Horrific Abuse Scandal at SJW Enfield Council but No Apology from Labour Leader Doug Taylor

This article is based on a judgement reported and made public by HHJ Hilder. I have discovered the identities of some of the abusers but for now I have precisely followed the judge’s anonymisations whilst I clarify the precise court orders in force. In due course I may, if necessary, apply to the court for a variation.


SHAME – Worthless Labour councillor Doug Taylor is leader of Enfield Council. The abuse happened on his watch, yet he has not apologised to victims and their families.

Recently, the case of The Public Guardian v Matrix Deputies Ltd & Anor (Rev 1) [2017] EWCOP 14 appeared on BAILII. The case is shocking, but would have been completely secret had not Her Honour Judge Hilder commendably and of the court’s own motion made it public.

In summary, the London Borough of Enfield, by some procurement process that remains opaque (and in relation to which Enfield seem to have ignored my questions), decided to outsource the management of the property and affairs of vulnerable clients. In the UK, if a person lacks mental capacity to manage their finances due to (for example) dementia or severe learning disability, then they may be subject to a Deputyship – a court order appointing someone to do it for them.

Matrix Deputies is a UK limited company and the judge has permitted them to be named. The company and its officers were involved in Deputyships for 52 clients, 8 of which are now dead. The court proceedings began when the UK Public Guardian applied to terminate all of those Deputyships on the grounds of financial abuse. According to the schedules in the judgement, incidents of concern were occurring at least since 2014.

After the Public Guardian made the application it appears at some point the London Borough of Enfield was appointed as an interim Deputy by order of 17 February 2016 was ordered to investigate the affairs of the clients and the dealings by Matrix. This investigation was conducted on the council’s behalf by PwC, the well known accountants. The investigation cost roughly a quarter of a million pounds (£250,000) in part due to non-cooperation by Matrix Deputies. The money has yet to be fully recovered.

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Neocommunist Democrats Try to Steal the Election from Trump, Subvert Electors and Start Nuclear War

The late 20th and early 21st centuries have seen a bizarre role reversal between Russia and America. Where the cold war saw a free market west fighting a communist Russia, now in a bizarre role reversal we see a free-market Russian leader facing aggression from extreme left wingers in the United States, such as lawyers calling for the bombing of Russia (archive here). Whilst it was once the Soviet Union that was undemocratic, now the Left in the United States seeks to undo the outcome of the presidential elections.


A Twitter user calls for the bombing of Russia whilst implying a Republican conspiracy. Click for full size.

Years ago I was a member of the British equivalent of the Democratic Party, Labour. It is easy to support a party like Labour or the Democrats when you are young. They promise a paradise with glib soundbites. They have a ready made villain – their opponents. Most of your teachers will be enthusiastic supporters. Like a Saturday morning cartoon it is all so simple, with goodies and baddies ready made.

Then reality sets in. Every left-wing government that has ever been elected has failed to deliver on its promises because the fantasies that they sell to well meaning, decent people can never be achieved. No socialist government can achieve its vague utopia any more than King Canute could stop the tide coming in or Angela Merkel can repeal the law of gravity.

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Matthew Hopkins News has Reported Charlotte Proudman to the Bar Standards Board

The Witchfinder spent a little time over the weekend dropping a note to the official UK Barrister’s regulator about Charlotte Proudman.


The Witchfinder has made an official complaint to the Bar Standards Board, asking them to consider whether Ms Proudman has breached rule CD5.

It is a bit like this. No matter how much fun journalistic or Twitter condemnation is there comes a time when things start to turn into a bit of a lynch mob. There are types of allegations, like child abuse or assault – or discrimination, that need to be dealt with officially not in the High Court of Twitter. Continue reading

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[SATIRE] Charlotte Proudman and the Smell of Underage Girls

This is a satirical video about hysterical, implausible, Twitter outrage campaigns. There are, just to be clear, no sex-offenders in this video (except @SexOffenderUK, who admits it). I do feel, however, that the user who goes by @LolitaScent has chosen a deeply offensive, insensitive and inappropriate name.


A preview of the Video Title.

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Jessica Asato – Worthless SJW Narcissist, Failed Parliamentary Candidate and Hypocrite


Jessica Asato is fabulously privileged oppressed. Image an obvious parody used under s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Failed Labour ‘Politician’ and online social justice warrior Jessica Asato recently took part in the witch-hunt against Protein World (archive here). More recently she has joined in with mob online condemnation of a lawyer as ‘sexist’ for complementing someone’s appearance. Shame Asato herself is no stranger to privilege and political incorrectness. Your Inquisitor calls on moderate cultural libertarians to join the online debate she helped to start in order to set matters right.

