Kobalt Law Boss Deliver Almighty Smackdown to the Block Bot Creator James Billingham – Praises Dawkins and GamerGate as People of Worth

The Witchfinder will be brief.

The Claim By the Block Bot …


The Block Bot Claims that I was Not a Client of Kobalt Law, Later Publishing Part of an Email Sent to Billingham


The Response from Kobalt Law …







Billingham was offered the option to clarify on his own behalf but responded claiming he is not operating the Block Bot twitter feed, he merely shared the correspondence with the administrators. He also claimed he is being ‘harassed’. So basically, this is James Billingham –

  • a man who runs a tool to ostracise and exclude people online for ‘trolling’ but at the same time hosts his ‘trolling’ memoirs on his personal blog – talking fondly of the time he wound up a forum about ‘kiddy porn’.
  • a man whose tool describes others (for example Professor Dawkins) as ‘racist’, ‘gross’, ‘rapeapologist’, ‘childabuseapologism’, ‘transphobia’, ‘youradick’ but complains to the police when stridently criticised online in turn.
  • a man who gives no forwarding address, who ignores emails, but complains when served with legal correspondence at his workplace.
  • a man who refuses to correct factually inaccurate statements but cries harassment at every turn

Billingham continues with this course of conduct at his peril. He has dished it out in spades and now the tables are turned. He cries to police about my words whilst one of Britain’s most prominent thinkers, no natural ally, shares them with the world – https://twitter.com/RichardDawkins/status/579550321049006081 . What is Billingham going to do? Demand Dawkins be arrested for helping with my sinister campaign of ‘harassment’? Breitbart?

I agree with Stefano’s kind advice. James Billingham needs to find a new hobby and soon.

Typo Corrected – this post was written by the Witchfinder General.

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