Local Labour Leader Claims Not to Know Age of Consent!

The Witchfinder encounters one of the … blunter … tools in Ed Miliband’s box of delights, Welwyn Hatfield (Opposition) Labour Leader Kieran Thorpe, who today claimed not to know what the age of consent is.

The Witchfinder initially thought that this would be a non-story.  Bored and seeking easy entertainment your humble inquisitor sought to bait an obscure opposition leader on a local council, with no real intention of publishing anything.

The Witchfinder contacted the grandly entitled ‘Leader of the Welwyn-Hatfield Labour Group’ on Twitter to ask his views on Patricia Hewitt and the whole ’10-year olds’ thang.

Totally briefed up-to-the-minute @KieranThorpe claimed not to really know anything about the story. He said he was focused instead on the exciting events in the Ukraine and in his local Borough of Welwyn Hatfield. Uber-important local worthy Kieran had totally missed the vile paedophile scandal gripping his party at a national level. Full marks for local interest, Kieran – none for political knowledge insight, awareness or ability.

Kieran Thorpe denies knowledge of Hewitt scandal

Labour Councillor Kieran Thorpe denies knowledge of Hewitt scandal

So I decide to help the poor guy out. I point the boy Kieran gently in the direction of the Sun’s full front page headline – “Labour chiefs: It’s OK to have sex with 10-yr-olds”

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Peter Tatchell – A Little Bit Like PIE

Peter Tatchell surrounded by bright colours

Peter Tatchell surrounded by bright colours – used with permission

The Witchfinder examines former Labour Party official and Parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell’s policy positions over the last few years. Despite the rhetoric about protecting children, in the detail we find Tatchell has all too much in common with the sinister PIE agenda, albeit with a less extreme policy set. The Witchfinder calls for Tatchell’s beliefs to be identified – not feted by the left, and for him to be cast out of British public life. Rights campaigning must not be confused or blurred with the legitimisation of abuse no matter how well meaning or sympathetically presented.

Before we get into Peter Tatchell’s beliefs it is necessary to make some things clear. Whatever Tatchell has in common with PIE, he was never (as far as the Witchfinder can determine) a member. The infamous photo of Tatchell holding a PIE sign is a fake.

However, whilst the picture is fake, it does appear there are some similarities between Tatchell, OutRage! and PIE’s policy positions. Despite their protests OutRage! and Tatchell seem to hold watered down versions of some of the key policy positions held by the sinister paedophile ‘rights’ activist group, although they profess different motives.

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The One Woman Judge Cardinal Will Not Jail

Hammer of Justice

The British Family Courts are quick to reach for the hammer. Why not use it to protect the right to full disclosure of evidence? Picture via Dreamstime

The Witchfinder examines another disturbing case in which hated circuit Judge, ‘His Honour’ Judge Cardinal withheld vital evidence from a woman desperate to be re-united with her disabled daughter, only to be overturned once again by a higher court.

In Christopher Bond’s well known stage version of Sweeney Todd, there is a character called Judge Turpin. One of the play’s best known scenes has Turpin passing sentence of death on a criminal for repeated crimes. Only once sentence has passed is the identity of the miscreant revealed (in the movie, by a dramatic camera pan). It is a frightened, crying, cowering child.

Of course all fictional characters have a basis in reality and, but for accident of timing, Turpin could have been inspired by the jurisprudence of Birmingham Judge HHJ Cardinal. Regular readers of the Witchfinder will recall Cardinal’s previous works –

  1. sentencing a woman called Wanda Maddocks to prison for (amongst other things) taking her father to see a lawyer, and gagging her (gagging overturned, condemned in Parliament and excoriated in the Daily Mail)
  2. making a wasted costs order against a solicitor acting pro-bono for a vulnerable destitute woman (overturned by the Court of Appeal)

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