Projection: Vicious Leftist Smears About Milo Yiannopoulos Hide Their Own Dark Secrets

Readers can tell recent allegations that Milo Yiannopoulos defended paedophilia are false for a simple reason – leftists are not lining up to laud him. Matthew Hopkins News puts Milo in his proper context.


Milo Yiannopoulos is a thoughtful and kindly man, not a defender of paedophiles, which is why hard left wingers hate him. Milo pictured with Matthew Hopkins News editor Sam Smith.

For years, the left has attacked Conservatives with intimidation, innuendo and smears. At the same time, a variety of left-wingers in a variety of guises have sought to defend, mitigate and humanise the vilest of sex offenders. Noted activist Peter Tatchell in the UK contributed to the book ‘Betrayal of Youth’ in which he wrote, “What purpose does it [the age of majority] serve other than reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era?” Some on the left literally want to abolish the age of consent entirely.

During the #GamerGate scandal about ethics in gaming journalism, Milo Yiannopoulos exposed several particularly sinister individuals, including the infamous ‘Sarah’ Nyberg (archive here), a transsexual who claimed to be a white nationalist paedophile and to be attracted to the white half of a mixed-race preteen girl. Yiannopoulos also exposed the creepy leftists defending ‘her’ (archive here).

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Google Forced by European Law to Unlist Peter Tatchell Paedophilia Book Exposé

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell – contributed to the Book, a Betrayal of Youth, edited by former Vice-Chair of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Warren Middleton. Now someone is trying to hide it from Google Search results in Europe.

Thanks to EU legislation, search giant Google has been forced to censor awkward facts from its European search results. A few days ago I received a notice of de-linking of a page on this site and given the chilling implications, I thought it worth sharing.

In March 2014, with the help of amazing Sun journalist @LouiseMensch, I wrote an exposé of a British activist called Peter Tatchell. It is still on this site, entitled, “Peter Tatchell – Sex Brought ‘Great Joy’. To 9 Year Olds”. Tatchell is well known in Britain as a human rights activist but back in the mid 1980s he contributed to a book called “The Betrayal of Youth” (perhaps not coincidentally, “Betrayal of Youth”, stands for ‘Boy’). He had also written a letter to the Guardian newspaper (which they had published) in which he appeared to say that sex with adults had brought some nine-year-olds, ‘great joy’.

Several of the contributors to the book were avowed paedophiles. For example the editor of the book was Warren Middleton (also known as John Parratt), now a convicted paedophile (archive here). At his trial in 2011, the prosecutor told the court that Middleton was part of a group of paedophiles who would meet up to look at illegal images of underage boys. Found at the home Middleton shared with another paedophile were three discs containing over 5,000 images. Perhaps there may be some connection between Middleton’s interests and the title of the book.

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#PeDont – the Anti-Paedophile Tag Created by #GamerGate Members is a Force for Good

The creation of the #PeDont tag by #GamerGate members after the recent sickening revelations about a prominent opponent is an opportunity for GamerGate to do some good in the grand tradition of other online groups like opDarkNet.


A Frightened Child. Together we can help stop this from happening. Stock image licensed from Dreamstime.

The left and their ilk have been apologising in various ways for paedophilia for decades. Last year, I wrote an article exposing a British activist called Peter Tatchell because ‘back in the day’ he wrote a chapter for a book in which he questioned the idea of having an age of consent at all.

This sickening subculture needs to end, and the brave activists who support #GamerGate and #PeDont can help, just like opDarkNet.

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Working Together – How Conservatives and #GamerGate Can Find Common Ground With Some Feminists


Academic Becca Reilly-Cooper comments on female reproductive biology being relevant to feminism. Via Twitter/BoodleOops.

All movements have their extremists and their moderates. In light of the ongoing Block Bot debacle, the Witchfinder identifies common ground with some feminists who have been subject to harassment by the same perpetrators.

Unsurprisingly, your author has spent considerable time recently searching online for credible individuals aggrieved with the Block Bot. Whilst trawling I encountered a public spat between a woman called @BoodleOops, (Academic Becca Reilly-Cooper) and some unsavoury SJW types loosely associated with The Block Bot. She was BLOCKED. BLOCKED I tell you. They were calling her a TERF. Your author had no idea what a TERF is but assumed from the lady’s enemies she was probably doing something virtuous. So he looked up the term ‘TERF’.

It is like this … As we all know, SJW (supposedly Social Justice Warrior) may as well stand for ‘Silencing Journalists and Women’. TERF is an acronym invented by SJWs for oppressing women. It stands for ‘Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminists’ and is yet another example of prolixity by the hard left trying to label reasonable behaviour as in some way wrong. TERF is a slur.

