Heroes! – Shapps Spectacularly Vindicated by Outright Conservative Victory – Mensch Vindicated Over Vote Tory Not UKIP


Grant Shapps MP Leading a Team of Conservatives to Spectacular Victory

Victory requires no explanation. Defeat allows none. The Witchfinder praises Grant Shapps and Louise Mensch for their work. Now we must reform Parliamentary boundaries without delay to undo the system rigged in Labour’s favour.

If the Conservative Party had lost,  or had a mediocre result, the knives would be out. “Shapps not up to it”, they would say, the rivals, the haters, those with grudges. Instead the Conservative Party had an unlooked for victory.

Fundamentally the Conservative Campaign nationally was a mirror of the local campaigns in Welwyn Hatfield – disciplined, inclusive, organised and effective. For that Shapps should be praised. He has proven an incredibly effective campaign leader.

Of course, the victory would have been a lot less close were it not for the rigged constituency boundaries which currently mean many Labour seats have less voters in them than Conservative ones. The slim Conservative majority must not be wasted – a first goal in the new queen’s speech must be to complete the boundary reform attempted in the last parliament.

Shapps has also shrugged off many trivial attacks such as the allegations he ran a sockpuppet called Contribsx on Wikipedia – his accuser revealed as a Liberal Democrat with no evidence other than ‘behavioural’ aspects of the account.

At the same time Grant has taken the time to help less glamorous but still important campaigns such as the condemnation of Gawker for its recent Nazi stunt by online ethics activism group #GamerGate. Whilst he has not expressed any explicit position on GamerGate, he has made clear that Gawker’s despicable stunt with a Twitter bot programmed to automatically tweet passages from Mein Kampf was indefensible.

This has led to curious fringe benefits for Grant. One might call it Karma. #GamerGate sympathisers have made great strides in removing rule breaking editors from Wikipedia, via disciplinary resolutions passed via its supreme dispute resolution body, ArbCom. Shortly after the wikipedia story broke a formal case was opened against the administrator responsible, Richard Symonds, via ArbCom. Your author imagines there will be many voices sympathetic to Grant on Wikipedia now. Symonds is at great risk of losing his administrator status.

Louise Mensch image

Louise Mensch, Conservative media mastermind

The other hero? Louise Mensch. Your author happens to believe Louise, whose personal following is rapidly approaching a cool 100K, has a massive political influence in the United Kingdom.

However today I am praising her for her focus on winning Conservative votes and her criticisms of George Galloway. The Witchfinder has no doubt that Louise contributed greatly to Galloway’s election defeat.

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