Condemning allegedly ‘sexist’ remarks by a respected lawyer. Labour ‘politician’ Jessica Asato remarked that, “I would rather be complimented on my achievements than my face” (archive here). The comment echoes Martin Luther King’s famous quotation, dreaming his children would, “[…] not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character […]”.

The remark is typical of Asato’s narcissistic and self-absorbed conduct – but if Jessica wants to be  judged by her achievements and character rather than her appearance your author is only too happy to help.

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Victim of Racist SJW Murder – Is the Tragedy of Allison Parker, Victim of WDBJ Shooter, America’s Wake Up Call?

Anita Sarkeesian says that "reverse racism" is a "myth". Amy Palamountain calls it, "erasure". Tell that to the family of Ross Andrew Parker, whose life was subject to "erasure" in a killing which even the Guardian called, "racist".

The Ross Andrew Parker murder forced even the British left, such as the BBC and Guardian, to accept the problem of anti-white racism. In an eerie coincidence, today’s racist shooting victim is also called Parker.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article condemning GitHub’s Amy Palamountain for authoring a code of conduct policy that appeared to state complaints of ‘reverse’ racist harassment would not be acted upon. When challenged by numerous complainants GitHub backed down. The code of conduct project has been paused and Palamountain (@ammeep) has been keeping a low profile. The tragic murder earlier today of American journalist Allison Parker and a cameraman underlines my point.

I wrote a follow-up article explaining why expressing such views can be career ending in Britain. Whilst Britain is a pro-equalities nation, even our most left-wing institutions like the Guardian and BBC have long accepted that minority on majority discrimination (e.g. anti-white, anti-straight, anti-male) is real.

The catalyst for this view was the brutal murder of Ross Andrew Parker by an Asian gang in 2001, which led the BBC to say this (archive here) –

“Racism was once defined as ‘prejudice plus power’ – […] However, the ‘racist murders’ of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism”.

Last year the issue was reinforced by a scandal centred on a town called Rotherham in the UK, where 1,400 underage girls were revealed as having been subject to paedophile rape over a 20 year period. The perpetrators? I quoted feminist Suzanne Moore in the Guardian newspaper (archive here), “men of Pakistani and Kashmiri descent, working in gangs to rape and torture girls”, who “called the girls ‘white trash'”.

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Vicious Racist Murders and Paedophile Rape ‘on an industrial scale’ – the British Tragedies that Prove GitHub’s Amy Palamountain (and Anita Sarkeesian) Horribly Wrong on ‘Reverse Racism’


Anita Sarkeesian says that “reverse racism” is a “myth”. Amy Palamountain calls it, “erasure”. Tell that to the family of Ross Andrew Parker, whose life was subject to “erasure” in a killing which even the Guardian called, “racist”. Picture by Wikipedia user ‘Shakehandsman’, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 – attribution and license linked here.

Recently GitHub provoked a storm of protest after staffer Amy Palamountain amended a proposed ‘Open Code of Conduct’ such that complaints of harassment arising from ‘reverse-isms’ such as ‘reverse racism’ would not be acted upon. Palamountain is on record as saying, “[…] The intent is deliberate, and I strongly disagree it should be altered to be more lenient to privileged groups […]”. Recent British examples illuminate the terrible folly of that statement.

In my previous article I set out potential legal problems with the TODOGroup Code of Conduct. In this article I want to address the moral and policy arguments around the extreme left belief that ‘reverse racism’ does not exist and cannot do harm. I found this exceptionally offensive as a person living in post-Rotherham Britain.

Consider this extract –

“Racism was once defined as ‘prejudice plus power’ – […] However, the ‘racist murders’ of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism”.

Is this a Conservative website? A right-wing blog? Nope. I am quoting the BBC (archive here). The brutal killing, in which a 17 year old called Ross Andrew Parker was beaten with a hammer, stabbed and kicked to death before being left in a pool of his own blood caught national news in the UK for its violence and the explicitly racist motives of the killers.

The ideas espoused by controversial activists such as Anita Sarkeesian when she says that “sexism is prejudice + power” (archive here) or when she talks of the “myth” of “reverse racism” (archive here) are ideas that even the BBC admitted were horribly, tragically wrong nearly 10 years ago. The Guardian agreed – no weaselling about ‘reverse-isms’ they called it a ‘racist killing’ (archive here).

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Guardian Confirms Investigation Into Complaint About Journalist Randeep Ramesh Who Wrote Wikipedia Story

The Witchfinder has some concerns about ethical journalism.

