Labour Students Split – Vitriolic Infighting Divides Party’s Youth Wing

Labour Students is a Pyramid Scheme

Labour Students is a Pyramid Scheme benefitting a tiny minority. Picture via Dreamstime.

From a corrupt seed, a corrupt vine and tainted fruit. Matthew Hopkins examines recent developments in the youth wing of the Labour Party as Labour Students tears itself apart in a frenzy of infighting and Labour groups at 11 of the largest and most prestigious universities in Britain threaten to break away.

Like all poisons, once it has spread it can be hard to see where the destructive culture of the modern Labour Party begins. What makes children with a good education and a functional middle class background grow into the kind of warped adults who can perceive depraved organisations like the Paedophile Information Exchange as an oppressed minority? What would make a man into the sort of person who would turn on his own brother?

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The BBC and the Left Wing Taint

Creepy shadow looking at BBC website

The Witchfinder reveals the shadowy ideologies underpinning the left. Picture via Dreamstime

Matthew Hopkins recounts his own youthful experiences, and explains that the Labour Party’s pervasive obsession with the infiltration and subversion of public institutions begins in its embarrassment of a student wing.

Many years ago and long before leaving the Labour Party and left to join the Conservative Party, your future inquisitor sat in a Labour Students training course on how to be a student union sabbatical officer. Labour Students is essentially the student wing of the Labour Party, a group which has produced many ‘big’ Labour names. The speaker was in full demagogic flow –

“You don’t work for the students union! You don’t work for the students! Fook them! You work for Labour. You put student funds to work for Labour! You use the union office to run a phone bank for Labour! Fook the Greens too! None of that crap! We’re not Green this is the fooking Labour Party!

“You make sure you win! You count yer mates votes! You get them to count your votes!”

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The Witchfinder has a silly season story.

Councillor Vicky Foxcroft, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham Deptford. Picture courtesy of Lewisham Deptford Council's press office. Vicky is brought to you by Unite the Union.

Councillor Vicky Foxcroft, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham Deptford. Picture courtesy of Lewisham Deptford Council’s press office. Vicky courtesy of Unite the Union.

It has not been a good few weeks for Vicky Foxcroft. The former Labour Student hack turned Unite hack was undoubtedly delighted to be selected for Lewisham Deptford but joy at her victory was far from universally shared. The ‘local’ candidate turned out to be none other than this Vicky Foxcroft – once hailed as the ‘power-dressed future’ of new Labour – a woman who has, if her linkedin page is to be believed, never worked outside a trade union or political environment since university.

That cheerful young woman who once seemed so sweet and kind to the Witchfinder in his heady university days, when we were both in Labour Students (there was a time before the Witchfinder saw the light) is long gone. Vicky has grown into a woman who bears an eerie physical resemblance to Harriet Harman even as her human spirit seems to have withered. It was in a whimsical, nostalgic spirit that the Witchfinder chose to view her appalling selection campaign website through . It is essential to do this with the sound on. For those of you who do not know, NYANIT is a simple ‘wrapper’ site – a bit like a web proxy it allows you to load any website with a special script that adds a magic ingredient. NYAN CAT!!!

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