A Challenge to Theresa May

The Witchfinder challenges Theresa May about her desire to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.

A photo of Theresa May.

Theresa May – thinking about burning red tape. Look at that smile!

Theresa May wants Britain to abolish the Human Rights Act 1998. We can pretty much only do this if we withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court. She wants that option on the table. As a moderate Conservative, what does the Witchfinder think?

Well certainly, your hooded correspondent agrees that their is little to be found either in the Convention or even classical morality that supports the European Court ruling against depriving prisoners of the right to vote. Certainly there has been a regrettable preoccupation, from some quarters, with the rights of terrorist sympathisers like Abu Hamza. Indeed there is much perverse in our country – for example the excellent Anna Raccoon once posted a deeply insightful piece on how much worse we treat the elderly than prisoners.

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Book Review – Eyes of a Sociopath – L R Sheridan

The Witchfinder thinks Amanda Preston is a cuddle-wuddle fluffy head.

Face shot of the beautiful Amanda Preston.

Amanda Preston is a cute-wutie!

‘Eyes of a Sociopath’ could be chick-lit. It is about a beautiful young woman on the up and on the make. The difference with this book is that our heroine, Amanda Preston, as the name suggests, is about a clinically diagnosed High Functioning Sociopath. So what is a sociopath?

Well, a sociopath is a person who is on the psychopathic spectrum. Formally, the diagnosis is ‘Dissocial Personality Disorder’ or ‘Anti-Social Personality Disorder’. There is a variety of literature on the subject, some speculating that such people are born, others that they are made (e.g. by an abusive childhood) and still more that it is a mixture.

High Functioning Sociopaths are people, often with superior senses and intelligence, who are charming, capable and lacking in traditional amounts of conscience or remorse. They may succeed in employment, indeed they can be successful journalists or gifted lawyers. Sociopaths are notable for their deep perception and understanding of human emotions and behaviours despite the fact that they do not share the feelings of those around them.

Sociopaths can be extremely persuasive because they are simply skilfully mocking up emotions that other people actually feel.  Amanda feels nothing towards those who think she is their friend. She hurts people without remorse and the book describes in detail how as a child she pretends to be friends with a kindly girl called Sara in order to appear more normal. In reality Amanda’s only real urges are to success and to extreme violence. As she grows she lies, cheats, injures and murders.

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The Inadequate Act

The Witchfinder notes recent criticisms of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 by the judiciary.

Burning Money.

Imagine lots and lots of money, burning. This is functionally indistinguishable from imagining a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards case in the Court of Protection.

I like Mr Justice Mostyn – he is one of my favourite judges. This article is about a recent public judgement in which – like many others – he has felt the need to comment about the lack of protections for those subject to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA). The Witchfinder includes no information not in the public judgement.

The case concerns the safeguards that should be made available to a mentally incapable man. The nature of the man’s incapacity is not really important. What is important is the way this judgement further throws into sharp relief the inadequacy of the safeguards under the MCA.

In order to make the judgement less dehumanising, Mostyn refers to the man as ‘George’. George is not his real name. Unfortunately it appears that George is a sexual deviant who needs to be confined, strip searched and to have his phone-calls and correspondence monitored for the safety of others.

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Book Review – American Bombshell – Rachel Marsden

The Witchfinder enjoys a book by controversial Canadian author Rachel Marsden.

Americal Bombshell Book Cover

The beautiful Rachel Marsden graces the cover of her book.

Rachel Marsden is a prolific and well-travelled Canadian author, a former TV news host who has written for national and international publications world wide. She is frequently vilified by the left because of her willingness to challenge their opinions in provocative and often satirical ways.

In real life Rachel is a sweet intelligent and charismatic woman with A-list model looks. However, given a writing tool of any kind she is unable to resist provoking leftists. Like many Conservative women she is often subject to discriminatory slurs on her mental health and morality such as in this despicable thread from left-wing hate site Democratic Underground.

The Witchfinder himself does not agree with nor endorse all of Rachel Marsden’s views but often enjoys the visible distress of the leftists who read them.

We turn then to the book, “American Bombshell: A Tale Of Domestic And International Invasion”. The book itself is an obvious Roman-à-Clef. Its lead character Catherine Carston is a Canadian born self-described Conservative who starts off working in Canadian journalism, before travelling to America and later to France to work as a TV Conservative.

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