Before beginning this article, it is necessary to declare my interests. This is already stated elsewhere, however, cards on the table –

  • I am a Conservative blogger (and Party member)
  • I know Grant

Having said that, I have criticised Shapps stridently and impartially where appropriate in the past. and I intend to be impartial here.

The reason for my disclosures is that I have made a complaint about the journalist who wrote the Grant Shapps story, Randeep Ramesh, and the Guardian have now confirmed they are looking into it. This story sets out my reasoning as a follow-up from my earlier story, which has now been picked up by the BBC.

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Explosive! Grant Shapps MP Vindicated by Wikipedia Investigation! Accuser Contact With Guardian “was not appropriate” – Arbcom Voting on Sanctions Now

The Wikipedia Arbitation Committee (ArbCom) is a respected and thoughtful quasi-judicial body that has ultimate oversight of disputes on Wikipedia. It has been so successful as to be cited in academic articles as a model for dispute resolution. An investigation by ArbCom whose proposed findings were released a few hours ago has comprehensively devastated media claims that Grant Shapps MP edited his own or colleagues’ Wikipedia entries. Members of ArbCom have proposed dismissing his accuser and are voting now.


Grant Shapps MP – Innocent Victim of Political Smears

What sort of person has a username of “Chase Me Ladies, I’m the Cavalry“? Aside from the obvious drawback of taking a really long time to type, it has the secondary problems of being prima-facie sexist (as opposed to imaginary SJW sexism) and somewhat creepy.

When people like Anita Sarkeesian or @Eastgate talk about pervasive misogyny or a hostile environment your author often treats them with scepticism but in this case it looks pretty clear cut. Imagine setting that as a username or email address in any other workplace?

The username is that of Richard Symonds, the Wikipedia administrator and Liberal Democrat who accused Grant Shapps, who thinks it amusing. That alone raises questions about his judgement and suitability. The name itself has lent a slightly surreal air to the ArbCom proceedings and seems inconsistent with Liberal Democrat stated policy on equality.

It is frankly bizarre that the left would criticise the entirely reasonable decision of ArbCom over #GamerGate but ignore a person whose username is a hair away from, “Stick to the Kitchen Sink, Girls!”

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Heroes! – Shapps Spectacularly Vindicated by Outright Conservative Victory – Mensch Vindicated Over Vote Tory Not UKIP


Grant Shapps MP Leading a Team of Conservatives to Spectacular Victory

Victory requires no explanation. Defeat allows none. The Witchfinder praises Grant Shapps and Louise Mensch for their work. Now we must reform Parliamentary boundaries without delay to undo the system rigged in Labour’s favour.

If the Conservative Party had lost,  or had a mediocre result, the knives would be out. “Shapps not up to it”, they would say, the rivals, the haters, those with grudges. Instead the Conservative Party had an unlooked for victory.

Fundamentally the Conservative Campaign nationally was a mirror of the local campaigns in Welwyn Hatfield – disciplined, inclusive, organised and effective. For that Shapps should be praised. He has proven an incredibly effective campaign leader.

Of course, the victory would have been a lot less close were it not for the rigged constituency boundaries which currently mean many Labour seats have less voters in them than Conservative ones. The slim Conservative majority must not be wasted – a first goal in the new queen’s speech must be to complete the boundary reform attempted in the last parliament.

Shapps has also shrugged off many trivial attacks such as the allegations he ran a sockpuppet called Contribsx on Wikipedia – his accuser revealed as a Liberal Democrat with no evidence other than ‘behavioural’ aspects of the account.

At the same time Grant has taken the time to help less glamorous but still important campaigns such as the condemnation of Gawker for its recent Nazi stunt by online ethics activism group #GamerGate. Whilst he has not expressed any explicit position on GamerGate, he has made clear that Gawker’s despicable stunt with a Twitter bot programmed to automatically tweet passages from Mein Kampf was indefensible.

This has led to curious fringe benefits for Grant. One might call it Karma. #GamerGate sympathisers have made great strides in removing rule breaking editors from Wikipedia, via disciplinary resolutions passed via its supreme dispute resolution body, ArbCom. Shortly after the wikipedia story broke a formal case was opened against the administrator responsible, Richard Symonds, via ArbCom. Your author imagines there will be many voices sympathetic to Grant on Wikipedia now. Symonds is at great risk of losing his administrator status.

Louise Mensch image

Louise Mensch, Conservative media mastermind

The other hero? Louise Mensch. Your author happens to believe Louise, whose personal following is rapidly approaching a cool 100K, has a massive political influence in the United Kingdom.

However today I am praising her for her focus on winning Conservative votes and her criticisms of George Galloway. The Witchfinder has no doubt that Louise contributed greatly to Galloway’s election defeat.

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