Charlotte Proudman – Bar Standards Board to Take No Action

The outcome of the complaint by Matthew Hopkins News against Charlotte Proudman has been received and she has (annoyingly) escaped censure.


The Bar Standards Board will not take action against Charlotte Proudman over ‘LinkedIn’ tweet.

The complaints by this publication and its readers were dismissed because –

“There is no suggestion that the message sent to Miss Proudman was confidential or could not, for legal reasons, be disclosed by her to other parties. Furthermore, Miss Proudman was free to make such comments as she saw fit as long as they were not unlawful.”

Whilst this is disappointing, at least the BSB has supported the principle of free speech, which is a plus to we cultural libertarians.

It is important to remember that this outcome does not mean Proudman was, right, or kind, or wise – only that she has not breached any laws or regulatory requirements.

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BSB Risk Assessing Charlotte Proudman Complaint Now! Email to Help Make her Go Away … Forever

Your author has a letter from the Bar Standards Board (BSB). The Witchfinder explains what it means and how readers can email the BSB to help.


The Bar Standards Board is risk assessing my complaint about Charlotte Proudman now. Help them to assess the risk she has damaged public confidence in the profession by emailing them!

As I explained in my previous article, Bar Standards Board rules state that, “You must not behave in a way which is likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in you or in the profession [CD5]”. A legitimate question however, is how do you measure the risk of that harm?

Surely a good way to quantify the diminishment of trust and confidence is the volume of complaints?

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#PeDont – the Anti-Paedophile Tag Created by #GamerGate Members is a Force for Good

The creation of the #PeDont tag by #GamerGate members after the recent sickening revelations about a prominent opponent is an opportunity for GamerGate to do some good in the grand tradition of other online groups like opDarkNet.


A Frightened Child. Together we can help stop this from happening. Stock image licensed from Dreamstime.

The left and their ilk have been apologising in various ways for paedophilia for decades. Last year, I wrote an article exposing a British activist called Peter Tatchell because ‘back in the day’ he wrote a chapter for a book in which he questioned the idea of having an age of consent at all.

This sickening subculture needs to end, and the brave activists who support #GamerGate and #PeDont can help, just like opDarkNet.

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Matthew Hopkins News has Reported Charlotte Proudman to the Bar Standards Board

The Witchfinder spent a little time over the weekend dropping a note to the official UK Barrister’s regulator about Charlotte Proudman.


The Witchfinder has made an official complaint to the Bar Standards Board, asking them to consider whether Ms Proudman has breached rule CD5.

It is a bit like this. No matter how much fun journalistic or Twitter condemnation is there comes a time when things start to turn into a bit of a lynch mob. There are types of allegations, like child abuse or assault – or discrimination, that need to be dealt with officially not in the High Court of Twitter. Continue reading

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[SATIRE] Charlotte Proudman and the Smell of Underage Girls

This is a satirical video about hysterical, implausible, Twitter outrage campaigns. There are, just to be clear, no sex-offenders in this video (except @SexOffenderUK, who admits it). I do feel, however, that the user who goes by @LolitaScent has chosen a deeply offensive, insensitive and inappropriate name.


A preview of the Video Title.

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Jessica Asato – Worthless SJW Narcissist, Failed Parliamentary Candidate and Hypocrite


Jessica Asato is fabulously privileged oppressed. Image an obvious parody used under s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Failed Labour ‘Politician’ and online social justice warrior Jessica Asato recently took part in the witch-hunt against Protein World (archive here). More recently she has joined in with mob online condemnation of a lawyer as ‘sexist’ for complementing someone’s appearance. Shame Asato herself is no stranger to privilege and political incorrectness. Your Inquisitor calls on moderate cultural libertarians to join the online debate she helped to start in order to set matters right.

Condemning allegedly ‘sexist’ remarks by a respected lawyer. Labour ‘politician’ Jessica Asato remarked that, “I would rather be complimented on my achievements than my face” (archive here). The comment echoes Martin Luther King’s famous quotation, dreaming his children would, “[…] not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character […]”.

The remark is typical of Asato’s narcissistic and self-absorbed conduct – but if Jessica wants to be  judged by her achievements and character rather than her appearance your author is only too happy to help.

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