Projection: Vicious Leftist Smears About Milo Yiannopoulos Hide Their Own Dark Secrets

Readers can tell recent allegations that Milo Yiannopoulos defended paedophilia are false for a simple reason – leftists are not lining up to laud him. Matthew Hopkins News puts Milo in his proper context.


Milo Yiannopoulos is a thoughtful and kindly man, not a defender of paedophiles, which is why hard left wingers hate him. Milo pictured with Matthew Hopkins News editor Sam Smith.

For years, the left has attacked Conservatives with intimidation, innuendo and smears. At the same time, a variety of left-wingers in a variety of guises have sought to defend, mitigate and humanise the vilest of sex offenders. Noted activist Peter Tatchell in the UK contributed to the book ‘Betrayal of Youth’ in which he wrote, “What purpose does it [the age of majority] serve other than reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era?” Some on the left literally want to abolish the age of consent entirely.

During the #GamerGate scandal about ethics in gaming journalism, Milo Yiannopoulos exposed several particularly sinister individuals, including the infamous ‘Sarah’ Nyberg (archive here), a transsexual who claimed to be a white nationalist paedophile and to be attracted to the white half of a mixed-race preteen girl. Yiannopoulos also exposed the creepy leftists defending ‘her’ (archive here).

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#DumpKellogs: Kellogg’s Cornflakes Inventor John Harvey Kellog was a Child Abuser who Poured Acid on the Genitals of Pre-Teens


Hark! Elfin characters on the front of a packet of Kellogg’s Rice Crispies listen for the sound of, “Snap, Crackle and Pop”. Having read Dr Kellogg’s vile history though, the sound is spoiled. One cannot help but imagine the sound of acid as it dissolves flesh. Click for full size.

In light of the recent controversy over Kellogg’s, MHN editor Sam Smith explains why he is joining the Kellogg’s boycott and why readers should too. Kellogg’s was founded by an eccentric Victorian who blamed the world’s ills on masturbation. Whilst this in itself would be harmless, he gave advice to parents on abusive ways to treat children suspected of masturbation and carried out clitoridectomies (removal of the clitoris) on underage girls.

The modern Kellogg’s company does not endorse female genital mutilation but in 2016 has been linked to child labour involving 8 to 14 year olds. Kellogg’s has also withdrawn its advertising from Breitbart News over “values”.

Cornflakes were invented by Dr John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg (who went on to later found the eponymous company). The food was invented as a by-product of the brothers’ running of a well-known hospital of the era called the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Treatments available at the hospital included the following –

If you find this hard to believe, even Gawker stablemate Jezebel says the same and quite rightly (archive here).

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Two Important GamerGate Petitions. Remember – Gawker Proves Emails Work!

The UK Government has an online system for petitioning Parliament. 10,000 votes forces a government response. 100,000 votes forces a Parliamentary debate. GamerGate supporters are running two important Parliamentary e-Petitions submitted by @InvisibleJimBSH .

The first was put in a couple of days ago and has now been counter-signed and approved. It reads –

“Make the ‘Steam’ refund policy the law for all video game digital distribution.

Current regulations treat games as movies when distributed online. Since June, Steam allows buyers to refund a game before 2 hours of play or 2 weeks post delivery, whichever comes first. Bringing consumer protection for games up to a uniform standard for all games services would benefit us all.”

Please sign it here.

The second petition is more controversial, but may be fun for GamerGaters angry with Wikipedia’s treatment of the Gamergate controversy article. In Britain, there is a system called ‘Cleanfeed’ used to block illegal websites like child pornography.

In the past, Wikipedia has actually been blocked for this as reported by the BBC. More recently I reported in my articles, Paedophiles of Wikipedia and Imposter how Wikipedia has poor child protection policies it does not actually appear to follow and has not responded promptly to complaints about links to child pornography on the site.

So the second petition seeks to have them blocked again! Only, more so this time –

“Add Wikipedia to BT Cleanfeed

The website Wikipedia is one of the world’s highest traffic websites and is of use to many people.

However, Wikipedia has also been criticised for holding defamatory content.  Victims of this include Cabinet Ministers, Celebrities as well as political and consumer movements.

Wikipedia has also been criticised for poor child protection policies and a failure to remove editors advocating pro-paedophilia viewpoints and content.”

This second petition only went up today a few hours ago and still needs counter signatures. Please counter-sign it here.


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Shoulda Listened, Nick! Here is Some More Advice: Time to Fire Sam Biddle

Gawker’s response to its scandalous outing of a corporate executive has been chaotic. It is unclear what strategy the leadership has in place to stop the ongoing haemorrhaging of advertisers. The Witchfinder says that if Gawker wants to clean up its act it is time for  Nick Denton to put Gawker’s house in order. That means reaching out to #GamerGate in a serious and sustained way, covering some socially useful stories and cutting out the cancer at the heart of Gawker Media – it is time for that epitomé of morally bankrupt journalist, Sam Biddle, to go.

