High Court Judge Saves 7-Year Old Boy from Being Forced to be Transgender by Abusive Mother


The soothing language of tolerance and inclusion used in relation to ‘transgender’ rights often masks controversial contentions. In this case the judge found that a child was abused due to professional failure to adequately challenge such assertions. Picture via Dreamstime.

In the landmark High Court case J (A Minor), Re [2016] EWHC 2430 (Fam), Mr Justice Hayden placed a child with his father after his mother was revealed to be a drug user, worse who forced the child to live as a girl and even present as transgender despite the fact that when left to his own choices he presented as a boy. Chillingly social services failed to intervene swiftly due to an, “emerging orthodoxy”. Only material released by the judge in his public judgement appears in this article.

F and M, the anonymous parents of little J, separated before he turned one years of age. Contact continued on an informal basis until he was 6, when the father (F) sought a court order when arrangements broke down. In response, M accused him of being a violent alcoholic who could not accept little J’s ‘gender identity’. The mother said that little J presented as a girl.

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Option Model and Media ‘Talent’, Feminist Kristen Mortensen Disappears from Twitter after Publicly Mocking Disabled Man


Option Model and Media ‘Talent’ Kristen Mortensen mocks a disabled man. The tie around his legs is actually of a type used by those with neurological disabilities such as Tourette’s Syndrome or epilepsy to prevent movement. Click for full size.

Kristen Mortensen (until recently @Krist10Mor10sen on Twitter) is a popular and attractive model. According to her professional modelling profile (archive here) she stands at a statuesque 5’10” tall with svelte measurements of 36-28.5-42 and according to her resume she has had a number of gigs. Sadly she is also living proof that beauty is only skin deep. Mortensen has disabled her Twitter account after being called out by public spirited Twitter users for mocking a disabled man using feminism as a justification.

A man on a plane had a belt around his legs. Whatever his reasons, his legs are clearly held together in demure fashion causing no trouble to other passengers as he appears to listen to music. That is all we know. He is keeping to himself.

Most people, male or female would make no comment. Why should they? When most people photograph strangers in public, or on the trains, it is because the person is committing crimes or behaving inappropriately. Random stalking is frowned upon in our society. Kristen Mortensen, a model and actress with outspoken feminist views, thought differently.

When a person on a bus or a train has a bandage or wheelchair, or wears a supporter strap, convention is for the able bodied to give up their seat and generally make accommodations. Kristen Mortensen, a so called ‘talent’ for Option Model and Media, thought differently.

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Dr Ben Harper, Who ‘Created’ Quotes for a Family Court Report, has History

Judge's Hammer Coming Down on Gavel

Dr Ben Harper’s report was excluded from evidence in a family court case by Mr Justice Hayden when purported quotes from a mother during medical examination were found to be, “created by Dr Harper and attributed to the Mother”

Recently Family Law Week reported on the case of Dr Ben Harper (archive here), who was severely criticised by a High Court judge. The case was also covered by Suesspicious Minds (archive here). Matthew Hopkins News reveals that the ‘good’ doctor has a history.

In F (A Minor), Re [2016] EWHC 2149 Dr Ben Harper was commissioned to write a psychological report on the mother of children who are the subject of care proceedings. He wrote an extensive, 70 page report and justified his findings in part by quoting the mother.

In the report, a number of passages were enclosed In italicised quotation marks making strident comments describing previous experts as, for example, “liars”. The only problem with this is that these quotes were made up. The judge found them to be, “[…] created by Dr Harper and attributed to the Mother […]” and also, “[…] a manipulation of material which is wholly unacceptable and, at very least, falls far below the standard that any Court is entitled to expect of any expert witness”.

That much could be easily found on Family Law Week … but it is not the first time a judge has looked askance at a report of Dr Ben Harper. I did a case law search and found three public reported cases naming Dr Ben Harper. One was non-contentious – he had carried out a capacity assessment and found a mother had capacity. The other case was A and B v Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council [2014] EWFC 47.

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