President Trump Joins Gab! Or Does He?

A professional looking profile, @RealPresidentTrump, has appeared on free speech social network (archive here). However whilst its posts so far have been eloquent and appropriate there is no blue verified check.


A profile for Donald Trump has allegedly appeard on Gab, but is it real? Click for full size.

It seems inconceivable that Andrew Torba would delay more than a micro-second between a call from the Trump team and verifying an account for the real President-elect. Even MHN has a verified checkmark. There has also been no announcement from any other source.


Matthew Hopkins News @MHN is verified on Gab. Why not the alleged President? Click for full size.

There are only two possibilities – either it is a hoax or Mr Trump is gently testing the water to avoid overloading the newly minted social media network. If Trump announced on Twitter that he had joined Gab millions of his loyal followers would join Gab and leave the failing, Social Justice Warrior infested Twitter service that day.

Unfortunately, this success might well create serious scaling problems for Torba and the Gab team. A social media service used by millions is no joke and presents complex and expensive technical challenges. A million new users in a day could crush a social network resourced for a hundred thousand.

Matthew Hopkins News will be reaching out to sources in order to try to validate (or falsify) this newcomer.

Either way, the newcomer has been greeted with near universal approval. It is clear that whether or not this Trump account is real the Gab user base is supportive and deferential of the real President-Elect Donald Trump. If he is here he is welcome, if he is not perhaps it will not be too much longer.

In the meantime I suggest everyone posts @A to ask if @RealPresidentTrump is indeed who they say they are.

[EDIT 19/12/2016] – The account now admits it is a pro-Trump homage / parody.

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