HMCTS Decide Court of Protection Just Not Kafkaesque Enough

A man behind bars in a balaclava

Bob really should have thought more carefully before being rude to his social worker

Astonishingly, the Court of Protection is considering formally giving social workers the power to declare someone lacking Mental Capacity without pesky doctors getting involved.

It has been a bad few weeks for the Court of Protection. Back in February this blog revealed the sinister jailing of Wanda Maddocks for taking her disabled father to see a lawyer and being rude to social workers. Because of course the most serious threat to the vulnerable today is family members trying to assert their Article 6 Rights and improve their care.

If she had instead groomed him or raped him for years as happened to vulnerable children in Oxford then presumably social services would have turned a blind eye.

The utter head-in-sand-unreasonable refusal of the system to recognise its failings has gone on for years. This blog is largely concerned with the rights of the vulnerable and of course the iniquities of Labour’s outrageous legislation so I was delighted to see recently that Chris Grayling had asked for a review of the powers of the Court of Protection.

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PC Game Review – Left Behind IV: World at War

The Witchfinder reviews Left Behind, a fun and much maligned series of Christian PC Games.

Left Behind IV – World at War – 70% (TWG Review Guidelines here)

The Left Behind franchise enrages left wingers. For those who don’t know, it is a future fiction setting based on a particular interpretation of the Book of Revelations – the last book of the Bible. The idea is that on a particular future day God dematerialises all true Christians and young children and takes them to heaven. Those ‘Left Behind’ are subject to the tender mercies of the Antichrist for the next 7 years (called the Tribulation) after he sets up a one-world dictatorship. A small group of people, calling themselves the ‘Tribulation Force’, attempt to spread the truth to the people as a last chance before Christ returns at the end of the 7 years.

Left Behind began as a lengthy series of books before being made into a set of films and then a series of computer games. A Big Budget Hollywood remake of the first film is scheduled for 2014.

The games themselves have attracted controversy with the game’s makers on one hand claiming this is a non-violent game featuring peaceful family friendly gameplay and on the other various left wingers claiming it is a theocratic death-fest where the dead pile up ‘like cordwood’. Rather than take either side’s word for it the Witchfinder decided to try it for himself.

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Bleak House is Not a Book of Instructions

The Witchfinder muses on a case in which a kindly solicitor acting pro-bono was unjustly punished.

Cover of Bleak House

This is the cover of a book by Charles Dickens. It’s … like .. about how *NOT* … to do it. Do not use as a guide to legal practice.

I was flattered when the Daily Mail picked up my story on the jailing of WM – a woman who can now be named as Wanda Maddock. Their work is impressive. However her case is by no means the only injustice perpetrated in the Birmingham Family Courts.

The legal system is undergoing cuts. Not as some left wingers and vested interests say, for the purposes of undermining access to justice nor for some other pernicious reason but instead because this country is short of money. It helps that there are bloated and inefficient reaches of our legal system that may have benefited from a little judicious slashing anyway, but the grim truth is that resources are scarce indeed.

In this new environment where lawyers, like many professionals, must put up with falling revenues those who take time out to do pro-bono work should be praised and recognised.

Sadly, in Birmingham the saying that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ seems to be truer than elsewhere. I write again on the unfortunate topic of HHJ Martin Cardinal. This time I refer to a Court of Appeal case where he was humiliatingly smacked down after wrongfully making a wasted costs order against an innocent solicitor. The judgement is available on BAILII, and is well worth reading. As ever the Witchfinder provides no more information in this article than is available in the public judgement.

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