A Challenge to Theresa May

The Witchfinder challenges Theresa May about her desire to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.

A photo of Theresa May.

Theresa May – thinking about burning red tape. Look at that smile!

Theresa May wants Britain to abolish the Human Rights Act 1998. We can pretty much only do this if we withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court. She wants that option on the table. As a moderate Conservative, what does the Witchfinder think?

Well certainly, your hooded correspondent agrees that their is little to be found either in the Convention or even classical morality that supports the European Court ruling against depriving prisoners of the right to vote. Certainly there has been a regrettable preoccupation, from some quarters, with the rights of terrorist sympathisers like Abu Hamza. Indeed there is much perverse in our country – for example the excellent Anna Raccoon once posted a deeply insightful piece on how much worse we treat the elderly than prisoners.

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