Twitter Will Not Rule Out Banning Donald Trump. Trump Should Ban them and Join


Twitter does not like us? Well we do not like them?

According to the Independent, Twitter will not rule out banning President-Elect Donald Trump (archive here). The Witchfinder responds along the lines of ‘F*** Twitter’ and points out that Donald Trump could humiliate Twitter and energise the Right by ditching Twitter for its smaller but rapidly growing rival which is friendlier to Republican voices.

Earlier this year I started work on Fitter – a Twitter rival (F*** Twitter). Gab beat me to it and frankly is pretty damn good. I may still do my offering but I do not want to compete so it will now be something more like a Reddit / Twitter hybrid. Gab is very impressive and I wholeheartedly support Andrew Torba.

Why is Trump still on Twitter? The site is a dying anti-Conservative platform with plummetting stock value and the hatred of right-wingers everywhere. Recently I identified members of a paedophile hate group called Kiwi Farms on Twitter. One member was openly calling for genocide including cutting off the fingers of Jews. Another exhorted users to visit the ‘Child Porn Captial [sic] of the Internet’.

Several users had reported the tweets with no effect. Only when I personally threatened Jack Dorsey with litigation and to invite Breitbart to photograph him being served with documents did Twitter suddenly take action. Similarly Twitter has never taken action against journalist Sarah Jeong who named a rape victim using the platform.

How despicable is Twitter? Let me count the ways, including fellow travellers banned or hassled on the platform by staff –

  • Milo (banned)
  • Vox Day (locked)

… and now Trump?

  • President Elect Donald Trump (Twitter will not rule out a ban)

Why is Twitter’s appalling bias tolerable? In the mid 20th century, the United States government passed a fairness doctrine compelling broadcasters to be fair and balanced on issues to prevent them abusing their monopoly. The Supreme Court repeatedly held this lawful. In modern times social media platforms have similar power, in particular Facebook and Twitter.

The same broad rationale would seem to apply to social media. Trump could and arguably should ask the House to pass anti-discrimination laws to protect Conservative voices that would apply to large social media companies. Anti-discrimination laws typically reverse the burden of proof and I see no reason why legislation to protect Conservatives should be any different.

If I were to draft such a law I would create a private right of action for US citizens against any social media group, however structured, which had more than a million users in the United States. I would also require the group to add clauses to its terms creating equivalent contractual rights of action in foreign jurisdictions enforceable in those courts.

So for example, Twitter would be compelled to write something in its terms like –

“(x) Notwithstanding the other clauses of these terms, Twitter warrants that it shall not discriminate against any political viewpoint unless the declamation of that viewpoint in public is expressly prohibited by law in the user’s country.

(xi) The parties agree that clause (x) shall be justiciable and may be enforced in the courts of the user’s country, notwithstanding the choice of law for the rest of this agreement.

(xii) The parties agree that for non-commercial use of Twitter, a primary purpose of this contract is pleasure and the avoidance of stress and that the user may recover compensatory damages for any hurt feelings, distress and disappointment for breach of clause (x).

(xiii) The parties agree that in any case or controversy arising from an alleged breach of clause (x) it shall be Twitter International’s duty to bear the burden of proof to show that it has not discriminated.

(xiv) Mandatory arbitration shall not apply to any dispute about an alleged breach of clause (x).”

Also, one of the few recent stock boosts Twitter had came from Trump’s use of it. Why is Trump, even indirectly, staving off Twitter’s inevitable collapse? This filthy and despicable company is well known for tolerating vast quantities of the vilest and most heinous harassment imaginable whilst banning Conservatives for comparatively minor offences. The ‘genocide’ tweets had been reported to no effect until I upped the ante.

If Trump does move to Gab when it opens its app, hopefully later this month, there may be scaling issues. Public spirited Conservatives may need to open their wallets in donations. There will quite possibly be outages and delays just as Twitter had in its teething days. Even so, Gab is the future and it is on our side just by being impartial and open to free speech.

As a demonstration of the power of free speech, after I recently published a video about Kiwi Farms’ despicable paedophilia and bigotry Gab users downvoted the owner Joshua Moon until he had negative likes vote of nearly 200. When granted free speech Gab users can be trusted to use it wisely by downvoting the paedophile monster.

GabUsersDetestRacistPaedophileJoshuaMoon has not banned paedophile Joshua Moon (yet). Even so users have shown their distaste for his heinous paedophilia, bullying of the disabled and racism by downvoting him onto -197 votes. Click for full size.

Readers who have not already done so are invited to stop by @Moon on Gab and show him their opinion of his conduct by voting on his comments. Users in any doubt are invited to watch this video.

Twitter is a dying dinosaur imprisoned by its leadership. Let it go Donald. Please, please humiliate Jack Dorsey and further weaken Twitter stock by publicly moving to Gab. Join your fans on Gab and the world will follow.

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