Vox Day: A Throne of Bones Review

I review Vox Day’s lengthy novel ‘A Throne of Bones’ and find it to be very, very good.


A Throne of Bones by Vox Day.

Shakespeare, according to Wikipedia, “was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist”.

Not, of course, that this was the view in his day. In his day the nobles and the elites were very concerned about theatre as a low-class and vulgar form of entertainment.

In fact in 1596 theatres were banned in the City of London, leading to the construction of new theatres on the south bank of the Thames such as the Old Globe theatre.

I mention Shakespeare not because Vox seeks to be as populist as him but because many themes are drawn from the famous play, Julius Caesar.

‘A Throne of Bones’ (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk) is set in a fantasy world dominated by the ‘Republic of Amorr’, which is almost indistinguishable from the Roman Republic in the real world. A major difference is that a monotheistic faith very similar to Christianity is already the official state religion. In the real Rome that did not happen until the Republic had been replaced by the Roman Empire. Another difference from the real world is that Amorr’s world contains the usual fantasy tropes such as elves, dwarves, goblins, demons and magic users.

The story concerns power struggles between a number of supernatural and mortal factions inside Amorr and neighbouring states.

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Twisted, Sexual Deviant Troll ‘Dynastia’ From Josh Moon’s Kiwi Farms Targets Pre-Teen Children

This article is a further exposé of the sickening sexual deviants who run and participate in Kiwi Farms, a trolling website operated by an unemployed man called Joshua Conner Moon. Moon lives in Escambia County Florida with his mother, Keller Williams Realtor Candice Potter. Previous articles have focused on Moon himself, but this one focuses on a user called Dynastia, a friend of Moon and user of his site. Dynastia has been organising the sending of penis photos to women for harassment purposes on a near industrial scale and recently had a formal vote passed at Kiwi Farms that they could target children, which was then carried out.


Sheriff Morgan, please let Matthew Hopkins News give you a solid tip-off about some possible sex crimes.

What Has Come Before?
To recap for those who are unfamiliar with Kiwi Farms, it is a website set up to troll and harass the vulnerable online. Kiwi Farms recently had its main account, @KiwiFarms, indefinitely suspended from Twitter (pre-suspension archive here) after my intervention. This is unsurprising as the tagline was, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”.

In my original article, I had seen some quotes on Encyclopaedia Dramatica in which Moon was said to have boasted of paedopilia, but I did not accept these serious allegations until I received a separate tip-off that Moon’s site contained child pornography. Rather than view the URIs I contacted the hosting company, which banned Moon.

Subsequently, several hosts in succession removed the site. One, ethical French company Gandi.net told Moon that they had independently verified there was child pornography and it was so serious that he would not be given a second chance. A full size image of their exchange with Moon is here.

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Josh Moon ‘Chimps Out’ and Literally Screams his Mommy Loves him. The Witchfinder Responds Kindly

I saw your post Josh and just this once I shall try to respond.


Joshua Moon seems a bit upset. Just this once, your author will respond. Click for full size.

Dear Josh,

I read your post addressed to me and just this once I will respond to you in the hope that this will help you.

Firstly, unlike you I do not live with my mother and I do not claim benefits (you searched my address, remember?) Aside from paid work, I do charity work assisting vulnerable people in court. I have had a fairly high profile life and many people have said good and bad things about me. I am not motivated by your criticisms of me. I have not lifted a finger to try to silence other sites like Encyclopaedia Dramatica or Archant, for example.

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PC Game Review – Siege of Dragonspear DLC by Beamdog Studios

The Witchfinder plays and investigates the controversial add-on, ‘Siege of Dragonspear’, released at the end of March 2016 for well-loved classic roleplaying game Baldur’s Gate. Your author is horrified to discover appalling racism in the troubled product written by so-called ‘progressive’ Amber Scott, from Beamdog Studios. The game has been reviewed in accordance with the MHN Game Review Guidelines.


