The Year’s Best Political Figures

The best political figures of the year, according to the Witchfinder General.

It has been a long, bleak year. But the Witchfinder scraped through his law exams, which means this blog will continue and may even get around to some analysis of some case law. The Witchfinder will also continue his fair, just and reasonable approach to public figures.

For now though, the Witchfinder wanted to take some time out from persecution to recognise those political figures that are actually worthwhile and make a difference in a positive sense. So, without further ado, the Witchfinder recognises Grant Shapps MP, John Hemming MP and Louise Mensch.

Grant Shapps MP

Firstly some background. The Chairman of the British Conservative Party, Grant Shapps MP actually lives in the constituency he represents of Welwyn Hatfield. Might sound like a bit of a no-brainer but his ivory-tower predecessor Melanie Johnson lived in Cambridge.

Grant Shapps MP
Grant Shapps MP

As an incredibly hard working MP who actually shares in the lives of his constituents and uses the same services, he has earned the loyalty of his people and increased a majority of 5,946 in 2005 into a majority of 17,423 in 2010. Regardless of their natural leanings residents of Welwyn Hatfield are getting their monies worth and they are showing in the ballot box.

During the expenses scandal of 2009 Grant Shapps was found to be one of the few honest MPs in Britain, with the Telegraph calling him a ‘saint’. Despite the massed forces of left-wing-dom digging frenziedly for dirt, the worst thing they have found on him is the fact he once used a pen name. So does J K Rowling! Unsurprisingly, many of the Conservative Party’s grassroots members speak of him as a future Prime Minister.

Despite being a cabinet member and national politician Shapps has worked closely with his local Conservative council to create an effective and thriving community. According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment fell 10% this year in Welwyn Hatfield – except for Labour politicians!

John Hemming MP

John Hemming MP
John Hemming MP

The Witchfinder basically hates Liberals. John Hemming MP is one of the very few honourable exceptions – a Liberal MP who is actually worthwhile. For years John Hemming was a lone voice in the wilderness complaining of authoritarianism in the judiciary and in particular the Family Courts.

John’s outspokenness and willingness to challenge the judiciary on awkward issues such as litigation capacity in RP v United Kingdom led to substantial criticism by Sir Nicholas Wall. When the Witchfinder first encountered Mr Hemming, it was with suspicion and indeed your humble inquisitor was negative about John, especially in private.

However the Witchfinder has changed his mind. My own experiences and the overwhelming weight of the evidence demonstrate that in some key areas John Hemming is dead right. A good and decent man, John has shone a light into a murky area of UK life and revealed waste, graft and heinous injustices.

The family justice system does a difficult and necessary job. However the difficulties presented by the most deprived and challenged of families are not an excuse for lax procedure and injustice. The areas of law Mr Hemming raised did indeed need clarifying and John has fought and one difficult battles for the rights of the vulnerable.

This year John has continued his campaigns and worked with several other governments who have concerns about family law in Great Britain, building a strategically vital coalition to press for change.

The Witchfinder agrees with the Spectator – three cheers for  John Hemming MP!

Louise MenschFor a time, the fortunes of the Republican Party in the United  States waned. But in the era of George Bush a phalanx of successful, attractive and intelligent women showed that Conservatism was not just for older, white males but instead a genuine movement for people of all kinds. Louise Mensch is the British equivalent of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin or Rachel Marsden – a Conservative vanguard in social media.

Louise Mensch image

Louise Mensch, Conservative media mastermind

Year after year we Conservatives had to put up with left wing witch hunts because some unfortunate party member said something off colour online. Thanks to Louise and others like her the battle is being fought hard by our side in social media.

This week Louise has been focussing on the treason-loving left’s dissembling about David Miranda. Despite the obfuscatory socialist hysteria about a police state intimidating journalists, the truth has come out to the great humiliation of the Guardian.

Louise, the Witchfinder salutes you.

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