In February this year I emailed Nick Denton and Max Read to complain about an article on By Sam F Biddle, it had two major flaws. Firstly, the headling was wildly untrue, far from being a rump of psychopaths GamerGate has continued to grow in size and power. At the time of writing the major forum KotakuInAction now has over 47 thousand members.

Key figures in GamerGate have continued to grow in power, with the fair Shoe0nHead for example now at 77 thousand subscribers, despite her infrequent videos. If June produced say 1-2 videos a week she could monetise and live comfortably – perhaps wealthily – on the advertising revenues.

Secondly the article essentially amounted to picking an … eccentric … from the internet (who later turned out to be a hoaxer) and singling them out, bedlam style, for mockery. The article, like many before it from Sam Biddle, was a disgrace.


Sam F Biddle makes use of stigmatising mental health tropes, singling out a vulnerable individual for ridicule.

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No Job at Gawker for the Witchfinder – Doxxing is Wrong

The Witchfinder considers some longstanding questions about Wikipedia administrator Gamaliel. Who is he? What is his job?

Recently, after publishing an article exposing the Paedophiles of Wikipedia, I was banned from editing Wikipedia at the behest of Mark Bernstein fan and administrator Gamaliel (the purported reasons are in my previous article). I was initially tempted to do a profile.

I have discovered that Gamaliel is an overweight, 42 year old library technician working at an education institution in the US. I will not say what state. The scope of his ambition appears to be to help readers with their inquiries.  I have also discovered many aggrieved parties lacking the inquisition’s resources who have been unable to determine Gamaliel’s real world identity beyond a name. For example, here and here.

After seeking the advice of friends and struggling between the right choice and the other thing, I have decided not to give Gamaliel’s location, name or real world employer. Or to publish recent pictures. Doxxing is wrong and with moral fibre provided by some kind friends I have summoned the strength to retain the high ground. No job at Gawker for the Witchfinder.

I even did an ethics edit to clarify that a different administrator, acting at Gamaliel’s behest, did the actual block.

[Edit 19/07/2015]

Ultimately your author has decided that we as Wikipedia’s critics need to hold the higher moral ground.

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Paedophiles of Wikipedia

The Witchfinder reveals how Wikipedia’s lax policies and laxer enforcement, from the project’s beginning to the present day, create opportunities for paedophiles, their apologists and other sinister denizens of the internet. Questionable characters, even one admitted contact offender, have been allowed to hold administrator roles. Matthew Hopkins News calls on Jimmy Wales to show leadership on the issue or risk being tarnished himself.


Do parents know what sinister forces may be reaching for their children when they visit Wikipedia? Laptop and tentacles image via Dreamstime. Wikipedia logo via CC BY-SA 3.0 and Policy

Modern users of Wikipedia may be unfamiliar with its murky history, for example the appalling and enlightening 2006 ArbCom case entitled, “Pedophilia userbox wheel war” (Archive here). What is a ‘wheel war’?

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Heroes! – Shapps Spectacularly Vindicated by Outright Conservative Victory – Mensch Vindicated Over Vote Tory Not UKIP


Grant Shapps MP Leading a Team of Conservatives to Spectacular Victory

Victory requires no explanation. Defeat allows none. The Witchfinder praises Grant Shapps and Louise Mensch for their work. Now we must reform Parliamentary boundaries without delay to undo the system rigged in Labour’s favour.

If the Conservative Party had lost,  or had a mediocre result, the knives would be out. “Shapps not up to it”, they would say, the rivals, the haters, those with grudges. Instead the Conservative Party had an unlooked for victory.

Fundamentally the Conservative Campaign nationally was a mirror of the local campaigns in Welwyn Hatfield – disciplined, inclusive, organised and effective. For that Shapps should be praised. He has proven an incredibly effective campaign leader.

Of course, the victory would have been a lot less close were it not for the rigged constituency boundaries which currently mean many Labour seats have less voters in them than Conservative ones. The slim Conservative majority must not be wasted – a first goal in the new queen’s speech must be to complete the boundary reform attempted in the last parliament.

Shapps has also shrugged off many trivial attacks such as the allegations he ran a sockpuppet called Contribsx on Wikipedia – his accuser revealed as a Liberal Democrat with no evidence other than ‘behavioural’ aspects of the account.

At the same time Grant has taken the time to help less glamorous but still important campaigns such as the condemnation of Gawker for its recent Nazi stunt by online ethics activism group #GamerGate. Whilst he has not expressed any explicit position on GamerGate, he has made clear that Gawker’s despicable stunt with a Twitter bot programmed to automatically tweet passages from Mein Kampf was indefensible.

This has led to curious fringe benefits for Grant. One might call it Karma. #GamerGate sympathisers have made great strides in removing rule breaking editors from Wikipedia, via disciplinary resolutions passed via its supreme dispute resolution body, ArbCom. Shortly after the wikipedia story broke a formal case was opened against the administrator responsible, Richard Symonds, via ArbCom. Your author imagines there will be many voices sympathetic to Grant on Wikipedia now. Symonds is at great risk of losing his administrator status.