Refugees smell, according to Beamdog Studios. In Siege of Dragonspear your character is physically prevented from walking upstairs in a building by the ‘odor’ of refugees, despite having adventured in the Baldur’s Gate sewers a few chapters previously. Apparently refugees literally smell worse than sewers in Amber Scott’s world. (Click for full size).

Conservative and neutral writers often satirise the darkly amusing far-left trait of not wanting to socialise with the ‘oppressed’ minority groups they purport to defend. Professor Thomas Sowell, an American of African descent and well respected Conservative academic, describes the recipients of this patronising support as ‘mascots’. ‘Right on’ hard left wingers are often shown to have condescending attitudes, patronising when they intend to help – help they offer whether or not it is wanted. These traits are more than evident in Siege of Dragonspear.

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Introducing … Fitter

My recent withdrawal from Twitter left me feeling annoyed. I am in complete agreement with Milo that a live news social media platform could be done much better and also more efficiently monetised. The more I analysed it the more feasible it seemed I could get a prototype to release stage quite quickly. So …


Fitter. A better, more professional social network for live news and life sharing. In development.

Part of the the current development database diagram is below. It is actually nearly feature complete and I am currently working on a web layer to access it. Technologies used across the stack are currently SQL Server, MVC Web API and AngularJS 1.

Fitter Diagram

Part of the work-in-progress development database for Fitter. Click for Full Size.

This is intended to be a free speech, cultural libertarian platform for most people, but at the same time to be flexible enough for people to have their own hugbox if they want. The idea is to create a platform where minimal staff intervention is required. For example, blocks will be reciprocal, so no blocking then taunting.

Ideally everyone will find it a better user experience, from supporters of #GamerGate to @NotAllowedToBeFreeBSDGirlAnyMore (archive here). More information soon!

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Unsuspended, but Taking a Break From Twitter

A few days ago I was suspended from Twitter (twice). I was soon unsuspended after appealing and contacting their corporate counsel, and was told it was a mistake. However I was quite disappointed with the site, as I will deal with in a forthcoming article. It caused me to review the benefits I derive from Twitter.

I realised I barely use my personal Twitter account, so I decided to deactivate it. I use other social media to speak to my friends. My parody bot account is also unused.

I have renamed and deactivated @sam_c_smith. I have deactivated @BigFriendlyHat. These accounts will be deleted in due course.

@MHWitchfinder has also been unsuspended but I have renamed it as I am considering retiring it and ceasing to use Twitter. Although I do get some traffic from Twitter, I get much more from repeat users, friends and better sites like Reddit and Voat. The aggravation, with trolls and arbitrary suspension algorithms is also much greater with Twitter leaving it with a very low cost / benefit ratio.

As I am free to rejoin in future, I say ‘taking a break’. In reality Twitter will need to work to entice back the users it is losing and given its recent financial performance, there is a possibility that it will simply not be there.

As it happens, I am presently working on my own social media application, which will be free-speech friendly and is coming soon.

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Vile Nyberg Associate Sarah Jeong of Motherboard Doxes Rape Victim and Opposes Revenge Porn Criminalisation

Sarah Jeong is Watching You

Parody Image of Sarah Jeong, Opponent of Revenge Porn Criminalisation and Associate of Sarah Nyberg. Image used pursuant to s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The Witchfinder exposes Sarah Jeong (@SarahJeong), a self-described ‘feminist’ who opposes the criminalisation of revenge porn and only last week violated a rape survivor again by revealing her name as a victim, republishing the information even after a larger publication took the material down.

In the United Kingdom, revealing the identity of a rape victim in the press is a criminal offence pursuant to s4(5) Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1976. This was extended to nearly all victims of sex crimes, regardless of gender, pursuant to s20(1) of Schedule 6 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

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Rational Wiki #4 – Satirist Banned, Paedophile Stays

Rational Wiki recently had a formal hearing to consider what to do about a user called ‘Ukuphendukela’ (archive here). The user is controversial because they admit to being a paedophile and a hebephile (attracted to very young, and pubescent, children) and because they initially had a different name, ‘Shouniaisha’, which is alleged to have paedophile connotations. Ukuphendukela previously posted links to a pro-paedophile website on Rational Wiki (they deleted it but the archive of his comment and link is here). Rational Wiki’s response? Ban the satirist, Michaeldsuarez, who complained.


