A Fool and His Money … Kiwi Farmers Donate to Josh, but What are they Getting?


A Kiwi Farmer diligently saves up. Maybe one day they will be able to afford a whole BitCoin of their very own.

At 3:26am UK time on 21st January 2017 I received an unsolicited email from Joshua Conner Moon. It began thus,

“What is it exactly you want?

I’ve explained to you before that the site has a series of regents. If I die or take it down altogether, the information stays. People have copies of the database.
I want you to consider that I do indeed love my family, but they have no control over me or the site. I’m packing up to leave them behind as we speak. The damage is too great to repair with them. However, they do have things to lose. I am empathetic towards their situation.”

Moon’s mother Candice had parted company with her employer Keller Williams as a result of allegations of her involvement in Kiwi Farms. Josh claimed that he was taking Kiwi Farms down and wanted my help calling off various people who were attacking he and his family –


Josh asks what I want whilst feeding me a ridiculous line about ‘regents’. Click for full size.

I saw the email when I woke up and at first, I thought I may as well help. I have no control over the many people Josh has stalking him. I explained to Moon that the travails he faces are what comes of running a forum that targets vulnerable people. His preferred targets are mentally ill and / or have convictions for violence. I said that I would take down my articles as a gesture of good faith if Kiwi Farms stayed down and that, optionally he could give me the database –


I explained that I would remove my articles about Josh in Goodwill if he would keep Kiwi Farms down. Optionally, he could give me the database. Click for full size.

Josh later spread wild stories about ‘blackmail’ but far from it the offer was, ‘optional’. Of course Josh was telling me risible lies. There were no ‘regents’ he was just trying to create a plausible story to restart the Kiwi Farms under a pseudonym. However he failed to keep his story straight even in the Kiwi Discord channel and it soon collapsed –

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Court Judgement Imposes Permanent Restraining Order on KiwiDynastia. Up to £5,000 Bounty Offered on his Details

It has been said that, ‘snitches get stitches’. In this case, snitches get paid. I am offering a cash bounty for Dynastia – terms below.

Recently a person identifying themselves as Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia under the username ‘KiwiDynastia’ posted defamatory material about me on Encyclopaedia Dramatica (ED). I took legal action against KiwiDynastia and ED, but my beef is with Kiwi Farms and I respect ED, so when they took it down I stayed the claim against the ED Defendants only and I also made sure their real world names were not given in the judgement.


Kiwi Farms openly exists to harass the disabled. A reminder that it is owned and run by Joshua Conner Moon.

The case proceeded to judgement against ‘KiwiDynastia’ only, who has been ordered to pay £10,000 damages, £1,000 costs and made subject to a permanent restraining order. It has been suggested Dynastia is in Australia and £11,000 is equivalent to nearly 20,000 Australian Dollars.

The judgement in that case is now up on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) website here. The case is an actual legal precedent.

It is worth reminding ourselves of why everyone hates Kiwi Farms so to the right is a screenshot of the site’s promotional Twitter account before it was permanently suspended.

A pre-suspension archive of Kiwi Farms’ Twitter is here. Kiwi Farms is run by Joshua Conner Moon, a charming man whose previous contributions to the internet include being fired from 8chan by Frederick Brennan (archive here) for failing to upgrade 8Chan’s software.

Kiwi Farms is known for running threads about vulnerable people, some lured onto Kiwi Farms from disability forums such as Wrongplanet.net. There are also threads for individuals who have criticised or opposed them.

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Obscure Game Developer Joe Wintergreen of Impromptu Games Will Not Hire ‘GamerGate Weirdo’s, Guaranteeing Continued Obscurity and Failure

The Witchfinder identifies another developer thoughtlessly willing to alienate his customers with ignorant and bigoted opinions about #GamerGate and its supporters.


Joe Wintergreen mouths off ignorantly. This is not the way to sell games, or have a career in the games industry. Click for full size.

Today I learnt about some games I had never heard of before. Impromptu Games developer Joe Wintergreen is the proud author of Half Life 2 mod – ‘Shotgun Sunrise’ and its derivative, ‘Vroom!’ a racing game. I am not sure if modifying a first person shooter into a slightly different first person shooter is that great an accomplishment, but Shotgun Sunrise gets a just-above-mediocre 7.3 from the ModDB Community.

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Journalism Quest – Milo Yiannopoulos’ Debut Game Reviewed!

The Witchfinder reviews another text game – this time by the Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart. All reviews are strictly in accordance with Matthew Hopkins News Game Review Guidelines.


Journalism Quest – Milo Yiannopoulos’ debut game is written with twine, just like Depression Quest except, less, well, depressing.

This is a review of a short game – more of a gamelet, by Milo Yiannopoulos. The reason for the review is not to pretend the product is the next Mass Effect 3 but instead because the comparison with Zoe Quinn’s effort, Depression Quest (DQ – previously reviewed 27%) is instructive in terms of the wider game industry debate. Needless to say, journalism Quest scores higher than DQ.

