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Joshua Moon, the infamous internet troll known for running stalker website Kiwi Farms, has been complaining that he is the ‘victim’ of credit card fraud. According to a post by Josh on his forum, around Thursday his payment service started to receive thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent transactions. I have no idea if this is the case, but during his protestations of being an innocent victim, Josh made statements that clearly contradict earlier remarks (archive here) he is not tracking his donors.


Josh’s current, Nazi themed avatar from Kiwi Farms next to the misspelt disclaimer on his donation site claiming not to track users. Click for full size.

By his own admission, Joshua Conner Moon’s websites have been removed from several hosting companies and payment providers, including Paypal. Most have bowed to the inevitable as soon as they are notified of the site and its nature, but a few talked tough until there was legal action. All removed the site. Now, Kiwi Farms hides its host and payment provider using Cloudflare. Furthermore, the payment provider is hidden by the use of an intermediary website called Users who wish to donate to Kiwi Farms must type their credit or debit card numbers into code written by Josh and the card number will be forwarded on.

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Melissa P Sanford v John Doe (Candice Lynn Potter DOT com)

The latest innocent victim of Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon’s stupidity is Moon’s aunt. Joshua Moon’s mother, Candice Lynn Potter has a sister called Melissa P Sanford, an attorney in Georgia at her own law firm, Melissa Sanford Law ( Sanford   has filed a $500,000 lawsuit in Fayette County Georgia against the operators and members of a website named after her sister Candice Lynn Potter (CLP), which has baselessly accused her of a variety of sexual and other forms of wrongdoing.

Judge's Hammer Coming Down on Gavel

More Kiwi Farms related litigation, this time on the other side of the Atlantic in Georgia.

Before writing about the case, your author took the liberty of instructing a process server to retrieve the case file. As the court clerk states that it is a public document, an uploaded scan is available here. Ms Sanford, the Judge and the operator of the CLP site (the Defendant) were all given an opportunity to object prior to publication, including a full Georgia state working day. All of them were offered an extension of time to consider or take advice if they required it. All of them have read the email and none have objected nor disputed the facts alleged. Joshua Moon has previously asked for himself and his mother not to be contacted, and has previously had the opportunity to dispute the various allegations repeated here.

Melissa Sanford’s lawsuit makes interesting reading. Ms Sanford sues for $500,000 for malicious libel and for tortious interference with her business. Given that the Defendant website sets out its motives at the top of the front page as to its purpose, “Our mission is to dox and ruin Joshua Conner Moon, every single one of his family members, and anyone who supports or protects him” it appears proof of malice will be made out with relative ease.

Furthermore the owner of CLP has responded at length to request for comment, in essence admitting that the allegations are in fact libel but opining that he is, “sue proof” and that the litigation will simply provoke substantial anonymous internet republication by his fellow travellers.

However, readers new to this blog, as well as the court in Georgia and the parties’ acquaintances may not understand why a random anonymous website has started stalking Melissa Sanford and her entire extended family. The tragic answer is that, whilst Sanford may be a good and decent woman, her nephew, Candice Lynn Potter’s son Joshua Conner Moon is anything but.

Moon operates a stable of controversial websites, including,,, and 16chan. As a result Moon has been the subject of a variety of allegations, including racism, stalking and sexual wrongdoing.

These claims are not made by cowardly anonymous internet trolls but by a variety of publications including New York Magazine, Heat Street (owned by News Corporation), Daily Kos, Crocels News, Rational Wiki, Encyclopaedia Dramatica and this blog. The entire CLP website is no more than a retaliatory version of Moon’s own website Kiwi Farms.

Key articles about Moon and his sites include –

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