A Frightened Child silenced by the lurking paedophile horror of Rational Wiki. Together we can help stop this from happening. Together, we can stop Rational Wiki. Stock image licensed from Dreamstime.

‘Rational’ Wiki (RW) continues to prove it is anything but. After the recent resignation of moderator ‘Gooniepunk’ in humiliation, banning and recriminations continue. RW’s equivalent of Wikipedia’s ArbCom is the ‘Chicken Coop’, a name that just oozes rationality.

RW’s moderators have now decided to continue their lemming-like tradition of picking fights with more powerful opponents by taking on Encyclopaedia Dramatica (ED). For those unfamiliar with the site, ED is a satirical website that covers online drama. To quote from the Wikipedia article, Journalist Julian Dibbell described Encyclopædia Dramatica as the site, “where the vast parallel universe of Anonymous in-jokes, catchphrases, and obsessions is lovingly annotated […]””.

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Google Forced by European Law to Unlist Peter Tatchell Paedophilia Book Exposé

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell – contributed to the Book, a Betrayal of Youth, edited by former Vice-Chair of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Warren Middleton. Now someone is trying to hide it from Google Search results in Europe.

Thanks to EU legislation, search giant Google has been forced to censor awkward facts from its European search results. A few days ago I received a notice of de-linking of a page on this site and given the chilling implications, I thought it worth sharing.

In March 2014, with the help of amazing Sun journalist @LouiseMensch, I wrote an exposé of a British activist called Peter Tatchell. It is still on this site, entitled, “Peter Tatchell – Sex Brought ‘Great Joy’. To 9 Year Olds”. Tatchell is well known in Britain as a human rights activist but back in the mid 1980s he contributed to a book called “The Betrayal of Youth” (perhaps not coincidentally, “Betrayal of Youth”, stands for ‘Boy’). He had also written a letter to the Guardian newspaper (which they had published) in which he appeared to say that sex with adults had brought some nine-year-olds, ‘great joy’.

Several of the contributors to the book were avowed paedophiles. For example the editor of the book was Warren Middleton (also known as John Parratt), now a convicted paedophile (archive here). At his trial in 2011, the prosecutor told the court that Middleton was part of a group of paedophiles who would meet up to look at illegal images of underage boys. Found at the home Middleton shared with another paedophile were three discs containing over 5,000 images. Perhaps there may be some connection between Middleton’s interests and the title of the book.

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Rational Wiki #2 – Wikimedia UK CEO Distances Herself from Rational Wiki and Sinister Paedophile Enabler David Gerard

Since the dramatic events of earlier this year, the UK branch of the Wikipedia movement, charity Wikimedia UK (WMUK) has a new Chief Executive, Lucy Crompton-Reid (archive here). Your author decided to ask her about David Gerard and some of his more … colourful history.


Apparently wholesome new Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK, Lucy Crompton-Reid, confirms that David Gerard does not speak for Wikimedia UK. Photograph of Crompton-Reid used with permission. Photograph of David Gerard is an edited parody pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. Strangely, replacing Gerard’s cold, dead, eyes with googly cartoon ones makes him *less* creepy. Incidentally, adding the cartoon eyes was the *only* change. The rest is all David. Click for full size.

In my previous article, “David Gerard and the Paedophiles of Wikipedia”, I began the task of exposing Rational Wiki, a site that has become controversial because of its habit of making serious allegations based on utterly inadequate, irrelevant or simply non-existent evidence. Examples I referred to included allegations against respected Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos based on a Tumblr post and smears against me based on (literally) a deleted user comment on /r/GamerGhazi.

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