Jubilation as Loathesome Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Excluded from Key Meeting with Trump


Fresh faced, wholesome Jack Dorsey as seen in London two years ago. Picture via Wikipedia Commons.

In a display of his noble leadership and clear vision Donald Trump has excluded controversial Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey from a key meeting with leaders of the technology industry. Politico alleges that this was due to Twitter refusing to participate in an ad campaign involving a ‘crooked Hillary’ emoji (archive here). I say, “Who cares? There are many, many good reasons to exclude Jack Dorsey from meetings forever”.

Twitter is no American success story, instead as Mark Zuckerberg famously said, “They Drove A Clown Car That Fell Into A Gold Mine’”.

Twitter is a social media website that has lost “a staggering amount of money” according to Time magazine, which put its losses over $2 Billion (archive here). That was in February and Twitter has continued to lose way more money since then as set out in its series of disappointing quarterly financial reports. Despite hundreds of millions of users, Twitter stock continues to fall.

Rumours of buyers come and go, giving temporary boosts to the company before dissipating into the mists. The fundamental problem with Twitter is that years after it was first set up it still is not making its owners any money. At the same time, Twitter has been criticised for failing to deal with terrorism, paedophilia, bullying and also with political bias.

Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos but infamously failed to ban Sarah Jeong, the vile and despicable motherboard journalist who used the platform to dox a rape victim and undo their anonymity as well as to chat with her online friend Sarah Nyberg.

In a nightarish recent scandal exposed by members of #GamerGate and Trump supporters from the alt-Right and reported by the Daily Star newspaper (archive here), Twitter was found to be hosting thousands upon thousands of paedophile accounts.

Twitter has regularly failed to take action until legally threatened. Recently I discovered Kiwi Farms users were openly linking to what they called the “Child Porn Captial[sic]” of the internet and calling for genocide of muslims, as well as mutiliation of jews. No action was taken despite complaints by ordinary users until I sent legal threats to their legal department and Jack Dorsey.

Numerous anecdotes abound about Twitter’s inconsistent approach to complaints and poor service to its users. At the same time, Breitbart and others have continued to expose scandal after scandal at the troubled social media company such as its lacklustre handling of pro-ISIS accounts.

At times during Jack Dorsey’s stewardship of the company Twitter has literally played hosts to legions of avowed paedophiles and terrorists, infested with unimaginable horror. No politician would want to be seen with Dorsey if they could help it.

On a personal level, earlier this year Twitter unfairly banned me. Whilst the decision was reversed after legal correspondence I left the platform in disgust. Thereafter I was impersonated by trolls taking over my old identities, with one account left up by Twitter for nearly a year before a final ban. No one from Twitter has ever reached out to me since I left to try to address my concerns.

If readers agree that Trump was right to exclude Jack, why not politely let everyone on Twitter know. Jack Dorsey is well known to use the @Jack handle and Jack@twitter.com.

If readers disagree with doxing rape victims Jeong uses @SarahJeong on Twitter and her editor can also be contacted at @derektmead. His email addresses are –

derek@motherboard.tv and derektoddmead@gmail.com

When asked before past articles, Mr Mead has not objected to publication of his email address.

The decision by Trump and his aides to exclude Dorsey should be cause for jubilation amongst Conservatives and Republicans. The revolting leadership of Twitter needs to learn the price of its behaviour and its political partisanship. Once again Trump has proven his great statesmanship and personal integrity.

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