The Block Bot Fact Checked

In the wake of recent humiliating revelations that the Block Bot has been blocking celebrities like Professor Richard Dawkins their team have been spinning desperately. The Witchfinder reviews and clarifies their claims as needed.

The Claim – Barack Obama is Not on the Block Bot


Obama is Not Blocked … Anymore.

True … now … but that has never been the allegation. The allegation in my article was that ‘Barack Obama was on at one point’, as this archive demonstrates. Barack Obama was listed in the Block Bot as Level 1 … the “Worst of the Worst”.


Barack Obama! Level 1 Troll. “The Worst of the Worst” … According to the Block Bot.

Hashtags Are Only Opinions Added By Our Users

Indeed anyone not on the block list can add an opinion – it just so happens that many of the more controversial ‘opinions’ were those of Blockers. A little detective work found me who added the ‘evidence’ about Richard Dawkins –


Who added the Richard Dawkins storifies? Authorised Blockers and Administrators of the Block Bot.


The former host of the Block Bot Checker weighs in. Another authorised Blocker.

Claim – The Witchfinder Was Advised to Give Up


Outright Incorrect. The Actual Advice is Below.

This one is just bizarre. Stefano Lucatello of Kobalt Law agreed to check your author’s work. A second opinion. He explained that there was no fatal flaw in my letter of claim, but it would be cheaper and less risky to use the County Court and ICO – so that is what I did and invited the whole of #GamerGate to do. I sent a copy of his advice to James Billingham.

James Billingham then started sending emails to Mr Lucatello claiming I was harassing him. Stefano forwarded them to me and I replied as follows –

“I am afraid that you are badly mistaken. Mr Lucatello does not act for me, he merely agreed to check my work. Accordingly, any response should be sent to me in person. Similarly, I will be the one writing to you.”

Stefano sent an email also, agreeing with me.

The Witchfinder Has a Police Harassment Warning

Police have not been allowed to give Harassment ‘Warnings since 2009’, according to the ACPO guidance (see page 70).


The Police are not even allowed to use the word, ‘warning’ anymore.

The Police may give an Information Notice stating that a complaint has been made as long as it also says that the police have not formed a view as to the truth of the complaint and that it is not a Court order.

As explained before, your author has received two visits from the police. He very politely explained the civil procedure rules and carried on. Your author later received an email from Herts police saying, “Your concerns regarding the information made available online about yourself sits more in a civil liable claim than a criminal matter. Hertfordshire Police will not be pursuing this any further at this stage.”

So your author informed Sarah Brown’s lawyer to expect a ‘sealed Form N1’. Perhaps your author might have lost – we will never know because she resigned, they rewrote their front page to remove the text complained of and moved their operation abroad.

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