The Block Bot, GG Auto Blocker and Block Together Get Crushed

The Witchfinder releases a rare video. In this video, The Block Bot, Gamer Gate Auto Blocker and Block Together are exposed as tools for excluding a diverse array of people including women and LGBT people. Despicably, the three tools publish their blacklists online. Your Inquisitor uses Matthew Hopkins News’ own vastly superior private and bespoke Twitter tools to harvest their public follower lists in seconds, then uploads them as convenient .CSV files for those who might be interested.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Only the public follower list of the three named Twitter accounts has been uploaded. No private details have been retrieved or shared. The lists made available for download below are fully compliant with UK and US law.

The author asserts the journalism exemption under s32 Data Protection Act 1998.

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A Horrifying Abuse Scandal

A man behind bars in a balaclava

Bob really should have thought more carefully before being rude to his social worker

The Witchfinder comments on the legal implications of a recent article by Mark Neary, especially in light of Baker J’s recent judgement in AJ (Deprivation Of Liberty Safeguards) [2015] EWCOP 5.

I was horrified to read Mark Neary’s recent article about the reality of ‘supported living’ in some local authority facilities.

Mark had identified a supported living facility in a local authority catchment area. The facility was originally a care home with 20 rooms.

It was converted to ’20 supported living studio flats’.

The reality he describes is of a building with 20 ‘flats’, 2 toilets, 2 bathrooms and fewer staff. Leaving aside the poor quality of the care provided, your Inquisitor is concerned with the Deprivation of Liberty issues. Why?

The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards do not apply to supported living arrangements.

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King Dinosaur Games Respond to Criticism, Release Promising Map Editor and Update Video for ‘That Which Sleeps’

TWS Screenie

The long awaited Map Editor for forthcoming game, ‘That Which Sleeps’ is released to beta backers. The Witchfinder approves.

After the Witchfinder’s critical article last week, King Dinosaur Games have released an update video for the first time in nearly 5 months along with the first build code of the Game’s Map Builder. The Witchfinder tries out the map editor and it is promising.

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King Dinosaur Games Must Remember that Kickstarter Promises are NOT Made to be Broken


Joseph Vivola and Joshua Perry better keep their promises, if they want to keep their reputations. Picture used for the purpose of criticism pursuant to s 30 (1) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The Witchfinder points out that Kickstarter promises are a contract. Breaking those promises, no matter the excuse, may permanently damage the developers’ reputations as it has done Peter Molyneux with Godus. It may even lead to legal action.

Backers of promising Indie Game ‘That Which Sleeps’ have yet to see materials promised in November. The developers may have good reasons, for now they still have time … but the clock is ticking.

Kickstarter. Birthplace of some brilliant games. Yes I am looking at YOU, Shadowrun Returns and FTL.

Kickstarter. Abortion-clinic of failures like Godus. Designer, Peter Molyneux OBE has recently been torn apart by the media after it emerged that the project may not fulfil its promises. Putting a human face on it is the winner of Molyneux’s immediately previous game, Curiousity, who has yet to receive his prize money.

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Why #GamerGate and #NotYourShield Should Learn to Love Liana Kerzner

Liana Kerzner at Comic Con 2008, dressed as Dawn. Picture via Wikimedia Commons.

Liana Kerzner at Comic Con 2008, dressed as Dawn. Picture via Wikimedia Commons.

The Witchfinder welcomes the thoughtful and insightful contribution of Liana Kerzner to the debate over gender identity and video games as well as her rejection of the monopolitical approach taken by Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency. Your Inquisitor recommends Kerzner’s Patreon.

Free Speech or Controlled Speech? Art approved by the Party or Art approved by the Public? These are the questions that underlie the often heated #GamerGate controversy, questions that are central to our society.

Only a few weeks ago, 3.7 million people marched in France for Free Speech (1.5 – 2 million in Paris alone, according to Wikipedia). I chose an article about that to link via ‘Free Speech’. For ‘Controlled Speech’ I chose a link to the Khmer Rouge with their infamous piles of skulls. The Khmer Rouge were a leftist / Communist dictatorship in Cambodia that killed up to 3 million people. In the aftermath of the regime, another 650,000 starved to death.

When considering politics, it is worth remembering that the most vicious ISIL jihadist, be he one who has severed human heads as a mower severs wheat, has nothing on the blood soaked history of the 20th century left. Similarly, the regimes that Wikipedia says claimed the lives of 85,000,000 – 100,000,000 people were defined in large part by their monopolitical, monoideological, totalitarian, free speech controlling systems.

Like Islamic terrorists, the modern left have never abandoned their push to control speech. The Communist governments fell as their ludicrous economic systems failed so they switched to social enforcement via Political Correctness. The term ‘Political Correctness’ originated as a description socialists used to criticise hard line communists but in more modern times it means an attempt by the cultural and political left to enforce control by way of social and economic ostracism.

The same polarisation is seen in the so-called #GamerGate controversy. Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian alleges games are bastions of negative portrayal of women – literally ‘tropes against women’ and her supporters have sought to obtain influence over this aspect of culture by making allegations of misogyny. The tropes are so broadly defined that in reality they could cover anything.

