KotakuInAction Reforms – We Came for the Games, Now we Must Stay for the Politics

Vivian James

Vivan James has been called the daughter of #GamerGate. Will she become mother of a new political movement against the authoritarian left?

The phenomenal success of KotakuInAction has revealed the spectacular groundswell of dissatisfaction and rage not just against gaming journalists but against the oppressive and increasingly extreme ‘Social Justice Movement’. As the population of KotakuInAction grows larger its moderators have recognised the need for change. The Witchfinder agrees and urges them to seize this opportunity.

KotakuInAction, a Reddit forum less than 9 months old. has been spectacularly successful. It now boasts over 34,000 members. At slow periods it always seems to have at least 500-600 users logged in and at peak periods there are thousands.

KiA, as its members know it, is a forum that was set up in relation to the #GamerGate scandal, which is broadly about the corruption of journalists in computer games and in particular their attempts to shill extreme left wing ideologies that normal people rightly reject.

Despite being the subject of vicious smears, KiA has survived, prospered and managed disciplined campaigns of courteous letter writing that have persuaded many advertisers to stop supporting disfavoured allegations.

The simple Reddit mechanisms of up-voting and comments have enabled the community to quickly organise and support interventions in the media at a moment’s notice, for example a Telegraph article about Sad Puppies was almost completely re-written after complaints from KiA.

However, as the crowd has grown it has become increasingly clear that video games is not the only area of shared opinion. The growing extremes of the extreme left Social Justice Movement, which continues to try to control speech and force its opinions on society through fear, have proven a common topic of shared concern.

Members of KiA have found common cause with moderate liberals, libertarians and Conservatives in a movement broadly against the oppressive and counter-factual arguments of the hard left. Several feminists, such as Liana Kerzner and Christina Hoff Sommers have found common cause with KiA as we find we all agree on a surprisingly diverse array of issues.

Unfortunately the limited technology of Reddit means that the growing community has become increasingly hard to manage. Whilst there are clearly occasional deliberate derailers the volume of anti-SJW sentiment has become so great it is hard to keep focus.

The moderators of KiA have recognised the issues and proposed some options for change, including diversifying into some sibling Reddits such as, for example, ‘/r/SocialJusticeInAction’. The Witchfinder General says, ‘hell yes’ to that.

Not everyone on KiA is Conservative or Libertarian. Many define themselves as Liberals. However what unites us all is opposition to the authoritarian left. We have all been surprised and delighted at the vast support we have (5-6 times the membership of our opponents at /r/GamerGhazi) .

When there is opposition that can survive the intimidation it soon become obvious that the extreme left-wing ‘Social Justice’ neo-communists are a small minority that has depended on intimidating others into not uniting. A good example is the recent bomb threats against a peaceful #GamerGate meet up in Washington DC.

The extreme, Tumblr-tendency radical left is tearing apart our western society with its increasingly violent and self-hating rhetoric. Democratic society requires democratic, social, civil, legal conduct. Now the left literally advocate riots and see smashing police cars as a legitimate tactic.

We have seen success after success as we stripped hostile websites of their advertisers. Let us harness that energy and let us take the fight out of the sphere of video games and into society. Let us have our anti-SJW sub-reddits and let us devote the same energy to the fight against SJWs outside games as we do inside. We came for the games, now let us stay for the politics.

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