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More Patreon Info Incoming – Randi Fact Checked – SJWs Inflating Donations? (developing)

Yesterday was fascinating. I was astonished to be accused of helping Randi Harper increase her income. This was obviously untrue for the simple reason that if you look at her graph, the alleged ‘spike’ in donations started about 3 days before I sent my email to the leaked supporters list or wrote my article about her Patreon.


Randi Harper’s fundraising. Note that, if we believe her, the alleged massive fundraising increase started a couple of days before my email or article. Source – http://graphtreon.com/creator/freebsdgirl . Click for full size.

Click the graph for full size. If we believe Randi, a glance at the graph will show that neither my article nor @Nero‘s has actually had any effect. However, that does not end the story. How can this be true? I have people telling me they think she is erratic and are ceasing to support her, yet here is this upward graph? Continue reading

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“Abhorrent” – Patreon Donors React to Randi Harper Revelations

The Witchfinder explains himself, answers baseless blackmail allegations and releases heartening (anonymised) information about some of Randi’s (former) subscribers.

I remember my first interaction with Randi Harper well. In fact I wrote an article about it. I had created, as obvious satire (literally labelled ‘parody’) a ‘Bot for Endangered Sealions’. A while later, I started to receive tweets. Lots of tweets. I tried to reply only to find the stranger who was sending them had blocked me. It was Randi Harper.


Randi Harper is very, very angry. She is also very, very dumb.

Soon after, a small group of her friends started trying to brigade me using discriminatory language. When I shared my article about her with supporters, one of them called it a ‘meltdown’. I laughed at them. Continue reading

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Ethical Journalistic Treatment of the Randi Harper Patreon Leak

The Witchfinder ponders the most morally appropriate way to handle the leaked list of extremist online bully and admitted drug abuser Randi Harper’s supporters.


Randi Harper admits to the leak of her donors on Twitter. Face blanked out for ethical reasons.

This is a brief trailer for a longer article. It is now well known that the complete list of Randi Harper’s donors has been leaked online by unknown third parties. Indeed it has been admitted by Harper herself (archive here). Your author in no way endorses hacking or other illegal activities and will not be publishing the whole list as this would be irresponsible.

Online leaks of the membership or supporters lists of extremists groups are nothing new. In 2009 the members list of British far right political party the ‘British National Party’ was leaked online and placed on WikiLeaks.

Given Harper’s extremist online behaviour, such as releasing people’s private contact details (doxing) and other forms of abuse, well documented by the journalists at Breitbart and blogger the Ralph Retort, many legitimate journalistic concerns may arise about those who support her – Continue reading

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Sargon v Pless – My Legal Opinion

Margaret Pless (@Idlediletante) has posted a blog accusing Sargon of Akkad of “flabbergasting” copyright infringement. As the Witchfinder did his (4.5K word) GDL final coursework on internet copyright law (and passed), your author decided to analyse her claims. Her most recent article, “Specific Instances of Copyright Infringement by Sargon of Akkad – A Database Approach” is here.

[Disclaimer 22/08/2015] This article is meant as commentary on current events and should not be relied upon as legal advice.


A one frame still from Sargon of Akkad’s 12 minute video, “Old Man Yells at #GamerGate” here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwsPai-0Ov8 , used to illustrate criticism or review pursuant to s30 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Firstly, I do not want to be mean to Margaret Pless. I actually quite like her. She is a wildly overzealous leftist who often … goes a bit far – just like me at her age. However she is mistaken on her copyright law so I thought I would post this commentary on her recent article. I am secretly hoping that in the fullness of time move to the right. That process however, usually takes years.

In the meantime, I am going to analyse her most recent article –

“Sargon of Akkad is well known for his reliance on heavily sampling video from other sources to make his shows. The justification seems to be that because Sargon hasn’t sought permission to use these videos, his work must qualify as fair use

Sorry. Basic legal error. ‘Fair Use’ does not exist in English law. Sargon lives in England. Both UK and US law give effect to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, signed in 1886. However, they are not identical.

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Suggested Patreon :P – Matthew Hopkins News and The Big Hat


The Big Hat. This is a proof of concept logo. Yes, I know it is badly drawn – merely a proof of concept. It is a nice, reassuring shade of black though.

The Witchfinder is semi-seriously considering a Patreon and inviting his many kind supporters and fans to support him.

Your Inquisitor has a development project in mind. It is a crowd-sourced neighbourhood watch tool for Twitter. Basically, instead of having a huge Orwellian block list, it would work a bit more like a friendly neighbourhood watch team.

The underlying problem with all the current block list services is that they involve maintaining large lists of blocked persons. This is quite problematic because obviously there are those who may misuse their power to add to the lists. In addition, the Twitter API rate limits blocking so specific blocking software can have insurmountable technical problems. For example, a blocking engine with 10,000 blocked users would take over a week to block them all for a new user.

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