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The Witchfinder reacts positively to news that Megan Phelps-Roper has left vile hate group Westboro Baptist Church.

The Witchfinder, contrary to obvious expectations, rarely comments on matters of religious doctrine, considering others to be far better qualified. Nevertheless I feel comfortable explaining to the reader the heresies associated with the so-called Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).

For those unfamiliar with this obnoxious religious group, WBC is a so-called church led by Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps that believes, in essence, that everyone in America will burn in hell because of the nation’s tolerance of homosexuality and fornication. It expresses its subtle and understated message using the slogan ‘God Hates Fags’ through its website of the same name. The group has gained controversy for its less-than-charming habit of picketing funerals – including the funerals of US Soldiers who died in service – explaining to all and sundry their view that –

  1. The dead person is burning in hell
  2. The death is part of God’s judgement on America

Unsurprisingly, this has led to controversy as well has violent attacks on the group by enraged members of bereaved military families. Within Christianity there are essentially two views on WBC. There is Fred Phelps’s view that the activities of his church are in accordance with Biblical teaching and on the other hand there is every other strand of the Christian faith for the last 2,000 years.

Most Christian groups are against sex outside marriage to some degree but not one, not in the history of the faith, has ever preached in favour of picketing military funerals even in the darkest days of the medieval inquisition. WBC has been disowned by the Baptists internationally, condemned by leftist Michael Moore, sued by grieving families (rightwing news host Bill O’Reilly paid the legal fees of a family whose soldier son’s funeral was protested by WBC) and targeted for destruction by the Activist Group Anonymous. In short, no one likes WBC.

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