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Mental Health Stigma is Never Acceptable – For Anita Sarkeesian and Gawker it is #TimeToChange

The Witchfinder examines the use of discriminatory and / or stigmatising language and tropes in online statements by Anita Sarkeesian and by Gawker (for example Sam F Biddle) in light of the well known #TimeToChange campaign against mental health discrimination and stigmatising language. Your Inquisitor continues to call for an advertiser boycott of .


Sam F Biddle makes use of stigmatising mental health tropes, singling out an apparently vulnerable individual. Picture used for the purpose of criticism pursuant to s 30 (1) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Your author is a law student with a specialist interest in mental capacity and mental health law, who has represented people in Court pro-bono. As a result of his work your author was asked to give evidence to the House of Lords Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 under his real name, Sam Smith. See pages 1608 – 1614.

The Witchfinder focuses on the remedy of last resort – namely lawsuits. However, much of the work of ending mental health and disability discrimination begins before then – in ending oppressive tropes and language. Time to Change have published a guide to inappropriate and stigmatising media content. Unfortunately, the Witchfinder has found that use of discriminatory terms is far more prevalent in certain parts of the left, notably the self-appointed guardians of ‘social justice’ than it is on the right. This article discusses Sam F Biddle of Gawker and Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency.

The 2007 academic paper, ‘250 labels used to stigmatise people with mental illness’ was written by academics from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London and Mental Health Charity Rethink. It contains a convenient table of discriminatory words used to oppress disabled people. Of course everyone uses such words and it is simplistic and inappropriate to adopt crass Duke University style speech codes.

However, irresponsible journalism can hurt by stigmatising the mental ill as likely to be violent, when research shows the opposite is true. Alastair Campbell, formerly Press Officer to Tony Blair ,wrote powerfully in the Guardian about the problems caused by ‘psycho patient’ costumes. Famous Footballer Stan Collymore publicly condemned the costumes, warning of suicides –


Stan Collymore bravely speaks out. (c) StanCollymore/Twitter .

These days, most journalists are careful to avoid such images, knowing that their careers may be damaged by using such images and they may cause suicides.

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Mein Kampf is Not a Jokebook – Nick Denton’s Shame #GamerGate #NotYourShield

DentonSwastika (whose parent company Gawker Media has Nick Denton for a CEO) thought it would be really funny to poison Coca Cola’s #MakeItHappy campaign with text from Mein Kampf. The Witchfinder thinks it would be really funny if no one advertised with Gawker ever again and Mr Denton was socially ostracised. Swastika by Dreamstime, Nick Denton by Dave Winer on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 License –

Incredibly conveniently, Gawker decides to demonstrate just who the villains of the #GamerGate saga are by writing software to interfere with Coca Cola’s latest publicity campaign by causing it to spew out Nazi propaganda. The Witchfinder calls for a boycott of any business owned or operated by Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton until Gawker Editor Max Read is fired. Also undesirable is generally objectionable Gawker Writer Sam F Biddle who has recently apologised for joking about bullying.

Ethics in Journalism. A weighty phrase, oft-debated with varying degrees of cynicism. The members of #GamerGate say they back it. Some people think it is ethical to go through a politician’s trash. Some do not. Some people think it is ethical to hack phones. Some do not.

Your Inquisitor is going to go out on a limb and suggest that subverting a campaign by a soft drinks manufacturer to #MakeItHappy by writing a bot to cause it to spew out the text of Adolf Hitler’s infamous book ‘Mein Kampf’ is one of those things where most people ‘do not’. Yes Gawker did that – then they wrote an article about how funny it was. has a history. For example in 2014 Gawker writer Sam Biddle was shamed for saying “Nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission.” After some advertisers pulled their advertising Biddle apologised for his ‘joke’.

In late 2014 Nick Denton reorganised the company to share managerial responsibility. However his is still ultimately the leadership. Denton sets the tone and the parent company website still lists him as CEO. It is unlikely, given the media coverage, that Denton is unaware of the ‘Mein Kampf’ story but even if he is, as the top man he bears moral responsibility.

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Depression Quest is Crass, Condescending Ignorance #Gamergate


Depression quest – depressingly bad. Condescending to people with mental health problems but has escaped scrutiny due to its author’s PC credentials.

The Witchfinder reviews a truly appalling game called Depression Quest (DQ), written by Zoe Quinn from the #Gamergate controversy. DQ combines condescension with poor execution. Bizarrely, the supposedly ‘right on’ media has actually given this game a pass due to the author’s alleged PC credentials.

The Witchfinder says it is time game journalists stop defending Zoe Quinn and promoting her work – not for gender reasons but because of her comments on mental health issues.

For those of you new to this blog, the author is a law student. Your Inquisitor spends a lot of time helping vulnerable people and their families in Court, pro-bono, as a McKenzie Friend with a specialism in Mental Capacity (the Court of Protection). Since starting this blog some years ago, the Witchfinder has actually passed some exams and now holds a Graduate Diploma in Law. He has moved on to studying a Master’s Degree in Law combined with an LPC (British equivalent of a US attorney’s certificate).

This blog is mostly about politics, with law and the very occasional game review.

One of the first things you need to know about UK Equality Law, which is mostly codified in the Equality Act 2010, is that having the same characteristics does not get you off the hook (s24). So for example, a female boss who fires a worker for getting pregnant is not off the hook for being female. Similarly, having the same disability does not get you off the hook for discrimination. Actionable discrimination need also not be deliberate it could be by accident or even subconscious – see Swiggs and Others v. Nagarajan [1999] UKHL 36.

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