UK Labour Falls Further Under the Control of Anti-Trump Corbyn Faction

The recent elections to the Labour Party National Executive Committee mark a decisive and critical turning point in UK Labour’s destiny. If (or as is looking likely, when) the NEC falls under the sway of the Jeremy Corbyn supporting left all of the last bulwarks of Blairite and centrist resistance will suddenly begin to dissolve. This will leave one of the UK’s two largest parties further under the control of its leader, who has bitterly attacked US President Trump for “pandering to racism”.


The sun is going down for the Right of Labour and it is time for them to go.

The British Labour Party, once led by Tony Blair, has long had a byzantine structure. At the bottom are the members, divided into “branches” along the lines of County Council seats. Each Branch has a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and sends delegates to their “Constituency Labout Party” (CLP), which has an executive committee, Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and a plethora of other roles.

Together, these institutions select the Labour candidates for Parliament, Mayoral elections and city councils. This is the UK equivalent of a primary election. Much like Ace Ventura’s medallion of spiritual enlightenment or a voluntary Wikipedia role, the tiny amounts of power handed out are almost worthless. In reality selections, especially for Parliamentary seats, are closely supervised by regional and national officials. Real power is carefully concentrated above whilst activists below are given only its illusion. Continue reading

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Jessica Asato – Worthless SJW Narcissist, Failed Parliamentary Candidate and Hypocrite


Jessica Asato is fabulously privileged oppressed. Image an obvious parody used under s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Failed Labour ‘Politician’ and online social justice warrior Jessica Asato recently took part in the witch-hunt against Protein World (archive here). More recently she has joined in with mob online condemnation of a lawyer as ‘sexist’ for complementing someone’s appearance. Shame Asato herself is no stranger to privilege and political incorrectness. Your Inquisitor calls on moderate cultural libertarians to join the online debate she helped to start in order to set matters right.

Condemning allegedly ‘sexist’ remarks by a respected lawyer. Labour ‘politician’ Jessica Asato remarked that, “I would rather be complimented on my achievements than my face” (archive here). The comment echoes Martin Luther King’s famous quotation, dreaming his children would, “[…] not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character […]”.

The remark is typical of Asato’s narcissistic and self-absorbed conduct – but if Jessica wants to be  judged by her achievements and character rather than her appearance your author is only too happy to help.

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Share The Pledge Card – 1400 Reasons Never to Vote Labour

The Witchfinder relates the tragic events in Rotherham to those ultimately responsible. A Labour council, a Labour police commissioner, Labour Social Workers, a Labour Government and lastly, Labour supporting paedophile rapists.

In 1997, as the ordeal of thousands of innocent young women and girls in Rotherham was just beginning, the Witchfinder was handing out New Labour pledge cards. “Keep this card and see that we keep our promises” said the slogan, on the back of a smiling picture of Tony Blair.

Had the trusting public known then that we know now, Labour canvassers would have been torn apart in the streets. Below, your inquisitor has produced a revised version of that pledge card with five promises that would have actually been true had it been published at the time.

New Labour Pledge

The New Labour pledge card of 1997 re-written to make its promises true.

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Labour Students Split – Vitriolic Infighting Divides Party’s Youth Wing

Labour Students is a Pyramid Scheme

Labour Students is a Pyramid Scheme benefitting a tiny minority. Picture via Dreamstime.

From a corrupt seed, a corrupt vine and tainted fruit. Matthew Hopkins examines recent developments in the youth wing of the Labour Party as Labour Students tears itself apart in a frenzy of infighting and Labour groups at 11 of the largest and most prestigious universities in Britain threaten to break away.

Like all poisons, once it has spread it can be hard to see where the destructive culture of the modern Labour Party begins. What makes children with a good education and a functional middle class background grow into the kind of warped adults who can perceive depraved organisations like the Paedophile Information Exchange as an oppressed minority? What would make a man into the sort of person who would turn on his own brother?

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The BBC and the Left Wing Taint

Creepy shadow looking at BBC website

The Witchfinder reveals the shadowy ideologies underpinning the left. Picture via Dreamstime

Matthew Hopkins recounts his own youthful experiences, and explains that the Labour Party’s pervasive obsession with the infiltration and subversion of public institutions begins in its embarrassment of a student wing.

Many years ago and long before leaving the Labour Party and left to join the Conservative Party, your future inquisitor sat in a Labour Students training course on how to be a student union sabbatical officer. Labour Students is essentially the student wing of the Labour Party, a group which has produced many ‘big’ Labour names. The speaker was in full demagogic flow –

“You don’t work for the students union! You don’t work for the students! Fook them! You work for Labour. You put student funds to work for Labour! You use the union office to run a phone bank for Labour! Fook the Greens too! None of that crap! We’re not Green this is the fooking Labour Party!

“You make sure you win! You count yer mates votes! You get them to count your votes!”

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