#GGinLDN – Savvy, Successful and Upbeat

All the best people go to #GamerGate parties, which can be a useful way to boost a career in technology. Your author attended #GGinLDN this weekend and encountered a group of happy and confident activists who know their arguments are slowly succeeding.

The GamerGate in London gathering on 17/10/2015 was held at Finch’s pub between Moorgate and Old Street, near Bank. This is the square mile – high finance country, and the event attracted a high powered crowd of professionals interested in protecting our society’s tradition of free speech and free enterprise.


From left to right, @BenFClark, @Nero, @JSF_Resistance, @SoftHeartedFool. Note the person discreetly wearing the sign of the Infinite Chan. All hail the burning light of the Infinite Chan!

Look at the well turned out group above. Note the high class silk Ralph Lauren tie worn by the right-most man and the subtle infinity sign worn by the lady. Can you guess which board they hail from?


The party was enlivened by a free bar tab using up the last of the Atheism + Block Bot Lawsuit fund. Final accounts here. Bar tab stick pictured.

There were free drinks thanks to the end of the lawsuit fund I organised (the GoFundMe promised that any funds not used on the lawsuit would be used to fund drinks at the next London GG / KiA meet).

Joining #GamerGate is a great way to network and advance your career in the technology industry by demonstrating political reasonableness and meeting helpful, capable people. Social Justice Warriors are a nightmare in the workplace, spreading division and sucking up management time and money with disproportionate concerns about political issues. From an employer’s perspective, a person in GamerGate is unlikely in the extreme to be a trouble-making Social Justice Warrior.


From left to right – @ShahMH62 and @Gibbomadness. Serious professionals having serious fun.

Many of the people from August’s #GGinBrum managed to make it too, along with @SabrinaLianne and @LibertarianBlue. Not to mention these usual suspects –


From left to right, @MHWitchfinder and @Nero. Much ethical journalism, as ever, is in the works.

By that time of course the bar tab had been … dealt with … appropriately but nonetheless some productive discussions about journalistic ethics were had. #GamerGate’s movement for ethics and cultural libertarianism, and against cultural authoritarian extremists, is gathering steam. All the best people are in #GamerGate.

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