Sack Sick Weirdo Karl Adamson Now

The Witchfinder exposes sick supply teacher Karl Adamson of Plymouth, United Kingdom. This twisted monster has written a game about murdering Conservatives with a shotgun, also featuring cocaine, ‘magic mushrooms’ and public sexual deviancy.

It is said that those who can’t, teach. Even within that profession however there are those who rise to the heights and those who do not. Supply teachers, for example, like Karl Adamson. Karl is a not-especially-successful teacher who aspires to be something more – to be something greater. Karl writes games, some of which he uses in the classroom and all of which are available on his website,

The Witchfinder imagines young children avidly browsing Mr Adamson’s website to find Sir’s latest offering written. So what is Sir’s latest offering? The Witchfinder has been playing Karl’s new game Tory Bastards, a game about murdering Conservatives with a shotgun and bombs.

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