A Bot for Endangered Sea Lions


The Big Hat. A community petitions tool.

The Witchfinder has a project on the go. The Big Hat Project was initially intended as a community patrol tool for dealing with anti-social accounts. That idea lacked traction because Conservatives and #GamerGate are pro-free-speech. So the project has been refactored as a community petition tool.

@BigFriendlyHat is a work in progress. The purpose of the project is to enable and facilitate inclusive, community petitions by supporters. People who sign up are giving the project leaders permission to send political tweets on their behalf.

For example, suppose like minded people wanted to support an endangered species like, for example, sea lions and someone was spreading hate speech. This would enable the project leaders to simply hit a button and hey-presto, users would send polite tweets to (say) Greenpeace alerting them of the plight of the poor sea creatures.

The application is in development but alpha access will be made available to the like-minded in due course.

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