Why Straight Men Should Support Lesbians and Feminists Over ‘Drop the T’

Last night, radical feminists expressed concern as to why so many straight people were signing the ‘Drop the T’ petition. The Witchfinder is usually sceptical of the radical feminist movement but today he explains why straight men should be backing their LGB allies on this issue.


A twitter user @ezpez1235 calls @Lizzyf620 transphobic for only being attracted to persons with penises. Pictures used for social and moral commentary per s30(1) Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988. Archive here. See also Pro Sieben Media A.G. v Carlton Television Ltd & Anor [1998] EWCA Civ 2001.

Imagine for a moment that a man in his mid 30s walks up to a younger woman at work, perhaps an intern. Imagine he then asks her for sex and tells her, overtly or subtly that her career is on the line. Monstrous! If caught, he would be deservedly fired.

Now imagine that he puts on a wig and a dress, states that he is a woman and tells her that, if she declines his sexual advances, she is a bigot and / or transphobic. This is happening now, in the real world. Continue reading

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Why #GamerGate Should Help the ‘Drop the T’ Campaign as UK Parliamentary Documents Reveal ‘Tide’ of Sex Offenders Posing as Transsexuals

‘Drop the T’ is one of the most important political petitions I have read in a long, long, time. Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero), wunderkind cultural libertarian of Breitbart Tech (@BreitbartTech – worth a follow) has supported a petition for the Lesbian, Gay and Bi-Sexual rights movement to sever its ties with the transsexual ‘rights’ movement. It is essential that anyone who believes in freedom of speech sign this petition. Your author explains why #GamerGate should help.


Shocking recent documents from the UK Parliament show professionals concerned with an ‘ever-increasing tide’ of sex offenders posing as transsexuals to make offending easier. Picture via Dreamstime.

The Washington Post recently decried the defeat of the so-called ‘Houston Equal Rights Ordinance’ (HERO) (archive here). This innocuously titled piece of legislation was controversial because, in essence, it meant transsexual people who identify as women but with physically male bodies (i.e. who have penises) would be able to access women’s bathrooms.

Some feared this would be intrusive to women and worse, enable sexual predators. Opponents, screech the liberals, engaged in, “a campaign of fear-mongering and deliberate lies”. We are repeatedly told by a wide variety of extreme leftist / SJW talking heads that there is in fact no evidence any sex offender has ever posed as a woman to find victims.

No evidence? Those concerned about such sinister legislation could do worse than look at evidence recently filed in the United Kingdom Parliament by the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists, basically the professional association for doctors who treat gender dysphoria sufferers in the United Kingdom. They gave evidence (archive here, pdf here) to the Transgender Equality Inquiry on 20/08/2015 that makes terrifying reading. Please remember that this is not some right-wing extremist group – this is the professional body of the UK doctors who deal with transsexuals, and their President is concerned about –

“[…] the ever-increasing tide of referrals of patients in prison serving long or indeterminate sentences for serious sexual offences. These vastly outnumber the number of prisoners incarcerated for more ordinary, non-sexual, offences. It has been rather naïvely suggested that nobody would seek to pretend transsexual status in prison if this were not actually the case. There are, to those of us who actually interview the prisoners, in fact very many reasons why people might pretend this.”

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