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All good things come to an end. The author of this blog has passed his LPC. Life changes and moves forward.

LPC Core

My LPC core results. Some identifying information has been removed but the grades are unchanged. In this chart, the letter ‘C’ means competent. Where a numerical grade is given, anything over 50 is a pass, 60 a commendation, 70 a distinction. click for full size.

To qualify in UK law as a solicitor (attorney) requires a law degree, or some other degree and a conversion course called a GDL. Having met one of those criteria, you must then take a qualification called a Legal Practitioner’s Certificate (LPC).

It has been 4 long years. 2 years to study the GDL on weekends, and 2 years to study the LPC. On Wednesday I received my results for the LPC. I have passed and indeed obtained a distinction in several modules. I still can and will do an extra dissertation to make it a Master’s Degree in Law – but I now already have the credential I need if I wish to become a trainee solicitor and practice law in England and Wales.

I also did three electives, Advanced Criminal Practice, Family Law as well as Personal Injury.

LPC Electives

My LPC elective results. Some identifying information has been removed but the grades are unchanged. Where a numerical grade is given, anything over 50 is a pass, 60 a commendation, 70 a distinction. click for full size.

In some ways it is sad. I have had my last law class, and seen the classroom for the last time. I have eaten my last meal in the cafeteria. On the other hand, I have paid my last course fee.

I am not sure if I will change career. To become a trainee lawyer would require a pay cut in the short term, and I can use my qualifications to advance further in IT as well as in my charity work. I have decided however that I will continue this blog and some of my charity work. Whatever else happens now, I know of what I speak.

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WikiInAction Turns Into Arbcom

Just a brief note. Every so often something comes along that genuinely surprises me. Today, I was banned from /r/WikiInAction, without warning and supposedly for contacting Gamaliel’s employers for comment about my recent article. Thing is, in private WikiInActions moderators have known and supported my actions for months.

Last December I published an article about a RationalWiki moderator called Gooniepunk. Some applauded, some condemned me for ‘doxing’ for revealing his real world identity. I think it can be ethical journalism to reveal the true identity of anonymous internet types.

Someone posted my article on WikiInAction. It was left up for a day or two then removed. I got a nice email from a WikiInAction moderator. Turns out they loved it, “We 100% back the blog post you made […]” and only took it down because they were directly contacted by the administrators of Reddit. So no problem with doxing. However, they did ask me to avoid such details in future posts if I wanted to post them in the subreddit.


A private message from an /r/WikiInAction moderator. They “100%” backed my dox post on Gooniepunk. Click for full size.

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Desparate, Delusional Dynastia Turns on Josh Moon

This week has been entertaining. After posting a bounty for Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia, I received an email from the man himself. Dynastia had been denying that the lawsuit was real, claiming I forged it. After the judge placed in it on BAILII as precedent case law Dynastia appears to accept it was real and sent me an email.

Of particular note, he offers me the ‘real’ identity of the 2nd Defendant, in which he seems  to imply the person concerned is Josh.

“[…] Only problem is I happen to know he lives with his mother and owns pretty much nothing. […]”

Whilst a lawsuit against Joshua Conner Moon may well follow in due course, it is hardly loyal is it? Josh is supposedly your best friend.

Just to be clear to all my readers, I did consider the denials that Dynastia is Kiwi Dynastia, and the evidence. After fair consideration I conclude that they are the same person and the judge has found Kiwi Dynastia validly served. The typo in the restraining order I mentioned in my last article (my fault) has now been kindly corrected by the judge and I link to an upload of the final version.

Of interest, I draw everyone’s attention to point 2 where it says the allegations made were false and malicious, “such having been proven by the Claimant”. This is because I asked the judge to hold me to American 1st Amendment rules because of my respect for free speech and also because if we do honour American rules then the US SPEECH Act 2010 offers no protection. American law does not protect malicious liars like Dynastia.

Just a reminder, my beef is not with ED and the claim against the ED operators is stayed – the judgement and restraining order are only against KiwiDynastia.

