Wikipedia Brass Helpfully Engage On Reddit

Just a quick note. A few days ago we announced /r/TheGGGreatWork/ . This is intended to give us a more positive relationship with Wikipedia.

The problems between /r/KotakuInAction/, #GamerGate supporters and Wikipedia have been significant. On one side there is a legitimate complaint about the Wikipedia GamerGate article. On the other there are complaints about relatively clumsy socking and editing attempts.

After I announced /r/TheGGGreatWork/ . I was pleased to see a visit from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, as well as a couple of Wikipedia administrators, such as Jehochman. Far from demanding we close the subreddit, Mr Wales requested two fairly modest text amendments which we agreed to.

Having done so, we seem to be in compliance with the rules and it looks like the project is good to go with the knowledge of Wikipedia brass. Bear in mind, Jimmy Wales shares one thing with GamerGate which is that the same people are unfairly accusing him as us. The most contentious editor of Wikipedia on this topic is Mark Bernstein, having tried to link GamerGate to the Charleston shootings. However, he has also gone for Jimmy Wales and trashed the whole of ArbCom.

Wales has been thoughtful and sought to engage with us. He could have said, “The GamerGate Controversy Article is a Scholarly Masterpiece of Impartiality.” Instead he has repeatedly suggested we, or even other Wikipedia members, re-write the article. He could have said, “Ban the evil GamerGators”. Instead he came to talk to us.

Two days ago he said, “Carrite, as an experienced Wikipedian, you might be well-placed to try to do that rewrite, probably starting in your own userspace. I, for one, would be very interested to read and compare the two versions.–Jimbo Wales (talk) 20:24, 22 June 2015 (UTC)”

I for one think we should engage. I would repeat my invitation to KiA members to join /r/TheGGGreatWork/. It also looks like some of our opponents may be trying to brigade and downvote the main thread whilst the subreddit is still small, which in itself points to the potential of this project.

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