Female Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Backs MenCap Campaign to Avoid Multi-million Back Pay Bill Over to Minimum Wage Workers

The new actor portraying Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker, has waded into a highly charged and controversial debate about back pay for low-paid vulnerable care workers. A number of care organisations have been found to be unlawfully paying below minimum wage and the government has been seeking back pay. Ms Whittaker has sought to help the charities avoid their liabilities, backing a campaign for the taxpayer to foot the bill instead.


This disabled worker had to use a food bank when MenCap paid him less than £3 an hour. Click for full size.

I have stayed out of the heated debate about the casting of a female Dr Who. Recasting a much loved character – even changing the colour of their cape – is often a controversial topic. Fans grow attached to characters who (being fictional) are defined solely by their brand and fictional attributes. Turning the entire Time Lord people into a race of transsexuals by retconning the possibility of regeneration into another biological sex was always a controversial proposition.

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This Briton Welcomes Trump – New Pro-Trump Petition Live

Last year, leftists raised a petition to stop Donald Trump entering the United Kingdom and were politely told by the Conservative British Government to f*** r**** o** (archive here), “For good reasons the Government does not routinely comment on individual immigration and exclusion decisions”. At the time, MHN raised a counter petition. This year, enraged by Donald Trump’s immediate and unambiguous attempts to keep his campaign promises, they are trying again. I discovered this when people started trying to sign last year’s petition. A new one is now live (link).


Left wing extremists do not speak for the whole of Great Britain. Do not let them – instead ask Parliament to send a message of free speech and welcome to President Trump.

How dare the anti-Trump extreme left presume to speak for the whole of great Britain? They are the authors of failed and discredited polices that have broken our relationship with Europe and threaten to drive the whole EU to collapse. Not in my name. International relations, and trade, are far more important than grandstanding. I would have said the same (albeit slightly less enthusiastically) if it was Hillary.

This extreme arrogance is the same as the Guardian’s campaign to have its readers write to random American voters asking them not to vote for Trump, a campaign that even the BBC admitted backfired spectacularly and humiliatingly for the Guardian (archive here).

Virtue signalling is not a basis for sound foreign policy.

[Update 30/01/2017 – there is already a UK pro-Trump Parliamentary Petition here, but it is only open to UK residents and citizens]

The change.org petition I have made for international supporters of Donald Trump is here.

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Police Terror Documents Underline Why Joshua Conner Moon is an Embarrassment to Trump and the Alt-Right

Recently, this blog obtained internal police documents about the Kiwi Farms linked terror investigation in South Wales earlier this year. The documents enabled me to find fresh evidence that has cast light on the sinister agenda of Kiwi Farms. They also underline why its owner Joshua Conner Moon is a liability to the political movement he has sought to infiltrate.

Extract from South Wales Police Database

This is an extract from the South Wales Police database showing the original report of the terror threats sent to South Wales Police by Dynastia. Matthew Hopkins News has redacted the address of the hospital and everything except the town to protect them from further harassment. Click for full size.

At 7:47am on the 12th September 2016, South Wales Police received a phone call. A journalist at a noted Welsh news organisation had received a specific threat to attend a hospital in Swansea and mutilate children. The communication was signed by “Jihadi Dynastia” and has an Islamic flavour although Dynastia appears to have misspelled, “New Caliphate” as “New Calithate”.

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Carter-Ruck Agrees to Consider Arianne Plumbly Case v Lucy Allan MP on No-Win-No-Fee

This article has changed rapidly at the last minute. If Arianne Plumbly’s version of events is true, she should be able to bring a claim against Lucy Allan. So where was it? My intent was to call out Ms Plumbly for empty words. The title was, ‘Bring It, Plumbly!’. However my research turned up issues worth investigating that casts things in a very different light.

