Exposé – #TheBlockBot Creator Featured on BBC is Troll, Claims He Viewed But Did Not Report ‘Kiddy Porn’

In this video the Witchfinder exposes #TheBlockBot creator James Billingham, who claims to be against trolling but admits himself on his own website that he deliberately engaged in the practice. Billingham also claimed that one site he joined contained, to use his words, ‘Kiddy Porn’ and whilst he trolled them about it he did not report it. Even if the material was in fact legal these revelations reveal Billingham as a vile, morally bankrupt hypocrite.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Only the public member information of the Atheism Plus forums has been uploaded. No private street addresses have been retrieved or shared. The lists made available for download below were legally obtained using screen scraping tools as set out in the video and are fully compliant with UK and US law.

The author asserts the journalism exemption under s32 Data Protection Act 1998.

Title music – The Escape – (c) – Machinimasound (Commercial license purchased)

The Atheism Plus Forum Member list as a CSV file

The Battle Against NyanCat
It turns out that www.oolon.co.uk had code that blocked Webcite and Archive.today by replacing the  content with images and the sound of NyanCat. Fortunately, their competitor FreezePage worked and enabled an accurate forensic record of what the page looked like. Thanks FreezePage! A well deserved premium subscription purchased!

Trolling the Slymepit – *  http://www.freezepage.com/1425251697SYXBOYRAQQ  *

(Failed webcite and archive.today citations for interest. Fans of Nyancat will enjoy)

James Billingham. Trolling the Slymepit – Oolon\\\’s Blog. Oolon.co.uk. 2015-03-01. URL:http://www.oolon.co.uk/?p=94. Accessed: 2015-03-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6WhhqDKqW)

Archive.today – https://archive.today/lRzKz

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