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The Block Bot, GG Auto Blocker and Block Together Get Crushed

The Witchfinder releases a rare video. In this video, The Block Bot, Gamer Gate Auto Blocker and Block Together are exposed as tools for excluding a diverse array of people including women and LGBT people. Despicably, the three tools publish their blacklists online. Your Inquisitor uses Matthew Hopkins News’ own vastly superior private and bespoke Twitter tools to harvest their public follower lists in seconds, then uploads them as convenient .CSV files for those who might be interested.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Only the public follower list of the three named Twitter accounts has been uploaded. No private details have been retrieved or shared. The lists made available for download below are fully compliant with UK and US law.

The author asserts the journalism exemption under s32 Data Protection Act 1998.

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Share The Pledge Card – 1400 Reasons Never to Vote Labour

The Witchfinder relates the tragic events in Rotherham to those ultimately responsible. A Labour council, a Labour police commissioner, Labour Social Workers, a Labour Government and lastly, Labour supporting paedophile rapists.

In 1997, as the ordeal of thousands of innocent young women and girls in Rotherham was just beginning, the Witchfinder was handing out New Labour pledge cards. “Keep this card and see that we keep our promises” said the slogan, on the back of a smiling picture of Tony Blair.

Had the trusting public known then that we know now, Labour canvassers would have been torn apart in the streets. Below, your inquisitor has produced a revised version of that pledge card with five promises that would have actually been true had it been published at the time.

New Labour Pledge

The New Labour pledge card of 1997 re-written to make its promises true.

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Peter Tatchell – Sex Brought ‘Great Joy’. To 9 Year Olds

Matthew Hopkins reveals Peter Tatchell’s association with PIE members, his written assertions that paedophile abuse brought 9-year olds ‘great joy’ and exposes other misguided advocates of reducing the age of consent.

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell

The activities of PIE and their plan to legalise paedophilia are now well known. However less well known are the many misguided left wingers who, whilst never members of PIE, support their goals of reducing the age of consent in whole or in part.

Peter Tatchell is a supposedly respectable, establishment figure. A man at the heart of the campaign to lower the gay age of consent from 18 to 16 he was a Labour Parliamentary candidate and official, currently has his own section of the Guardian website, and describes himself on his website as the Green Party spokesman on Human Rights.

The reality is that Tatchell contributed a chapter to a book compiled by members of the sinister Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) – a book with the sole and stated goal of abolishing the age of consent entirely, making children, toddlers and babes in arms fair game for paedophiles of all ages. Even today Tatchell advocates reducing the age of consent, albeit now just to 14.

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Peter Tatchell – A Little Bit Like PIE

Peter Tatchell surrounded by bright colours

Peter Tatchell surrounded by bright colours – used with permission

The Witchfinder examines former Labour Party official and Parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell’s policy positions over the last few years. Despite the rhetoric about protecting children, in the detail we find Tatchell has all too much in common with the sinister PIE agenda, albeit with a less extreme policy set. The Witchfinder calls for Tatchell’s beliefs to be identified – not feted by the left, and for him to be cast out of British public life. Rights campaigning must not be confused or blurred with the legitimisation of abuse no matter how well meaning or sympathetically presented.

Before we get into Peter Tatchell’s beliefs it is necessary to make some things clear. Whatever Tatchell has in common with PIE, he was never (as far as the Witchfinder can determine) a member. The infamous photo of Tatchell holding a PIE sign is a fake.

However, whilst the picture is fake, it does appear there are some similarities between Tatchell, OutRage! and PIE’s policy positions. Despite their protests OutRage! and Tatchell seem to hold watered down versions of some of the key policy positions held by the sinister paedophile ‘rights’ activist group, although they profess different motives.

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The Left’s Sinister Sexual Agenda for our Children

The Witchfinder lifts the lid on the sinister world of the left and their hidden agenda of normalising the sexual exploitation of our children.

Two children looking at a rainbow.

Equality Means *Protecting* Children. Photo licensed from Dreamstime.

A recent post by the incisive and beautiful Louise Mensch has alerted the Witchfinder to a heinous new law passed in Iran allowing men to marry their thirteen year old adopted daughters. It is, as she rightly says, a license for the most horrendous abuses of the rights of children imaginable.

What caused the Witchfinder wry, bitter amusement was Louise’s surprise at the iniquitous silence of the left on this despicable issue. Only a few days ago the Guardian trumpeted US President Obama’s moves towards better relations with Iran. Why such a muted response?

The grim truth is that there are many in the left, even in this country, who agree with the proposition that the age of consent should be reduced substantially. In the fashionable Liberal and Labour salons of the so-called elite the prevailing view is that the current age of consent laws are a holdover from a prudish, Victorian, Conservative Christian past.

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