Depression Quest is Crass, Condescending Ignorance #Gamergate


Depression quest – depressingly bad. Condescending to people with mental health problems but has escaped scrutiny due to its author’s PC credentials.

The Witchfinder reviews a truly appalling game called Depression Quest (DQ), written by Zoe Quinn from the #Gamergate controversy. DQ combines condescension with poor execution. Bizarrely, the supposedly ‘right on’ media has actually given this game a pass due to the author’s alleged PC credentials.

The Witchfinder says it is time game journalists stop defending Zoe Quinn and promoting her work – not for gender reasons but because of her comments on mental health issues.

For those of you new to this blog, the author is a law student. Your Inquisitor spends a lot of time helping vulnerable people and their families in Court, pro-bono, as a McKenzie Friend with a specialism in Mental Capacity (the Court of Protection). Since starting this blog some years ago, the Witchfinder has actually passed some exams and now holds a Graduate Diploma in Law. He has moved on to studying a Master’s Degree in Law combined with an LPC (British equivalent of a US attorney’s certificate).

This blog is mostly about politics, with law and the very occasional game review.

One of the first things you need to know about UK Equality Law, which is mostly codified in the Equality Act 2010, is that having the same characteristics does not get you off the hook (s24). So for example, a female boss who fires a worker for getting pregnant is not off the hook for being female. Similarly, having the same disability does not get you off the hook for discrimination. Actionable discrimination need also not be deliberate it could be by accident or even subconscious – see Swiggs and Others v. Nagarajan [1999] UKHL 36.

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Poll – Would YOU Expect to Get Shot?


The leftist cult of victimhood has plumbed new depths when a violent racist thug is fêted by race baiting champagne socialist demagogues. His crime? Assaulting numerous persons of a different, well, hue. If the Witchfinder grabbed a police officer’s gun and tried to point it at them, he would expect to get shot too.

A hulking 6’5″ man grabs an expensive box of cigars from a small store and walks out. A small store clerk, of Indian descent, tries to stop him, looking like a child in comparison on the CCTV. The thug shoves the clerk out of the way and when the clerk bravely remonstrates turns on him menacingly. The perpetrator is stopped by police and tries to grab the police officer’s gun to point it at him. He flees and is later shot when charging a police officer.

Democrats in the United States, and ‘Labour’, in the United Kingdom tell us that the police officer was racist. On the other hand a Grand Jury made up of 12 people, 33% of African American descent, along with 60 witnesses of varying races, found no case to answer. The leftists respond that the there were ‘procedural irregularities’, which amount in fact to the Jury proceedings being made more transparent to avoid allegations of unfairness.

I am a white English guy. If, here in the United Kingdom, I punched out a shop cashier and then assaulted one of our armed police officers whilst trying to force their gun to face them, I would expect to get shot. The Witchfinder has a question to readers. If you acted like Michael Brown, what would YOU expect to happen?

You assaulted a shop cashier and rob their shop. You assault a police officer, grab their gun and force it round to face them. The police catch you and when asked to freeze, you charge. What now?

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