No Job at Gawker for the Witchfinder – Doxxing is Wrong

The Witchfinder considers some longstanding questions about Wikipedia administrator Gamaliel. Who is he? What is his job?

Recently, after publishing an article exposing the Paedophiles of Wikipedia, I was banned from editing Wikipedia at the behest of Mark Bernstein fan and administrator Gamaliel (the purported reasons are in my previous article). I was initially tempted to do a profile.

I have discovered that Gamaliel is an overweight, 42 year old library technician working at an education institution in the US. I will not say what state. The scope of his ambition appears to be to help readers with their inquiries.  I have also discovered many aggrieved parties lacking the inquisition’s resources who have been unable to determine Gamaliel’s real world identity beyond a name. For example, here and here.

After seeking the advice of friends and struggling between the right choice and the other thing, I have decided not to give Gamaliel’s location, name or real world employer. Or to publish recent pictures. Doxxing is wrong and with moral fibre provided by some kind friends I have summoned the strength to retain the high ground. No job at Gawker for the Witchfinder.

I even did an ethics edit to clarify that a different administrator, acting at Gamaliel’s behest, did the actual block.

[Edit 19/07/2015]

Ultimately your author has decided that we as Wikipedia’s critics need to hold the higher moral ground.

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