The Diversity of #GamerGate in Birmingham

Your author recently attended the Birmingham GamerGate meet and encountered a wide variety of people of all backgrounds, united in their desire to protect our culture from the sinister authoritarianism of the ultra-extreme left and instead to promote cultural libertarianism and ethical journlism.


Several attendees, including your author, stayed in the Radisson Blu hotel in Birmingham, a beautiful, blade-like structure with free wifi. Click for full size.


The Radisson Blu hotel seen from the side – a beautiful thin blade-like structure with fabulous views and tasty, if pricey, food. Click for full size.

Birmingham has some beautiful hotels and scenery, including the fascinating Radisson Blu Hotel seen above. Several of us stayed at the Blu, so it is worth a few shots of the rooms.


A hotel room in the day. Click for full size.

A hotel room shown at night. Click for full size.

A hotel room shown at night. Click for full size.

The venue, a well-appointed pub called the Wellington, was packed with GamerGate supporters. Your typical Social Justice Warrior (SJW) opponent of GamerGate would doubtless like to imagine some den of iniquity – a low rent version of the bar in Star Wars, where cartoon villains plot their evil plots to have our opponents arrested whilst 4chan users chant slurs such as ‘faggot’ in the corner.

Of course this would only reflect ignorant SJW prejudices. Far from being a mob, the meet was a haven of high-brow discussion in which people from all walks of life, genders and political view points discussed their uniting belief in the principles of cultural libertarianism along with a reformed, ethical media.


Your Inquisitor with GamerGate supporter @ZombieNeith. Click for full size.

One interesting area of discussion was the self-perpetuating group of idealogues in academe who have created whole subjects around their political views.

Academic disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or other vocational training such as law and social work drive the economy. Unfortunately, some disciplines exist solely in reference to frivolity or to political dogma – including topics like, David Beckham in the Sport, Media and Culture Degree at Staffordshire University.

More sinisterly there are courses that can hardly be called ‘disciplines’ at all but instead offers of tendentious political opinion – the euphemistically named, ‘peace studies’, or other supposedly equalities related topics that instead foster hatred and disharmony between the differing groups in our society.

One forward looking politician, Scott Walker, combined a weakening of tenure with austerity cuts to universities. The Witchfinder’s undergraduate degree was in Economics, and it seems to me there is a real problem with near worthless degree courses here in the UK draining money from economically valuable subjects.

One thing I would like to see from the new British Conservative government is cuts to funding for over-subscribed, frivolous or politically tendentious subjects and a refocusing of funds into more economically beneficial subjects that will help their graduates find or even create work rather than divide our society.


With Allum Bokhari and @SabrinaLianne. Click for full size.

Another really interesting and passionate speaker that evening was @117Baz, who spoke movingly of the importance of artistic and cultural freedom –


With @117Baz. Click for full size.

There is a great video of his talk on Sargon’s channel –

The point here is that people of all genders, races and faiths – from an Irish Muslim to a British Atheist like Sargon of Akkad came together in their desire to help heal our culture of the terrible wounds inflicted by the hard left – united in their desire to free our culture and to cut out the extremist cancer.

We are watching the birth of a new political movement, Cultural Libertarianism, and the initial tremors of seismic change in our society.


With @Sargon_of_Akkad looking nobly into a culturally liberated future. Click for full size. *look* I bin in a bideo an a pickchure with Sargon. D’you think @Shoe0nHead will notice me now?

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