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Court Judgement Imposes Permanent Restraining Order on KiwiDynastia. Up to £5,000 Bounty Offered on his Details

It has been said that, ‘snitches get stitches’. In this case, snitches get paid. I am offering a cash bounty for Dynastia – terms below.

Recently a person identifying themselves as Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia under the username ‘KiwiDynastia’ posted defamatory material about me on Encyclopaedia Dramatica (ED). I took legal action against KiwiDynastia and ED, but my beef is with Kiwi Farms and I respect ED, so when they took it down I stayed the claim against the ED Defendants only and I also made sure their real world names were not given in the judgement.


Kiwi Farms openly exists to harass the disabled. A reminder that it is owned and run by Joshua Conner Moon.

The case proceeded to judgement against ‘KiwiDynastia’ only, who has been ordered to pay £10,000 damages, £1,000 costs and made subject to a permanent restraining order. It has been suggested Dynastia is in Australia and £11,000 is equivalent to nearly 20,000 Australian Dollars.

The judgement in that case is now up on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) website here. The case is an actual legal precedent.

It is worth reminding ourselves of why everyone hates Kiwi Farms so to the right is a screenshot of the site’s promotional Twitter account before it was permanently suspended.

A pre-suspension archive of Kiwi Farms’ Twitter is here. Kiwi Farms is run by Joshua Conner Moon, a charming man whose previous contributions to the internet include being fired from 8chan by Frederick Brennan (archive here) for failing to upgrade 8Chan’s software.

Kiwi Farms is known for running threads about vulnerable people, some lured onto Kiwi Farms from disability forums such as There are also threads for individuals who have criticised or opposed them.

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Jimmy Wales, Gamaliel (Robert Manuel Fernandez of Cannon Memorial Library), Paedophilia, Screaming Children and Whistleblower The Devil’s Advocate

After the case of misconduct by Wikipedia Arbitrator Gamaliel went to ArbCom (archive here), leading to his admonishment and resignation, the Witchfinder parked this article out of pity. Gamaliel was nothing more than a ruined librarian with no success in his life other than his now ended time in office on Wikipedia. Then Gamaliel contacted journalist David Auerbach’s employer in an effort to silence him.

Now, in light of this fresh wrongdoing the Witchfinder reveals the sickening truth about paedophile sadists, Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales’ company – along with ArbCom and the Wikimedia Foundations’ inaction when warned of paedophile activity and images of nude children on the Wiki. The most serious allegation is that, after removing a community that was being used for paedophile sadism, in a case Jimmy Wales was personally seized of, Wikia handed back their database including over a hundred depraved images of children.

[Note – this article does not link to any illegal material and no illegal material was downloaded in its preparation. You can follow any link here safely. However, please be careful with related pages especially on Wikipedia.]


Jimmy Wales and some boy scouts. The left image is used throughout Wikimedia and caused controversy when it was used on sadistic fetish erotica site, ‘The Spanking Wiki’ hosted by Wales’ company Wikia. This image was one of the milder images, insofar as the children are clothed and not in tears and / or screaming. Images of Jimmy Wales and Boy Scouts separately by CC-BY-SA.

A Gallery of Underage Boys
Wikipedia has an article entitled, ‘Boy’. I cannot link from here. I cannot even visit the page. Why? Because a whistle-blower tells me that it contains a nude image of young boys and so viewing the page without reasonable excuse could constitute an offence in the UK or US. It is said that those with an unhealthy interest in children have slipped an image of naked (with visible genitals), roughly 8 year old boys skinny dipping into the middle of the page.

We can safely visit the article talk page archive (a mostly text discussion of the article contents) (external archive here). The talk page, as opposed to the main article page, contains only adult nudity (NSFW but 40 and 34 years old so not at risk of being illegal). It also contains extensive documentation of complaints about paedophile material being inserted.

At one point, according to the text log, there was an entire gallery of nude boys although even the Wikipedians thought that too far. One user complained as follows, “the gallery is plainly pedophilically prurient”. It appears from the talk page complaints that there is presently still some child nudity on the main article page and users based in other jurisdictions have tried, and failed, to have it removed.

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