As a Conservative I am very reluctant to criticise Conservative MPs. I wanted to be able to back Lucy Allan MP. My last article did – I even started a hashtag. However this is an ethical, impartial blog and I have criticised Conservatives in the past (for example, Jeremy Hunt) when it is unavoidable. In light of the fresh evidence I have referred Plumbly to Carter-Ruck and they have agreed to consider whether they can help her on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Lucy Allan MP said this to the Evening Standard (archive here) –

“Arianne Plumbly was dismissed from her employment with Lucy Allan, MP in Telford, after four months’ employment, for gross misconduct following misuse of the Parliamentary email system, persistent unauthorised absenteeism, refusal to follow a reasonable instruction and rudeness to residents.”

Contrary to Allan’s statement, whilst I was researching this article a disgusted source within the Conservative Party gave me a copy of the termination letter. The dismissal was not for any form of misconduct, but only for ill-health. It was on notice. The letter says this –


This is what the termination letter actually says. Click for full size.

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Lucy Allan MP – Victim of Anti-Conservative, SJW Misogyny? #WeBackLucyAllanMP

Why is embattled Conservative MP Lucy Allan being pilloried when left wing females get away with far worse transgressions? When sacked for Gross Misconduct, any employee, even those without 2 years service can sue – so where is the adverse tribunal finding in favour of sacked staffer Arianne Plumbly? Your Inquisitor says Allan is innocent until proven guilty.


Lucy Allan, MP for Telford. Absent an adverse Tribunal finding she is innocent until proven guilty.

Full disclosure here, I have met Lucy Allan, as we both campaign on family justice issues. Lucy Allan is also known to #GamerGate because of her commendable support for the Parliamentary debate on International Men’s Day. She is a member of my political party. Even so my support arises not from blind loyalty but from the facts of the case.

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Pro-Trump Parliamentary Petition Live – Please Sign!

Earlier today I submitted a pro-Trump Parliamentary petition, supported by around 20 other people. The petition was already there! – Great minds think alike and another has been submitted at nearly the same time. Your author urges readers to back it. The petition not to ban Donald Trump is well reasoned and sensible, but has not been given the same support by the left-leaning mainstream media.

You can find the petition here. You can also comment below. Help let Trump and other supporters like Rupert Murdoch know. Let us see if we can get @RealDonaldTrump or @RupertMurdoch to retweet.


The Petition to Back Donald Trump is Now Live! Please back!

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Racist Bahar Mustafa Should be Jailed

The Witchfinder believes the Malicious Communication Act and similar acts should be reformed to vastly narrow what they cover. However, as long as they exist your author believes they should be applied even-handedly and Bahar Mustafa should be jailed for her bigoted, racist, hate speech – then shunned by decent society as well as employers upon her release.


Bahar Mustafa’s bigoted views that anti-white racism cannot exists have no place in a civilised society. Image is both a parody under s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and a criticism.

The crime that finally caused the BBC to accept that racism could be directed at white people was the tragic murder of Ross Parker.

The senseless killing of this young man by a vicious, racially motivated gang in the British town of Peterborough caused even the infamously leftist BBC to say this –

“Racism was once defined as ‘prejudice plus power’ – […] However, the ‘racist murders’ of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism”

BBC article here, (archive here). In 2006, the Guardian (Observer) reported UK Home Office figures showing nearly half of all racist murder victims in the preceding decade had been white (archive here). Continue reading

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Victim of Racist SJW Murder – Is the Tragedy of Allison Parker, Victim of WDBJ Shooter, America’s Wake Up Call?

Anita Sarkeesian says that "reverse racism" is a "myth". Amy Palamountain calls it, "erasure". Tell that to the family of Ross Andrew Parker, whose life was subject to "erasure" in a killing which even the Guardian called, "racist".

The Ross Andrew Parker murder forced even the British left, such as the BBC and Guardian, to accept the problem of anti-white racism. In an eerie coincidence, today’s racist shooting victim is also called Parker.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article condemning GitHub’s Amy Palamountain for authoring a code of conduct policy that appeared to state complaints of ‘reverse’ racist harassment would not be acted upon. When challenged by numerous complainants GitHub backed down. The code of conduct project has been paused and Palamountain (@ammeep) has been keeping a low profile. The tragic murder earlier today of American journalist Allison Parker and a cameraman underlines my point.

