The Twisted Face of Hate Behind Labour’s Mask – #WeBackMyleene

'How to Speak in Public' Cover

‘How to speak in public’, a training manual published by the Labour Party. From the Witchfinder’s collection.

What do former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and successful TV Presenter Myleene Klass have in common? Both are successful, intelligent women of non-Anglo-Saxon heritage who have been the target of racist, sexist and classist hatred by left wingers. The Witchfinder exposes the poisonous, toxic hate that oozes out whenever the skin of the left is scratched.

Look right. The picture is the cover of a book the Witchfinder received early in his training as a Labour Party spin-doctor. It is an official Labour Party training manual on public speaking.

The cover is a revealing portrait of Labour’s self-image. Chosen, designed and approved by Labour staff for Labour members it shows a shrivelled scowling hate-face behind a healthy smiling mask. The book is about how to speak in public and contains various rhetorical tricks for manipulating the public. To a disinterested observer, the picture could be seen to say this – “We are false, we are wrong … and we know it.”

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Disgraced Ex-Labour Councillor Dean Archer in Humiliating Apology to Grant Shapps MP

Grant Shapps MP

Grant Shapps MP

The Witchfinder covers the recent humbling of another accuracy-challenged member of Welwyn Hatfield’s appallingly useless local Labour Party, who has been forced into an apology to his hard-working local MP Grant Shapps. Matthew Hopkins argues that Welwyn Hatfield deserves better than Labour’s Z-list.

iPhones are a glory of the modern age. They allow us to stay online whilst we are on the go – to listen to music, read emails and to work as we sit on the train to work. They also have the inconvenient habit of auto-correcting words in unintended ways, so much so that there are whole websites devoted to the topic. An innocent word like ‘sinus’ for example, might become ‘anus’.

The Witchfinder suspects auto-correct might have been at work in Political Scrapbook’s recent headline – “Grant Shapps threatened constituent [sic][…]” where the letters “onstit” and “e” are clearly superfluous.

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Into the Gutter – Shamed Kieran Thorpe’s Desperate Discriminatory Remarks

The Witchfinder recently exposed moronic Leader of Welwyn Hatfield (Opposition) Labour Group, Councillor Kieran Thorpe, after he responded to a question about what the age of consent should be by saying, “whatever it is now”. This led to mass tweeted complaints by decent people. Thorpe’s response? Keep on digging.

It has been a bad weekend for uber-important Councillor Kieran –

Many complaints about Councillor Kieran Thorpe on Twitter.

Labour Councillor Kieran’s many fans and political supporters. He wows the public. (Page 1)

This is one of many pages from a Twitter search. One is enough to make the point.

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Local Labour Leader Claims Not to Know Age of Consent!

The Witchfinder encounters one of the … blunter … tools in Ed Miliband’s box of delights, Welwyn Hatfield (Opposition) Labour Leader Kieran Thorpe, who today claimed not to know what the age of consent is.

The Witchfinder initially thought that this would be a non-story.  Bored and seeking easy entertainment your humble inquisitor sought to bait an obscure opposition leader on a local council, with no real intention of publishing anything.

The Witchfinder contacted the grandly entitled ‘Leader of the Welwyn-Hatfield Labour Group’ on Twitter to ask his views on Patricia Hewitt and the whole ’10-year olds’ thang.

Totally briefed up-to-the-minute @KieranThorpe claimed not to really know anything about the story. He said he was focused instead on the exciting events in the Ukraine and in his local Borough of Welwyn Hatfield. Uber-important local worthy Kieran had totally missed the vile paedophile scandal gripping his party at a national level. Full marks for local interest, Kieran – none for political knowledge insight, awareness or ability.

Kieran Thorpe denies knowledge of Hewitt scandal

Labour Councillor Kieran Thorpe denies knowledge of Hewitt scandal

So I decide to help the poor guy out. I point the boy Kieran gently in the direction of the Sun’s full front page headline – “Labour chiefs: It’s OK to have sex with 10-yr-olds”

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