Louise Mensch image

Louise Mensch, Conservative media mastermind

The other hero? Louise Mensch. Your author happens to believe Louise, whose personal following is rapidly approaching a cool 100K, has a massive political influence in the United Kingdom.

However today I am praising her for her focus on winning Conservative votes and her criticisms of George Galloway. The Witchfinder has no doubt that Louise contributed greatly to Galloway’s election defeat.

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Chair of UK Conservative Party Grant Shapps MP on Coca-Cola Robot Stunt – “Nazism and anyone sympathising for it is simply unacceptable”

Grant Shapps MP

Grant Shapps MP

This is going to be an upbeat post. The Witchfinder is pleased to note that people are listening to reasonable persuasion from GamerGate as well as other sensible, moderate voices. The battle against the unhinged, out-of-control left, the so-called ‘Social Justice Warriors’ can be hard. When there are setbacks or things seem to be going badly it is worth reminding ourselves of our successes.

No matter how much the left-wingers who infest the media try to talk it down, from their perspective the truth is grim. Moderate and Conservative voices in the gaming industry and more generally in society outnumber them vastly.

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Mental Health Stigma is Never Acceptable – For Anita Sarkeesian and Gawker it is #TimeToChange

The Witchfinder examines the use of discriminatory and / or stigmatising language and tropes in online statements by Anita Sarkeesian and by Gawker (for example Sam F Biddle) in light of the well known #TimeToChange campaign against mental health discrimination and stigmatising language. Your Inquisitor continues to call for an advertiser boycott of .


Sam F Biddle makes use of stigmatising mental health tropes, singling out an apparently vulnerable individual. Picture used for the purpose of criticism pursuant to s 30 (1) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Your author is a law student with a specialist interest in mental capacity and mental health law, who has represented people in Court pro-bono. As a result of his work your author was asked to give evidence to the House of Lords Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 under his real name, Sam Smith. See pages 1608 – 1614.

The Witchfinder focuses on the remedy of last resort – namely lawsuits. However, much of the work of ending mental health and disability discrimination begins before then – in ending oppressive tropes and language. Time to Change have published a guide to inappropriate and stigmatising media content. Unfortunately, the Witchfinder has found that use of discriminatory terms is far more prevalent in certain parts of the left, notably the self-appointed guardians of ‘social justice’ than it is on the right. This article discusses Sam F Biddle of Gawker and Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency.

The 2007 academic paper, ‘250 labels used to stigmatise people with mental illness’ was written by academics from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London and Mental Health Charity Rethink. It contains a convenient table of discriminatory words used to oppress disabled people. Of course everyone uses such words and it is simplistic and inappropriate to adopt crass Duke University style speech codes.

However, irresponsible journalism can hurt by stigmatising the mental ill as likely to be violent, when research shows the opposite is true. Alastair Campbell, formerly Press Officer to Tony Blair ,wrote powerfully in the Guardian about the problems caused by ‘psycho patient’ costumes. Famous Footballer Stan Collymore publicly condemned the costumes, warning of suicides –


Stan Collymore bravely speaks out. (c) StanCollymore/Twitter .

These days, most journalists are careful to avoid such images, knowing that their careers may be damaged by using such images and they may cause suicides.

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Mein Kampf is Not a Jokebook – Nick Denton’s Shame #GamerGate #NotYourShield

DentonSwastika (whose parent company Gawker Media has Nick Denton for a CEO) thought it would be really funny to poison Coca Cola’s #MakeItHappy campaign with text from Mein Kampf. The Witchfinder thinks it would be really funny if no one advertised with Gawker ever again and Mr Denton was socially ostracised. Swastika by Dreamstime, Nick Denton by Dave Winer on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 License –

Incredibly conveniently, Gawker decides to demonstrate just who the villains of the #GamerGate saga are by writing software to interfere with Coca Cola’s latest publicity campaign by causing it to spew out Nazi propaganda. The Witchfinder calls for a boycott of any business owned or operated by Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton until Gawker Editor Max Read is fired. Also undesirable is generally objectionable Gawker Writer Sam F Biddle who has recently apologised for joking about bullying.

Ethics in Journalism. A weighty phrase, oft-debated with varying degrees of cynicism. The members of #GamerGate say they back it. Some people think it is ethical to go through a politician’s trash. Some do not. Some people think it is ethical to hack phones. Some do not.

Your Inquisitor is going to go out on a limb and suggest that subverting a campaign by a soft drinks manufacturer to #MakeItHappy by writing a bot to cause it to spew out the text of Adolf Hitler’s infamous book ‘Mein Kampf’ is one of those things where most people ‘do not’. Yes Gawker did that – then they wrote an article about how funny it was. has a history. For example in 2014 Gawker writer Sam Biddle was shamed for saying “Nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission.” After some advertisers pulled their advertising Biddle apologised for his ‘joke’.

In late 2014 Nick Denton reorganised the company to share managerial responsibility. However his is still ultimately the leadership. Denton sets the tone and the parent company website still lists him as CEO. It is unlikely, given the media coverage, that Denton is unaware of the ‘Mein Kampf’ story but even if he is, as the top man he bears moral responsibility.

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