Okaloosa Threats – Sheriff Larry Ashley Needs to Deal With the Crimes in Front of Him

The target of the Okaloosa School Threats, Joshua Conner Moon, runs a harassment site that prioritises the disabled, vulnerable and women and has regularly been the target of SWATting attempts, such as the 2014 attack on their previous host Linode (archive here). Linode were also targeted by an incredibly powerful DarkNet attack in early 2016 (archive here). Currently Moon and his gang are organising cyber harassment of women. Sheriff Ashley needs to get on it – because even if Moon is a hoax victim, he is not an innocent victim.


In this post on Kiwifarms, a user forges an email from self-described feminist Randi Harper, to another self-described feminist Candace Owens. This happens right in front of Moon, who bans neither user. The now deleted imgur link is said to be a picture of a penis. The entire site is full of content like this, encouraged by Moon. Click for full size.

Right before the Okaloosa hoax Josh Moon had opened a thread for his new email service GamerGate.us. The entire thread is exclusively full of people registering accounts in the name of people and companies they oppose, and sending emails in their name.

The first email in the thread purports to be from Zoe Quinn and is sent to Contact180, the project she recently opposed. Impersonation and Harassment are crimes in Florida. Josh is at the head of that thread and he bans or discourages no one.

Almost immediately after in the thread they start talking about sending ‘dick pics’, (unsolicited pornography) to innocent victims in the name of those they are impersonating and they screenshot themselves doing so. Harassment and cyberstalking are felonies in Florida, and if it is done across state lines may involve the Federal law also.

Of importance, Moon neither stops nor discourages the behaviour even when he rejoins the thread. He does later disable the service until he can patch it to block TOR users, but he does not ban or even rebuke the impersonators or penis photo senders. Aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring felonies is a serious crime in Florida.

Kiwifarms.ms has been doing things like this for years but because they only targeted the disabled and vulnerable they got away with it, barring the occasional retaliatory attack. They did not really have trouble until this year when I had hosts ban them for hosting significant amounts of child pornography.

Web hosts often have what is called section 230 immunity in the United States, but that is lost when publishers add editorial content to the matter at hand themselves or in cases of Federal Criminal Liability. Moon of course adds a great deal of editorial to his site, far more than in the relevant legal precedents where others lost immunity.

Suspecting Moon was not being entirely candid with police I called in to the sheriff’s office on Saturday, and provided them links to the cyberstalking thread amongst other things, including some of my correspondence with his hosting companies. Links to the ‘dick pics’ thread are here [1] and [2]. In case Moon removes the thread, there is an archive here ([A1] and [A2]). http:/archive.is is a third party service that allows users to request it create archive snapshots of public webpages for evidence purposes.

The whole Kiwifar.ms site is like this, with a variety of individuals and groups being targeted. Often individual or group phone numbers are revealed with attendant encouragement of harassment. My first encounter with Kiwi Farms was in a discussion on Reddit with the KiwiFarms user Dynastia. He is now banned from the /r/KotakuInAction subreddit.

At the time I was working on a set of articles about Rationalwiki, a niche website that has declined in recent years due to a diminishing quality of editor, left-wing bias and repeated unwise decisions to let self-identified paedophiles edit. Initially, I shared data with Dynastia – but the correspondence ended as he became increasingly extreme.

For example in this post ([3] archive [A3]) a user called Dynastia shares a victim’s phone number saying ‘Fight him irl’ (meaning ‘fight him in real life’). This appears to be counselling or procuring felony harassment since inevitably such victims do get frightening, anonymous calls.

I called in on Saturday to make the county Sheriff’s office aware of this and I will be sending a copy of this article to the sheriff and to local media. I will be delaying before publication to give them time to act as they may have been unaware. That means if you are reading this and Moon has not been arrested, Sheriff Larry Ashley has most likely been slacking off.

[26/04/2016 – UPDATE] I have had a response from the Sheriff’s office that is satisfactory. I will do a full update with their statement in due course, here or on another publication. For now, suffice to say that the Sheriff’s office has acted appropriately.

I have also spoken to UK police to prevent SWATting attempts and to provide evidence of various attempts to impersonate me.

Okaloosa Police were given 24 hours notice of this article, and Sheriff Ashley has not objected or disputed the allegations. Another officer has told me that the information I provided has been passed to police investigators.

[26/04/2016 – UPDATE] No one can excuse threatening a whole community, but Okaloosa was targeted because it was thought that they were harbouring the monster in their midst. In fact Mr Moon lives some distance away, and that is where he shall be dealt with.

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