Two Important GamerGate Petitions. Remember – Gawker Proves Emails Work!

The UK Government has an online system for petitioning Parliament. 10,000 votes forces a government response. 100,000 votes forces a Parliamentary debate. GamerGate supporters are running two important Parliamentary e-Petitions submitted by @InvisibleJimBSH .

The first was put in a couple of days ago and has now been counter-signed and approved. It reads –

“Make the ‘Steam’ refund policy the law for all video game digital distribution.

Current regulations treat games as movies when distributed online. Since June, Steam allows buyers to refund a game before 2 hours of play or 2 weeks post delivery, whichever comes first. Bringing consumer protection for games up to a uniform standard for all games services would benefit us all.”

Please sign it here.

The second petition is more controversial, but may be fun for GamerGaters angry with Wikipedia’s treatment of the Gamergate controversy article. In Britain, there is a system called ‘Cleanfeed’ used to block illegal websites like child pornography.

In the past, Wikipedia has actually been blocked for this as reported by the BBC. More recently I reported in my articles, Paedophiles of Wikipedia and Imposter how Wikipedia has poor child protection policies it does not actually appear to follow and has not responded promptly to complaints about links to child pornography on the site.

So the second petition seeks to have them blocked again! Only, more so this time –

“Add Wikipedia to BT Cleanfeed

The website Wikipedia is one of the world’s highest traffic websites and is of use to many people.

However, Wikipedia has also been criticised for holding defamatory content.  Victims of this include Cabinet Ministers, Celebrities as well as political and consumer movements.

Wikipedia has also been criticised for poor child protection policies and a failure to remove editors advocating pro-paedophilia viewpoints and content.”

This second petition only went up today a few hours ago and still needs counter signatures. Please counter-sign it here.


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