Mostyn is Dead Right

The Witchfinder considers the arguments in the case of re D, in which Mostyn J and the Court of Appeal have a significant disagreement.

Two Irate Looking Judges

The High Court and the Court of Appeal have had a bit of a falling out over Re: D.

Re D concerned an 18-month-old child of Czech / Roma heritage, whose parents live in the Czech Republic. The question was whether  the case of this Czech family should be dealt with in the UK or whether a request should be made to the Courts in the Czech Republic to take over the matter.

The case was managed by Mr Justice Mostyn, who gave a judgement in the High Court that the Czech Courts should indeed be invited to decide the matter. His judgement was later overturned by the Court of Appeal and then remitted back to Mostyn J to dispose of the remainder of the case. Mostyn J then gave a further judgement that the child could be placed with foster carers in the Czech Republic whilst taking a few swipes at the judgement of the Court above. The case is important because of its subject and interesting because of the strident judicial disagreements.

Your inquisitor finds writing about this case to be difficult, because he has the greatest respect for Lord Justice Ryder who delivered the judgement of the Court of Appeal as well as Munby LJ, who agreed with Ryder. Both are good and decent men – Ryder LJ is in fact the very first judge the Witchfinder ever appeared before back when he was a High Court judge. It is just that in this instance Mostyn is right.

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California Rape Law Will Let Perpetrators Off the Hook

Judge's Hammer Coming Down on Gavel

Britain Does It Better! The new California consent bill is a poor copy of harsher but fairer British laws.

A new Californian Law to reduce campus rape by requiring affirmative consent has caused controversy recently.

The Witchfinder points out that the United Kingdom already has a similar but much tougher and better drafted law that has operated to 11 years without any unjust effect and suggests the Californians might want to look at UK law for best practice.

However the supposedly tough and politically correct Californian legislation in fact conceals a sinister leftist agenda that will let rapists off hook entirely.

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PC Game Preview – KeeperRL – Kill … Everyone

The Keeper

The Witchfinder playing the role of the evil Keeper. Note the red robe. Red is the colour of evil.

The Witchfinder recently took time out of the relentless grind of human suffering and misery that is the role of a McKenzie Friend in the Family Courts. Instead, he did something more cheery and played a pre-release game about indiscriminate slaughter. This is the review.

There have been many attempts to remake Peter Molyneux’s classic Dungeon Keeper. In the original game the player takes the role of a supernatural force of evil, who carves out a vast underground lair. Heroes periodically invade, only to be slain by your horde of evil minions.

Dungeon Keeper was an incredible success, but sadly the series ended after Dungeon Keeper II. Critics and fans were left hungry for new features, especially the ability to go outside and oppress the good people of the land directly.

There have been many attempts to follow up the legacy of Dungeon Keeper, such as Dungeons, Impire and War for the Overworld. All of these have met with mediocre reviews, and whilst the Witchfinder enjoys Impire it simply does not approach the joy of the Dungeon Keeper series. In the Witchfinder’s opinion, the best Dungeon Keeper successor to date is KeeperRL (Keeper Rogue Like), which is why – despite being in alpha – it deserves this review.

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