Dancing on the Graves of Charlie Hebdo Paris Victims – the Shame of Duke University

Showing sensitivity, judgement and wit to make Michael Moore look like Mother Theresa, students at Duke University accompany Paris March for Freedom of Speech with demands people “don’t say” things they find offensive. The Witchfinder demands they be expelled, and the faculty apologise.

At roughly 10.30am GMT on the morning of Wednesday 7th January 2015 (11.30 Paris time), two masked Muslim gunmen forced their way into the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in the capital of France and opened fire. The terrorists were enraged by ‘disrespectful’ ‘offensive’ images of their prophet, Muhammed. The murders were a direct attack on free speech worldwide.

At roughly 16.15 GMT that day, the first of a new set of campaign images produced by students at Duke University in their You Don’t Say campaign against ‘disrespectful’ ‘offensive’ language was put on line via the Twitter account @YouDontSayDuke. Although the campaign started last year, by a masterpiece of ill-timing the latest volley of images coincided with an atrocity by terrorists whose goal of controlling speech was remarkably similar.

A YouDontSay graphic.

The first of a set of graphics launched by the “YouDon’tSay” campaign with unerring tastelessness only scant few hours after Paris massacre by enemies of free speech.

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Rupert Murdoch is Right About Jihad

Picture of Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch tells it how it is. (C) Eva Rinaldi, licensed under Creative Commons license.

Rupert Murdoch has recently been criticised (again) by the loony left. After recent terrorist atrocities he wrote that ‘peaceful’ Muslims who had failed to ‘destroy’ the ‘jihadist cancer’ ‘must be held responsible’. The Witchfinder agrees.

A reasonable desire to avoid bigotry or hate does not mean turning a blind eye to mass murder or child abuse.

Mr Murdoch’s comment is a brave one and inspired this supportive article in which the Witchfinder deals with the difficult topic of Islamic extremism and the equally difficult topic of left wing denial and hypocrisy along with their denial and demonising of those who ask awkward questions.

Screenshot of two tweets by Rupert Murdoch in which he comments on "jihadist danger".

Screenshot of two tweets by Rupert Murdoch in which he comments on “jihadist danger”. Picture via Twitter (c) rupertmurdoch/Twitter.

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Vive la Différence!

The Witchfinder explains to leftists in very short words why the beautiful Holly Fisher, the lady featured below, is not the same as a terrorist just because she is holding a gun and has a Bible and a flag.

Selfie of Holly R Fisher holding a gun and bible standing in front of an American flag.

Holly R Fisher – Christian. Wife. Mom. (Conservative) Political Commentator. Not the same as a Terrorist. Picture by kind permission of Mrs Fisher.

Sometimes, in politics, there is a genuine sense of agreement. Of cooperation. Of bipartisanship. Sometimes, on the other hand, there is the sense that leftist demagogues are whipping up their ever-credulous followers just for sport. Finally, there are those times that you simply feel like you are back at nursery school (kindergarten, for our American friends).

Today, children leftists, the Witchfinder explains that things that look the same are sometimes different. Same or Different? That sounds like it should be on the front of a colouring book. Oh, wait …

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