moon.

    The smart course of action for Melissa Potter Sanford to have taken would be for her to represent victims of her nephew Joshua Moon on a free pro bono basis. I’m sure this would have resulted in her being praised by victims of her nephew Josh Moon and would have resulted in libel about her being removed from the web.

    Joshua Moon is really a fool for causing so much trouble for his family and relatives who are getting a taste of his medicine for other innocent people. Joshua Moon thinks it’s wrong to target his family and relatives because of their innocence, but all of his victims are innocent too and he and [REDACTED – MHN] and other kiwi farmers target their families and relatives too.

  2. Someone should recommend to Melissa Potter Sanford that she change course and represent some victims of her nephew Joshua Conner Moon on a free pro bono basis instead of suing one of the heroes fighting against Joshua Moon.

    • Kiwi Farms is a garbage hate site but CLP screwed itself over by coming off as even more psychotic and scary than KF. Even most victims of KF want nothing to do with it. CLP’s tactics make no sense; they bully and threaten and slander people who have nothing to do with Josh and no control over his actions… even the real estate company his mother used to work for AFTER they fired her, like wtf are they supposed to do? Nobody wants to side with CLP because they act so unstable and scary that they somehow come off as worse bad guys than KF to the public, which is really saying something. The idea that someone would represent them pro-bono after being slandered and harrassed for no reason is crazy, nobody in their right mind would do that. Not to mention that CLP is so sketchy that nobody believes they would follow through on their promises anyway. I mean, they even copied over threads of Kiwi Farms victims which is horrible and the absolute opposite of heroic. I sincerely hope whoever is making those horrible death threats at CLP goes to jail, and I hope Josh goes to jail too but I and many others would never join or condone or help CLP in any way to make it happen.

      Sincerely, a Kiwi farm victim

  3. Also, why doesn’t Melissa Potter Sanford and her husband if she has one get their hands on Joshua Moon and force him to take down his site instead of suing one of the victims of Joshua Conner Moon? The administrator of candice lynn potter dot com has offered to take down his or her site if Joshua Moon removes his site and turns over his donor list.

  4. I’m sure that if Melissa Potter Sanford joins the fight against her nephew Joshua Conner Moon by utilizing her legal skills against him, then she will be a hero to the victims of Joshua Moon and the libel against her will be immediately deleted.

    • If she associated herself with CLP, she would be siding with potentially violent criminals. That would not be good for her reputation as a lawyer.

  5. Can’t Melissa Potter Sanford see that candice lynn potter dot com is the inevitable result of Joshua Moon’s cyberbullying? In today’s society, do families and extended families not accept any blame for the behavior of their family members, which is usually caused by a bad upbringing in my opinion?

  6. I heard candice lynn potter dot com is hosted in a country that doesn’t respect American court orders, so how is she even going to get the libel taken down? Joshua Moon has caused the reputation of his entire extended family to be destroyed. What a fool.

  7. In my opinion, all of the victims of Joshua Conner Moon who fight back are heroes. Joshua Moon has not left any practical ways to fight back. Josh Moon won’t agree to a fight in person. Joshua Moon hides like a scared little girl. Joshua Conner Moon doesn’t care about his own reputation. Foreign defamation judgments aren’t respected in the U.S. and Moon has no money and doesn’t keep the IP addresses of users, so lawsuits are out of the question. So what other option do victims of Joshua Moon have but to go after his family? And then Melissa Potter Sanford has the audacity to sue for this instead of representing the victims of her own nephew?

  8. What’s to stop the over 1500 victims of kiwi farms from going to a wi-fi connection, using a throwaway email address, and posting the libel against Melissa Sanford on sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, Pastebin, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

      • If an anonymous IP address and throwaway email address are used, she can’t subpoena any useful information.

        • Proxies and TOR don’t protect your information completely. Using public computers might have you walking in front of security cameras or giving your information to the establishment that owns the computers.

          • Yes. Amongst other things. A public computer (for example at a cyber cafe) could be monitored by the owner or even keylogged. In some states there are mandatory reporting laws.

      • Anyone can sit in his car outside a McDonalds or countless other restaurants with free wi-fi and use the free wi-fi and nobody can get the person on security camera. If if it was on security camera, by the time a subpoena gets made on security camera footage, that footage will be long gone. They don’t keep security camera footage for long.

    • Enough has been said about the CLP site being crazy and stupid, etc. All valid points but at the end of the day the real question is, why even bother to take KF down? Sites like KF have existed long before (Something Awful, various imageboards) and as soon as Null throws his hands up and removess the site, someone else with even more issues will take the reigns or even just move the content and discussion to any one of the competing sites/chans. If the people who made your thread are that devoted to ruining your life, do you really think a change of site will stop them?

      Take it from another KF victim, the victims will never be safe until some sort of legal precedent is made against doxxing/FOIA abuse. You can stomp the roaches pouring out of your walls all day, but until you fumigate they’re just going to keep on coming. Email your senators and Congressmen and what have you, email the FBI, the FCC, the EFF, anyone who will listen, explain to them that this isn’t just some Internet thing, that there are very real lives being targeted, that this is an issue that needs legislation. That what is happening needs to be redefined as crime and the appropriate laws passed with the appropriate sentences given to offenders.

      CLP can go full cartoon psychopath terrorist and nuke all of Florida to try and get KF shut down if they want to. But until doxxing is a crime, you will never stop cyber-harassment.

      • Josh is always accusing people of things … but the police visit him, not us.

        For example, police records of the Wales threats show that the police could not trace the sender of the threats, but could identify a number of people who complained of Josh. They put this in very neutral and professional terms – the matter never reached a conclusion.

        Clearly, if the police thought Josh’s suspicions had merit they would have asked us about it.

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