Female Arbitrator Blocks Mark Bernstein on Twitter … at the Suggestion of Jimmy Wales – Samuel Collingwood Smith

Mark Bernstein’s unhinged attempts to prove myself and the rest of #GamerGate right have finally reached their denouement when he spent all day hounding the female Wikipedians of the Year, accusing the Arbitration Committee of conspiring with GamerGate.


Jimmy Wales, “I recommend the Twitter block button”, Molly White (GorillaWarfare), “Done” – click for full size.

Tweet here, archive here.

The Wikipedians were remarkably patient and spoke to Mark respectfully despite his increasingly obvious departure from reality. Keilana (Emily Temple-Wood – she is open about her real name) sent him pictures of kittens in an effort to calm him down.


In an effort to calm his agitation, one of the Wikipedian of the Year kindly sent Mark Bernstein pictures of cute Kittens. Sadly she was unable to reach him. Click for full size.

I thought the kittens were a nice touch. They reminded me of the times when the internet was lolcats and cartoon desktop sheep. It reminded me of our common humanity and awakened a desire to be friends. Sadly to Mark it was yet more proof of a #GamerGate conspiracy at the highest levels of Wikipedia. I wondered who was running /r/MarkBernsteinInAction … now I know!

Obviously is the kittens owned by Emily Temple-Wood. Also explains why they did not reply to my application. Emily Temple-Wood gets much respect for this. She can send me kittens anytime.

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