Vive la Différence!

The Witchfinder explains to leftists in very short words why the beautiful Holly Fisher, the lady featured below, is not the same as a terrorist just because she is holding a gun and has a Bible and a flag.

Selfie of Holly R Fisher holding a gun and bible standing in front of an American flag.

Holly R Fisher – Christian. Wife. Mom. (Conservative) Political Commentator. Not the same as a Terrorist. Picture by kind permission of Mrs Fisher.

Sometimes, in politics, there is a genuine sense of agreement. Of cooperation. Of bipartisanship. Sometimes, on the other hand, there is the sense that leftist demagogues are whipping up their ever-credulous followers just for sport. Finally, there are those times that you simply feel like you are back at nursery school (kindergarten, for our American friends).

Today, children leftists, the Witchfinder explains that things that look the same are sometimes different. Same or Different? That sounds like it should be on the front of a colouring book. Oh, wait …

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Grayling Ends the Gravy Train

Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice. Image via Open Government Licence v1.0

Hooray for Chris Grayling. The well respected Justice Secretary has upset a number of people this week by his proposals to kick over the judicial review gravy train. The Witchfinder on the other hand wants to shake him by the hand. As a law student your author knows all too well how the courts can be abused, and whilst he is all for access to justice he is compelled to support Grayling’s well thought through proposals.

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