Racist Bahar Mustafa Should be Jailed

The Witchfinder believes the Malicious Communication Act and similar acts should be reformed to vastly narrow what they cover. However, as long as they exist your author believes they should be applied even-handedly and Bahar Mustafa should be jailed for her bigoted, racist, hate speech – then shunned by decent society as well as employers upon her release.


Bahar Mustafa’s bigoted views that anti-white racism cannot exists have no place in a civilised society. Image is both a parody under s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and a criticism.

The crime that finally caused the BBC to accept that racism could be directed at white people was the tragic murder of Ross Parker.

The senseless killing of this young man by a vicious, racially motivated gang in the British town of Peterborough caused even the infamously leftist BBC to say this –

“Racism was once defined as ‘prejudice plus power’ – […] However, the ‘racist murders’ of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism”

BBC article here, (archive here). In 2006, the Guardian (Observer) reported UK Home Office figures showing nearly half of all racist murder victims in the preceding decade had been white (archive here).

Racism is no more acceptable when perpetrated by non-Caucasians than when perpetrated by Caucasians. Anyone who disagree might want to talk to the residents of the UK town of Rotherham.

What happened in Rotherham? To quote the BBC it was about child sex abuse on ‘industrial scale’ (archive here). The perpetrators? To quote feminist Suzanne Moore in the Guardian newspaper (archive here), “men of Pakistani and Kashmiri descent, working in gangs to rape and torture girls”, who “called the girls ‘white trash'”.

It is true that the UK has harsh, vaguely worded communications laws. It is true that Bahar Mustafa or at least some of her supporters may have perceived her remarks as a joke or a frustrated comment. That makes her remarks no less divisive and unfortunately, as Rotherham shows, the UK has a problem with extremists (such as jihadists) who simply would not perceive Mustafa’s remark as a joke but instead see it as legitimisation of their own hate-filled worldview.

This blog has never called, even in jest, for the extermination of ‘all’ of any social group. Were I to write an article headlined, ‘kill all [x] people’ doubtless the local constabulary would soon be in touch. Whilst the current laws are on the statute book there is no reason Bahar Mustafa should escape punishment.

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