I wrote a follow-up article explaining why expressing such views can be career ending in Britain. Whilst Britain is a pro-equalities nation, even our most left-wing institutions like the Guardian and BBC have long accepted that minority on majority discrimination (e.g. anti-white, anti-straight, anti-male) is real.

The catalyst for this view was the brutal murder of Ross Andrew Parker by an Asian gang in 2001, which led the BBC to say this (archive here) –

“Racism was once defined as ‘prejudice plus power’ – […] However, the ‘racist murders’ of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism”.

Last year the issue was reinforced by a scandal centred on a town called Rotherham in the UK, where 1,400 underage girls were revealed as having been subject to paedophile rape over a 20 year period. The perpetrators? I quoted feminist Suzanne Moore in the Guardian newspaper (archive here), “men of Pakistani and Kashmiri descent, working in gangs to rape and torture girls”, who “called the girls ‘white trash'”.

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Vicious Racist Murders and Paedophile Rape ‘on an industrial scale’ – the British Tragedies that Prove GitHub’s Amy Palamountain (and Anita Sarkeesian) Horribly Wrong on ‘Reverse Racism’


Anita Sarkeesian says that “reverse racism” is a “myth”. Amy Palamountain calls it, “erasure”. Tell that to the family of Ross Andrew Parker, whose life was subject to “erasure” in a killing which even the Guardian called, “racist”. Picture by Wikipedia user ‘Shakehandsman’, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 – attribution and license linked here.

Recently GitHub provoked a storm of protest after staffer Amy Palamountain amended a proposed ‘Open Code of Conduct’ such that complaints of harassment arising from ‘reverse-isms’ such as ‘reverse racism’ would not be acted upon. Palamountain is on record as saying, “[…] The intent is deliberate, and I strongly disagree it should be altered to be more lenient to privileged groups […]”. Recent British examples illuminate the terrible folly of that statement.

In my previous article I set out potential legal problems with the TODOGroup Code of Conduct. In this article I want to address the moral and policy arguments around the extreme left belief that ‘reverse racism’ does not exist and cannot do harm. I found this exceptionally offensive as a person living in post-Rotherham Britain.

Consider this extract –

“Racism was once defined as ‘prejudice plus power’ – […] However, the ‘racist murders’ of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism”.

Is this a Conservative website? A right-wing blog? Nope. I am quoting the BBC (archive here). The brutal killing, in which a 17 year old called Ross Andrew Parker was beaten with a hammer, stabbed and kicked to death before being left in a pool of his own blood caught national news in the UK for its violence and the explicitly racist motives of the killers.

The ideas espoused by controversial activists such as Anita Sarkeesian when she says that “sexism is prejudice + power” (archive here) or when she talks of the “myth” of “reverse racism” (archive here) are ideas that even the BBC admitted were horribly, tragically wrong nearly 10 years ago. The Guardian agreed – no weaselling about ‘reverse-isms’ they called it a ‘racist killing’ (archive here).

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The Witchfinder notes some inconsistencies in Wikipedia Administrator Shii‘s statements about his age, and some details about his editing history. Your Inquisitor asks – How old is Shii really? And who is he? This is a brief skit about Shii – there is another much longer exposé about other Wikipedians to come in due course.


Ashi Baka’s age here in this edit made on 10/10/2002 is inconsistent with his later claim to be 17 in 2006. Click for full size.

The BBC3 television show, ‘Monkey Dust’ was a dark, cartoon, comedy sketch show featuring a recurring ensemble cast of characters. One of them, a sinister looking, elderly man known as ‘chatroom pervert’, was an incompetent predator who attempted to meet children online by posing as a 12 year old boy called Benji.

The chatroom pervert regularly failed due to obvious bodges such as (for example) correcting a child’s grammar or by revealing he could not possibly be the age he claimed (by remarking he had been in London during WW2). When dealing with questionable characters online my mind often turns to this sketch and its black, observational comedy.

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